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The Monday Morning Mix: Play It, Don’t You Wanna Hear What’s Next?

For those of you who are still picking your jaws up off of the ground after the sudden appearance of a Monday Morning Mix last week, there’s good news -- here’s another one.

About two years ago (on December 7th, 2011, to give you an approximate date), I received a mix submission in the mail at my P.O. Box from a music-loving cat named Sean Weaver. Sean enclosed a cover letter to address some other blog-related items and at the end of that letter, he said “Additionally, I am including a contribution for your Monday Morning Mix, just because I can finally face it three years later’s the best one I ever did :) ).

Walking out of the post office, I stuck the CD in my car stereo and instantly heard vinyl crackling, followed by the sweet sound of “Rebels” by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. Leafing through the papers, I discovered a handwritten track listing, sketched out on notebook paper, a photocopy of which had been sent to me.

(Click on the graphic below for the full sized version.)

In the track listing, tunes from Petty (as mentioned), Jackson Browne, Fairport Convention, Woody Guthrie and Warren Zevon.

I jammed that sucker (the mix) out in the car as I drove around town over the next few days. I took the CD into the house to get it ready to post here.....and then I promptly misplaced the CD.

Sean and I traded communication (mostly on Twitter, I think) over the next few months and then we fell out of touch. To his credit, he never sent me an email or Tweet asking “why the $%&* haven’t you posted my mix yet?!!.” But I always felt bad about it. And about once every six months, I’d find the CD, put it aside in a safe place to post it at my next opportunity....and then lose it again.

So this time, on a snowy weekend evening in Cleveland, when I surfaced it in my music room while looking for something else (that remains missing), I decided to sit down and scratch out these notes and finally get this mix up for others to enjoy -- as it should be.

I think somewhere in all of this saga, I was planning to reach out to Sean to get some thoughts on each track to post along with this mix, but in the end, I think the mix stands pretty fine on its own -- there are no words necessary.

Just download it and listen....or burn a disc and take it in the car like I did. It’s a good trip.

(And by the way, if you want to send me a mix for a future Monday morning, you can do that via email, mail it to the address on the side of the blog, or hell, how about a Spotify playlist and some notes? I could be down for that.)

Thanks for your contribution, Sean -- sorry it took eight billion years to get this up here!

Download the mix now

Would you like to have your mix featured here on a future Monday? Well, there are several ways you can do that - send it to me as a download (via Yousendit, etc.) with song notes in an email sent to, or create a Spotify playlist and send me song notes in an email. Or keep it analog and mail me a CD with your mix notes and contact information to the P.O. Box on the right sidebar of this website.