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The Monday Morning Mix: Play It, Don’t You Wanna Hear What’s Next?

For those of you who are still picking your jaws up off of the ground after the sudden appearance of a Monday Morning Mix last week, there’s good news -- here’s another one.

About two years ago (on December 7th, 2011, to give you an approximate date), I received a mix submission in the mail at my P.O. Box from a music-loving cat named Sean Weaver. Sean enclosed a cover letter to address some other blog-related items and at the end of that letter, he said “Additionally, I am including a contribution for your Monday Morning Mix, just because I can finally face it three years later’s the best one I ever did :) ).

Walking out of the post office, I stuck the CD in my car stereo and instantly heard vinyl crackling, followed by the sweet sound of “Rebels” by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. Leafing through the papers, I discovered a handwritten track listing, sketched out on notebook paper, a photocopy of which had been sent to me.

(Click on the graphic below for the full sized version.)

In the track listing, tunes from Petty (as mentioned), Jackson Browne, Fairport Convention, Woody Guthrie and Warren Zevon.

I jammed that sucker (the mix) out in the car as I drove around town over the next few days. I took the CD into the house to get it ready to post here.....and then I promptly misplaced the CD.

Sean and I traded communication (mostly on Twitter, I think) over the next few months and then we fell out of touch. To his credit, he never sent me an email or Tweet asking “why the $%&* haven’t you posted my mix yet?!!.” But I always felt bad about it. And about once every six months, I’d find the CD, put it aside in a safe place to post it at my next opportunity....and then lose it again.

So this time, on a snowy weekend evening in Cleveland, when I surfaced it in my music room while looking for something else (that remains missing), I decided to sit down and scratch out these notes and finally get this mix up for others to enjoy -- as it should be.

I think somewhere in all of this saga, I was planning to reach out to Sean to get some thoughts on each track to post along with this mix, but in the end, I think the mix stands pretty fine on its own -- there are no words necessary.

Just download it and listen....or burn a disc and take it in the car like I did. It’s a good trip.

(And by the way, if you want to send me a mix for a future Monday morning, you can do that via email, mail it to the address on the side of the blog, or hell, how about a Spotify playlist and some notes? I could be down for that.)

Thanks for your contribution, Sean -- sorry it took eight billion years to get this up here!

Download the mix now

Would you like to have your mix featured here on a future Monday? Well, there are several ways you can do that - send it to me as a download (via Yousendit, etc.) with song notes in an email sent to, or create a Spotify playlist and send me song notes in an email. Or keep it analog and mail me a CD with your mix notes and contact information to the P.O. Box on the right sidebar of this website.


The Monday Morning Mix: 75 Minutes Of ’70s FM

Hey there music lovers!  ATV is pleased to bring you a Monday Morning Mix featuring a fine blend of 70s hard rock.  14 killer tunes flowing into what is known on the street as the Stereo Dictator’s 75 Minutes of 70s Volume One. Feast your musical mind on this free prize and give your week a little kick start.

Download the entire mix here.

“I Got the Fire” - Montrose
On the heels of their landmark debut, Montrose released Paper Money, a solid follow-up featuring this burner, which sounds like an outtake from the first album. Ted Templeman’s production keeps it crisp and pounding while Ronnie tears it down appropriately.

“Never Before” – Deep Purple
Deep Purple’s Machine Head was filled with FM hits yet this song was the expected single upon release.  Poppy in a rockin way thanks to the muscle applied to the arrangement, on another album it may have stood out and become a chart-topper. An underrated tune that moves well, has memorable lyrics and is very reflective of the era.

“The Rover” – Led Zeppelin
Physical Graffiti
arguably presented Zeppelin at their best with this tune letting them do what they do best: blues-based boogie, patented layers of Page guitar, a powerful rhythm section brought way up front by Page the producer, and Plant’s hippie-fied stories about the uncertainties of life.

“Fairies Wear Boots” – Black Sabbath
was a ground-breaker and “Fairies” is a song that helped to create the Sabbath template.  Whether the song was written in a smoke-filled haze or following an encounter with skinheads is still up for debate. What’s not is the significance of blending blues, metal and jazz with a wailing vocalist in 1970.

“Nobody’s Fault” - Aerosmith
Back when Aerosmith was on a roll, Rocks was the hammer in their catalog. Hard and heavy, it opened eyes as to the band’s ability to throw down a firestorm of rock and roll.  “Nobody’s Fault” is perhaps the greatest example.  Intelligent, raunchy and wholly satisfying.

“Go to Hell” – Alice Cooper
As the wheels were beginning to come off the Alice Cooper machine in 1976, Alice hit the studio with Bob Ezrin to create one more masterpiece, Goes to Hell. Fortifying the band were twin guitar killers Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter, notable for their excellence on Lou Reed’s Rock and Roll Animal a few years earlier. “Go to Hell” captures Alice at his sinister, story-telling best.

“D.O.A.” – Van Halen
Van Halen II
continued the myth while delivering the goods, including this loose and loud outlaw tale.  David Lee Roth is the misunderstood hero while Eddie V pulls out a primal riff and plays the hell out of it. Must-have Van Halen right here.

“Gotta Keep a Runnin” – The Godz
Don Brewer of Grand Funk produced, the band put the pedal to the metal and here it is. A true classic featuring one of the all-time great rock raps courtesy of madman Eric Moore, and a great driving song to boot. It’s too bad that the Godz peaked with their first album, but at least we have this well-worn anthem.

“Motor City Madhouse” – Ted Nugent
Keepin’ your pulse rate runnin’ high is this bit of rock frenzy from Ted Nugent, one of several songs that made his post-Amboy Dukes debut one of the greatest guitar-hero albums of the 70s.  This slice of psychosis is like a rollercoaster; you are on, you are moving at full speed, and you are not getting off for four and-a-half minutes.

“Shinin’ On” – Grand Funk
When quad was quad on LP and 8-track, the guitar intro to “Shinin’ On” was prime stereo outlet demo material, with and without headphones for full effect. Producer Todd Rundgren applied a generous helping of heavy-metal sheen to the band’s core sound and struck gold.  Shinin’ On went to #5, bolstered by the title track, an FM favorite, and a remake of Little Eva’s “The Loco-Motion,” which became a #1 single.

“Overdose” – AC/DC
The combination of AC/DC with Vanda & Young as producers gave the band an entirely different feel than what was to come later with Mutt Lange.  This is groove-based metal blues that allows you to feel a genuine connection to the music. The guitars are truly razor-sharp, Bon Scott is right on top of it, and the whole things rocks. A supergroup to-be at its roots.

“Faith Healer” – Sensational Alex Harvey Band
This hypnotic showpiece is one of the key tracks on Next, the most well-rounded album in Harvey’s eclectic catalog.  A glitterized evangelical trip, this is another pioneering moment of the headphone-era that leaves you wanting more. Seek it out and experience more of the brilliance of the SAHB.

“Panic in Detroit” – David Bowie
A raging lead guitar from the legendary Mick Ronson wails over the top of a sometimes walking, sometimes running bass line hopped up by maracas and congas while Bowie name-checks controversial figures, adding to the panic with his somewhat urgent narrative, all the while backed up by female singers. It’s a handful and it’s glorious.

“White Punks on Dope” – The Tubes
A staple of FM radio until the FCC outlawed the F-word, this is quintessential 70s.  Producer Al Kooper masterfully weaves together the conglomeration of musical ideas for this tribute to the idle hands of rich suburban kids. The whole thing is so over the top (remember Fee Waybill as “Quay Lude”?) that it makes sense while never losing a real rock edge. Think of it as “Bohemian Rhapsody” for an alternative crowd.

Join us next time for another mix you’ll just have to have courtesy of the Stereo Dictator and AAAAY TEEEEE VEEEEE!

75 Minutes of 70s Volume One
I Got the Fire – Montrose
Never Before – Deep Purple
The Rover – Led Zeppelin
Fairies Wear Boots – Black Sabbath
Nobody’s Fault – Aerosmith
Go to Hell – Alice Cooper
D.O.A. – Van Halen
Gotta Keep a Runnin – The Godz
Motor City Madhouse – Ted Nugent
Shinin On – Grand Funk
Overdose – AC/DC
Faith Healer – Sensational Alex Harvey Band
Panic in Detroit – David Bowie
White Punks on Dope – The Tubes

Download the entire mix now.


The Monday Morning Mix: Christmas with Dusty – 12/21/09


Graphic by Rachael Novak

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A Note:

Radio legend Dusty Street is our guest for today's Monday Mix. For those that are unfamiliar, Dusty was one of the first women DJs on the radio airwaves. Starting out in San Francisco underground radio, Dusty eventually wound up working at the legendary KSAN, where she spent the next ten years. The "world famous" KROQ in Los Angeles would be the next stop for Street, and radio in the '80s was reborn thanks to the sound of trailblazing stations like KROQ, and personalities like Street, Richard Blade, Freddy Snakeskin, Jed The Fish, etc. These days, Dusty Street is right here in Cleveland, broadcasting live from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame each day on Sirius XM where you can hear her from 11am-4pm EST on the Classic Vinyl channel.

With today's mix, Dusty shares an hour's worth of her holiday favorites that you won't want to miss.  Enjoy!

P.S. - You can still download last week's holiday mix from D.X. Ferris by clicking here!


The Monday Morning Mix: DXmas 11: A Black and White Christmas – 12/14/09


Graphic by Rachael Novak

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A Note:

About a year ago, Scene pal D.X. Ferris sent me his annual DXmas holiday compilation, and I had the idea to post it on the blog. Not too long after that, the idea started to kick around in my head that perhaps it might be fun to post a weekly mix, submitted by fans. And at the end of 2009, here we are with quite a few mixes shared throughout the year, from many different zip codes, each one an interesting peek inside of another fan's musical library. I'd call it a success - I've yet to get a mix that I would categorize as "awful," and I guess it stands to reason that if you're reading this blog, our musical taste is probably somewhat similar.

Kudos to all of you for a job well done....and if you're sitting on your mix out there, now would be a great time to send that sucker in!

Now, onto this week's mix: This week's mix is the first of two holiday mixes, and appropriately, this week's mix comes again from Ferris - we've officially come full circle, I guess.


P.S. - Buy Ferris's Slayer book and get in touch with him, and he'll send ya free stuff. Details here.


The Monday Morning Mix – Summer in New Zealand – 12/7/09


Graphic by Rachael Novak

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A Note:

Look!  We're shaking the dust off of this Monday Mix series after a month-long "vacation" of sorts, and I think you'll find today's mix to be worth the wait!  Danny, an ATV fan from New Zealand, wrote in to suggest a themed mix full of New Zealand's finest, and the next thing I knew, I had it in my inbox!

Enjoy, and if you've been on the fence about sending us a Monday Mix, now would be a great time to get yours in the mail, or you can also send it via email to us here!  We're having a contest here at ATV - can you get your mix in before Michael Parr gets his mix submitted?

Season's greetings!


The Monday Morning Mix – Thieves in the Temple of the Dogs – 11/2/09


Graphic by Rachael Novak

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We've got some great mixes in hand and on the way - where is yours?

About Today's Mix:

You'll note the Prince reference in the title of this week's mix, which might just be a slight nod to our Prince-loving pals over at Ickmusic.

Meanwhile back at the ATV ranch, we're still in the midst of a vacation-like hiatus from posting. Your fearless blog leader (Matt) has been out of town or otherwise occupied for most of the past two weeks. And when I am around, things have been, well, busy. I guess you'll have that as you head towards the end of the year, and towards all of the holidays and events that come with that end of the year stuff.

A few weeks back, I promised a trip back to 1991, and hopefully you're ready to do that, because we're traveling back to the beginnings of grunge-tastically loud music as we speak!

During my teenage years working at the record store, and later at the radio station, I loved to read the weekly industry magazines like Album Network, HITS Magazine, and FMQB. This wasn't exactly a new development - I'd been reading Billboard Magazine each week at the library since I was 8 years old, already aware of my desire to eventually work in the music industry.


The Monday Morning Mix – 23 Songs Not As Good As Thriller – 10/26/09


Graphic by Rachael Novak

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We've got some great mixes in hand and on the way - where is yours?

About Today's Mix:

We're in the midst of a spontaneous vacation-induced break here at Addicted to Vinyl - apologies for the delay on this week's mix - I have been unexpectedly away from my normal internet connection!  Enjoy this mix, and we'll see ya with more updates sometime early next week!

Every time that a holiday comes around, I have the thought that I should get Mel to make a special holiday mix for the occasion.  And pretty much every holiday, with one exception, I forget and move on to other mixes!

With Halloween approaching, I got a Halloween gift in my mailbox that quickly identified itself as something I should share with all of you here!

Today's mix comes from the folks at Highly Rec'd - The Monthly Mixtape!   Each month, Highly Rec'd delivers an awesome new mix for your hungry ears, straight to your email!  Add your name to the Highly Rec'd mailing list here, and you too will start to receive awesome mixes on a monthly basis!  I've been meaning to feature one of their mixes here for a while, so here it is at last for your enjoyment!


The Monday Morning Mix – The Deep End Fall Double Disc – 10/19/09


Graphic by Rachael Novak

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We've got some great mixes in hand and on the way - where is yours?

About Today's Mix:

For those of you that actually read these intros, you'll recall that I promised a trip back to 1991 for this week.  Well, hold on to your tickets for that trip for another couple of weeks - I've decided to push it back and welcome a return visit from today's mixmaster instead!

Our good pal Pat the Producer from Radio 92.3 got great response from the mix he gave us earlier this summer, and now Pat is back with us, armed with a tasty double disc mix to rock you into the fall!

I love the concept on this one - here's Pat to give you the setup!


The Monday Morning Mix – If We Took A Holiday – 10/12/09


Graphic by Rachael Novak

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We've got some great mixes in hand and on the way - where is yours?

About Today's Mix:

Welcome to another exciting Columbus Day!

It's time for audience participation time!

Raise your hands if you're working like I am today!

*giant flood of hands goes up*

Now keep those hands up!

Let's give the middle finger salute to all of the people that have today off!

*sea of middle fingers appears throughout the crowd, creating a scene that feels kind of like the last OzzFest*

Frankly, I had no idea that today was a holiday.  And why would that be?  Because I'm frikkin' working today, as you read this.  I sat at my computer typing this note to all of you as the final moments of the weekend slipped away at a rate of speed that was much faster than I had been hoping for.  I mean for Christ's sake, I still had Friday On MY Mind, people!  I felt like I was STILL Born to Run, and as I continued to let these feelings wash across my body, I realized that in reality, Monday was knocking at the door.

Cripe.  Weekend over.

Today's Monday Morning Mix is a re-run of one of the many great mixes that we've received this year.  This particular one came courtesy of our pal Cleveland Caper back in May, and we're still hungover from listening to it!  If you're working today, turn this one up nice and loud so that your boss fully gets the musical message where you would rather be today.  On your couch. Television on.  Stereo blaring.  Beer in hand.  Feet up.

We feel ya.

For next week's Monday Mix - we're going to go all the way back to 1991.

Until then....


The Monday Morning Mix – Scenes From A Flood – 10/5/09


Graphic by Rachael Novak

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We've got some great mixes in hand and on the way - where is yours?

About Today's Mix:

I apologize for the lateness on today's Monday Mix - those darn real world responsibilities got in the way of ye olde blog, once again. Hopefully ya'll did the right thing and amused your eardrums with the tasty Tragically Hip show that Kevin posted earlier!

This week's mix again comes from my own personal collection. I put this one together at the end of last week, and really liked it to the point that I had to share it with all of my ATV friends. I'm guessing that you guys won't mind, right? A few selections were inspired by my new pal Emma and her fantastic radio show The Occasional Detour, which you can hear Thursday mornings on WRUW-FM  from 8am-10am EST on the radio at 91.1 and online at

I'll spare the gushing, because I've already hit Emma up to do a future Monday Morning Mix - wait for it and check out her radio show - it's good stuff!

Enjoy the mix!