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Stream Six Songs From ‘Underwater Sunshine’ By Counting Crows

I've had a follow-up post brewing, because after I made my initial post regarding the new Counting Crows album Underwater Sunshine, I realized that I had some notes on the album by Adam Duritz in my email.

The band's gigs for April and May went on sale this morning with the majority selling out within an hour or less. To celebrate, they're now streaming six songs from Underwater Sunshine for your listening pleasure, although as you can imagine, the link appears to be hammered with traffic right now, so the streaming gratification might not be an instant thing.

The advance notes on Underwater Sunshine call it a "testament of a band geek-obsessed with music." Presumably, that's "geek obsessed" and not a description of Adam Duritz as a "band geek," although perhaps both can be applied.

Duritz says that “there’s a million great songs written every day that you discover, and wish your friends could appreciate as much as you do. These songs come from bands young and old, stretching from the early '60s to last year. They’re all great and will hopefully be heard by a few more people now.”

“If you wonder why we didn’t just write our own record, it’s simply because we wanted to do THIS one,” says Duritz, We now have the creative freedom to release albums like this and offer our fans more music than ever."

From what I've heard so far, it's a great listen and I can't wait to hear the rest. I'd love to see them play some of this material live, although I'm not sure that a road trip to Chicago is in the cards for me right now.

Hopefully the 2012 touring season will bring a future show date that's a little bit closer to the Cleveland zip code.