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Stream The Entire Counting Crows ‘Underwater Sunshine’ Album

That's right, not a song....not several songs, but the whole damn thing.

If you've been reading along here recently, you'll know that I've been pretty stoked about the new Counting Crows covers release Underwater Sunshine, which comes out April 10th.

Perhaps more stoked than anyone should normally get about a covers album from any band, but those who are listening to these tracks seem to agree with me that this one is one of those rarities that hits the mark. It's the real deal.

Adam Duritz is a guy who understands what it means to be a music fan. He's clearly a huge music fan, as you'll pick up when you read the liner notes to this new album.

[For an advance read, he also did a track by track summary for Paste which you can read here.]

As the industry shifts, he's trying to figure it out like everybody else, which is why it was cool to get an email from him telling me (and other music blogs) that I'd be receiving a streaming player embed to share with the readers of this site.

We just want people to hear our record and all these songs and, quite honestly, you're where people who dig new music go to hear new music. That being the case, we want our record with you too.

Perhaps it's the digital version of how artists used to beat the streets, going radio station to radio station to sell each one on their music, one by one. Or maybe, it's even more powerful than that.

However you look at it, they'd like for a lot of people to hear this album. And it's my pleasure to finally be able to share it with you.

In the spirit, share this with a friend and make plans to get yourself a copy of the album if you dig it. This is one of those that if you enjoy the music, you'll definitely want to have the liner notes to get the rest of the story.....that's a big assumption on my part, assuming that you're still a huge liner notes geek like I am. But you are, right?

[And on a side note, Duritz says there will be vinyl for this new album....stay tuned for further details on that]

  • Katie Darby Recommends

    Great review! So stoked to hear about the vinyl. I love that this record has incited so much excitement. It’s certainly worth that!!

  • Eric Walz

    Great version!

  • Pattyomg

    yes I am…loving the album I downloaded from iTunes but I have to buy a hard copy too for all the reasons you mentioned :)

  • TB

    WOW!  Good music still lives.  Ordered a vinyl copy immediately after listening to it.