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Del Amitri At Woodstock ’94 +

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Former Dels drummer Ashley Soan is the source of these videos from the 'Twisted' era....and indeed, how "twisted" it is to see Del Amitri performing with such a happy backdrop behind them.

This apparently was one of Soan's early gigs with the band - on a tour that I was lucky enough to see several times and each time, they killed. Vocally, Justin Currie seems a bit off his game here, but he was rock solid every time I saw the Dels, which always made me happy - their ability to reproduce the songs in a way that was true to the album, but pleasantly rough enough around the edges to make it rock and roll.

I went to Youtube in search of audio for 'It Might As Well Be You' to post here and while I didn't find that, I did come across these instead, which was a happy surprise.

Here's the "+" part of this post.