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Good Listening: Indigo Girls – New York City 3/26/09

From talking with fellow music loving friends, we all agree that Poseidon and the Bitter Bug - the new album from the Indigo Girls, is their best album in a really long time. It's been quite a while since I've paid real attention to an Indigo Girls release - Swamp Ophelia was the last one that I really loved, and I was still living at home with Mom and Dad when I got that yeah, it's been a while!


I caught up to at least 2000 with the Indigo Girls a few years ago when Jefito posted this bootleg (download) which continues to be one of my favorite listening choices on the Ipod, wherever I might be at any given moment.

Poseidon and the Bitter Bug is a brilliant batch of songs, and lucky for you all, Emily and Amy played a great acoustic set for WFUV in late March that will sell your ears on the new album as the album itself did for mine.

"Closer to Fine" falls early in the setlist, as it always does - I'm amazed at how many times the Indigo Girls have performed this one, night after night - and yet it still maintains the same fresh honesty and passion that was present in the recorded version the first time I heard it. And that was over 20 years ago, folks!

Enjoy this, and please snag yourself a copy of Poseidon pronto - You'll be so glad that you did.

A special note on the broadcast below - Make sure to check out Rita Houston's great interview with the band, midway through the set. Great stuff!

P.S. - If you haven't visited WFUV's corner of music blog awesomeness on the web, you really need to - Check it out here for lots of regularly updated content from Rita and the whole WFUV crew!

Indigo Girls
The Living Room
New York City
March 26th, 2009

broadcast live on WFUV

complete zipped download

Grab full-res files of this show at Dimeadozen (Free membership required.)

Thanks to the original taper/poster

1. intro--Rita Houston
2. Love Of Our Lives
3. Sugar Tongue
4. Closer To Fine
5. Yield
6. Fleet Of Hope
7. Driver Education
8. interview
9. Power Of Two
10. Kid Fears
11. What Are You Like
12. Second Time Around
13. Galileo

Amy Ray - guitar, vox
Emily Saliers- guitar, vox


Thanksgiving pre-game action to keep your ears busy

My mom asks me what I'm looking forward to about the family Thanksgiving celebration tomorrow. I quickly replied that I was looking forward to arriving at 4pm, and being back home before 6pm. The response on the other end of the phone line as you can probably guess, was silence.

Of course I was being sarcastic.

Truthfully, I'm completely at ease with the holiday season so far - and perhaps that has a lot to do with the fact that the celebration doesn't involve a long drive, or a plane ticket.

I've got so much to be thankful for, and I'm looking forward to celebrating some of that with the family tomorrow.

Here's hoping that you all will get some of that action, as well.

To help you prepare for T-Day, here are a few links that you might enjoy:

First, good ol Pete over @ Blogness has a nice column on his other blog detailing why Dad never gets to offer HIS advice on Thanksgiving dinner.

Speaking of Blogness, Pete also has a special Thanksgiving playlist featuring songs about "thanks" and "giving" that will be available for one day only. Guess when it ends? If you guessed after Thanksgiving is over, well then you might just be a rocket scientist.

Then again, you might just be kinda smart.

(p.s. - congrats to Blogness on the Edge of Town on that one year anniversary!)

If you've got a good amount of driving to do, or just need some tunes to help maintain your frail grip on sanity, Amazon MP3 is offering up 50 of the bestselling albums from 2008 for $5 each - from Coldplay to BB King - there's a lot to choose from. The list is updated hourly - Check it out.

They've got a whole mess of Black Friday deals going down as well, including some super-huge deals on box sets for those of you that love 'em like I do.

Finally, Jefito and the Popdose crew have a special Thanksgiving edition of the weekly Mix Tape that you can sink your teeth into, including the Arlo Guthrie classic "Alice's Restaurant Massacree."

Video of Arlo performing Alice's Restaurant Massacree

Incidentally, this year marks the 40th anniversary for "Alice's Restaurant Massacree." Guthrie will talk about the anniversary on the Friday edition of The Bob Edwards Show.

You can count on the fact that many classic rock stations will be giving Alice a midday spin on Thanksgiving, and you can also get your online fix via legendary New York public broadcasting station WFUV at 12:10pm. WFUV will celebrate Thanksgiving with an "FUV Feastival" on Thursday and Friday of live broadcasts recorded in the past year including Joan Osborne, My Morning Jacket, and more.

Stream WFUV online here.

That should give you plenty to do, listen to, and enjoy after you've stuffed yourself to the brim with all of the Thanksgiving goodness you can possibly handle.

Cheers, and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


REO Speedwagon - Flying Turkey Trot from Essential REO Speedwagon