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Bruce Springsteen Offers Up ‘High Hopes’ & A Bonus

Bruce Springsteen announced the release of High Hopes today, a new studio album which will be released in typical Bruce fashion (at least in recent years) in less than two months on January 14th. You can read up on details regarding the new release here.

Folks who pre-order the album via Amazon can get a bonus DVD featuring a full album performance of the Born In The USA album, captured on the recent Wrecking Ball tour. According to the listing, this bonus is exclusive to Amazon.




Good Watch: Counting Crows Live At The Sydney Opera House

Longtime readers of this blog will know that I'm a big Counting Crows fan. I had the pleasure of having an extensive conversation with Adam Duritz last summer, which you can read in two parts, here and here.

More recently, Jeff Giles and I spoke with Adam last week for a conversation intended for our podcast The Matt 'N' Jeff Radio Hour. Sadly, due to audio issues, the podcast part of that won't be happening, but we were able to rescue the interview audio itself to capture the complete chat in text form, so keep your eyes peeled for that interview, which will publish early this week at Popdose.

In the process of getting that interview ready, I was reminded of the existence of this fantastic Counting Crows gig from earlier this year at the Sydney Opera House. I hadn't had the chance to watch it yet and I put it on in the background as a soundtrack while I was doing other tasks and man, what a show. The set opens with "Sullivan Street" and that really might be all that you need to know.

Check it out for yourself -- it's a fantastic listen/watch.

As long as we're hanging out at the Sydney Opera House, you might as well stick around and check out Neil Finn and Paul Kelly too, right?


Random Youtube: The Winter Sounds – Shoulders Above

I've been a fan of The Winter Sounds since their last album came out a few years ago. In that time period, they came to Cleveland and I missed the show, which is something that I've regretted nearly daily each day since then. (And as it turns out, I apparently missed a show in Canton in December. Arrrrgh!) Periodically, I'd check to see if they had a new album out and finally, this past fall, that wish came true.

Runner is the name of the newest release from the New Orleans-based band (seriously, it blows my mind that this band came out of New Orleans) and as was the case with 2009's Church Of The Haunted South, the new album does not disappoint. These guys are unashamedly retro in all of the best ways -- take four or five of your favorite '80s bands and you'll probably find elements of what you loved about those bands in the music of The Winter Sounds.

Their videos are just as cool as the music -- and they've got a brand new video for "Shoulders Above" which you can watch below.

And here's a video for my personal jam from the new album, "The Sun Also Rises," which is the lead-off track on the album.

Download music from the band via their official Bandcamp page here.

They don't appear to be on the road currently, but you can check out their website for the latest info and any future tour dates that might pop up.


Random Youtube: Cyndi Lauper at Budokan

72 minutes of live pro-shot Cyndi Lauper from 1987. 'Nuff said.

Thanks to my rock and roll pal Marsha for the alert that this was on Youtube!

Need more Cyndi?

Well there's this....

And hopefully you didn't miss Cyndi's official memoir which came out last year!


New Music + Video Fun From Jay Nash

Had to take a moment to share out this new song (complete with a homebrewed video) from ATV favorite Jay Nash.

The song is called "Wander" and it comes off of his upcoming album Letters From The Lost. Nash will debut material from the new release during a SXSW appearance in March.

Jay and I had plans to link up for a Desert Island Discs post in conjunction with his last album Diamonds & Blood that never quite came to be.

(Although we did connect oh so briefly for this really, really short email chat.)

But with another new album on the way? The possibilities are endless....

Speaking of that fine Diamonds & Blood album, you can grab it as a free download from Noisetrade and as you're looking back, you'll be able to look a little bit further ahead with "Sailor," a track from Letters From The Lost which is included as part of the free download.

Letters From The Lost is set for an April release and if you'd like to do some advance planning and have the right food ready to welcome that new album into your home, has a suggested menu ready for you.


Random Youtube: Neon Trees ‘Everybody Talks’

Remember when MTV used to play music? Apparently, they still do on occasion, because I found myself watching the video for "Everybody Talks" by Neon Trees.

Videos with an actual storyline almost seem like a lost art sometimes, with the landscape dominated by either performance clips or videos that are so simplistic that you find yourself saying "I could have done that in my bedroom." (Truthfully, some of these clips might have been made in bedrooms.)

The smart bands and artists realize that the video revolution has moved online and there is indeed still an audience worth making videos for....and occasionally, it's worth making it seem like you put actual effort into the video!

The Neon Trees video certainly goes above and beyond that, presenting a recap of an unforgettable night at the drive-in - you know, the ones where the zombies in the double feature come to life?  Yeah, we've all been there.

It's pretty awesome.



Big Head Todd, You Wreck Me

Can you go wrong with Big Head Todd (minus the Monsters) covering Tom Petty's "You Wreck Me?"

Oh no, you certainly can't.

Do yourself a favor and get out to see a BHT show this summer if you can...


Genesis: Come Rain Or Shine

I just watched Come Rain or Shine, the Genesis film that documents the preparatory process as the band and their crew worked to get ready for the first Genesis tour in 15 years. The film has been showing recently on VH-1 Classic (and apparently, you can also watch it on Hulu - see below) and it really is a must see if you're a Genesis fan.

Packaged initially with the When in Rome concert DVD, Come Rain or Shine is anything but filler bonus content. It really gives you a very frank look behind the work that went into the 2007 Turn It On Again Genesis reunion tour. It was especially interesting to see how involved the band was in the whole process - right down to watching and working intently with the crew to help them eliminate the problems and figure out how to hit the video cues correctly for "Domino."

The European leg of the tour was plagued with other problems of the wet variety - of the 22 shows on the tour, it rained at 18 of the dates....and yet, Genesis soldiered on, delivering the goods each night for the fans who had waited a long time for the opportunity.

The Turn It On Again tour was my first Genesis concert experience. Certainly, I'd seen many Genesis shows on video and heard many more via audio, but after making the big mistake of passing up the chance to see them on the We Can't Dance tour, there was no way that I was going to miss what might be my only chance to see Genesis in person.

So many years into the adventure, the vocal keys of many of the songs had been adjusted to compensate for the revised vocal range of Phil Collins. It was jarring when I first saw it on television, but by the time I saw the show at Quicken Loans Arena here in Cleveland, it didn't matter - it was still Genesis and they put on a great show.

Watching Come Rain or Shine and also the recently released Phil Collins solo Blu-ray Live at Montreux, it makes me a bit sad to think that we might never see Phil Collins, the drummer, ever again due to his back and spine issues that he says will keep him from drumming. Luckily, both Collins and Genesis are so well preserved on video, there's plenty to watch.

Watch Come Rain or Shine via Hulu


Lion’s Den!

I never thought I'd hear this one outside of listening to it on my copy of Tracks, so I was severely geeked to see (well, virtually anyway) Bruce Springsteen pull out "Lion's Den" last night at the first MSG show. Now that they appear to have worked up a nice arrangement for the band, I would be perfectly okay if they should decide to air it out again at the Cleveland show on April 17th.

Wow! Enjoy the moment for yourself here below.

Props to Clark Kent for the excellent filming on this one....Superman, indeed.

Blogness has the complete setlist here.


Random Youtube: Van Halen at Cafe Wha?

Props to my good pal 1888 Rob for sharing out this mighty fine video specimen of Van Halen circa 2012.

The jury is still way, way out in regards to the new album that is set to drop in February (i.e. we have to hear the whole thing still), but it's cool to see some high quality video of a very special Van Halen show.

It's going to take one hell of a record to measure up to what Hagar and Anthony already delivered with Chickenfoot III, but let's wait and see what we get from the brothers Halen (and Mr. Roth).

Let's review song #1 from each:

Game on!