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Cleveland Bachelor’s Show of the Week: Trouble Books

Who here went to last week's The Low Anthem show? Raise your hands. OK, put your hands down - I can't see you anyway, seeing as how you are reading this on your computer and all. If you did go to the show, you already know I'm two for two in my concert suggestions so far. For those of you that didn't go, well, guess what - I'm two for two. You should've gone. And don't just take my word for it. Believe me, Matt's looking for any excuse possible to fire me from this gig - had I messed up and suggested a bummer, I'd be gone.

The Low Anthem show was a wonderful, wonderful concert. Those guys have such tremendous chops. I have a post up on my blog over at Cleveland Bachelor if you want to check it out, but if you are like me, you want to think about the future, not the past. And right now, your immediate Clevo future has a special treat in-store, NEO style. (No, Keanu Reeves and his band are not coming to town, NEO is an acronym for Northeast Ohio, silly!)

This Tuesday, an all Northeast Ohio line-up will be gracing the stage of the Beachland Ballroom. First up will be local troubadour Brian Straw, bringing traditional bard and song work to bear. Headliner duty goes to Akron-based indie folk rockers, Good Morning Valentine, brings their laid-back love songs.

trouble books 1

I'm pretty sure you'll be content with the show discussed above as is, but I've been saving the true feature for last ... Trouble Books. I am going to throw any sense of ironic detachment out the window right now and tell you, with all sincerity and unhip earnestness, I absolutely LOVE this band. I first came across them at a wintry quiet show at the Beachland a year and a half or so ago and have been smitten ever since. I've had a few local favorites the past couple years - Unsparing Sea, Afternoon Naps, The Hot Rails - but even as my fickle tastes bounce about, nothing has changed the pure affection I have for the music this band makes. Just ask Kevin at Music Saves - he's long been listening to my whining about how every time the band seems to play, I have to miss it. One show I didn't miss, though, was when the duo played a tremendous outdoor set at Music Saves this past record store day. I still think about that show and smile. And you better believe that I'll be in attendance at the Beachland this week - these guys bring something so special in their simplistic experimentation and gentle song-crafting, ahh. I can't wait.


Furthermore, for you readers seeking an Addicted To Vinyl connection - Dear Leader Matthew and I have traded a bunch of music back and forth over the several months (though it feels like decades) of our friendship. He burns me Gin Blossom live bootlegs, I gave him the Trouble Books United Colors album on vinyl. I'm pretty sure he still hasn't listened to it. I think you know who the better friend is right now. Just sayin'.

Alright - enough Matt-bashing. He's a good guy and I have every reason to expect his presence at Wednesday's show. We're both looking forward to seeing you there, too.

How 'bout some tunes?  Listen to these....

"Transient Color Glories" -
"Abandoned Greenhouse" -
"Shaky Science" -

Additional picks from CB and the ATV staff:

Tuesday, August 11 - (Matt) - Trashcan Sinatras at the Grog Shop.  Rub your eyes a bit, and then you can believe that you are really reading this.  The Trashcan Sinatras are really touring the United States, and they really have a Cleveland date!  TS are one of those bands that I SHOULD have been a fan of in the 90s, and I've been working to add them to my ever-growing musical arsenal of likes!  Jeff from Popdose reached out recently to let me know that they have a new album out, and subsequently I noted that they had a date booked at the Grog Shop.  How can you miss this one?  "Obscurity Knocks," and it happens to be calling your name!  Come one, come all.

Thursday, August 13 - (Matt and CB) -  There is a free (ahem, FREE) Lawton Bros. show at Blue Arrow Records. Week after week, Blue Arrow Pete & Debbie are giving us cooler and cooler reasons to come into their already bad-ass little shop. Moreover, prior to the headlining act, Kid Flamingo (aka I Rock Bill) will DJ and Prisoners will play a set. This show is just the latest - check it (and them) out!

Friday, August 14th - (Matt) - Former Faith No More lead singer Chuck Mosley celebrates the release (finally!) of his new solo CD Will Rap Over Hard Rock For Food with a CD release show at the Beachland.  This CD has been literally 10 years in the making - I've moved three times and been a part of two different radio shows during the time span that this thing has been in the works!  We can claim Chuck as one of Cleveland's own - he's been living here for over a decade, and is a generally awesome dude.  Speaking of awesome, my good high school pals Red Giant will be opening the gig, and will assure that everyone in attendance at the Beachland leaves with just a little bit less hearing than they came with.  There's a great cover story in this week's Scene Magazine with the entire story behind the making of the new Mosley disc - check it out here.

Saturday, August 15 - (Matt and CB) -  The Cedar-Lee's cult film series gets even awesomer than usual with this weekend's screening of ... The Lost Boys. I fucking love that movie. During the day, check out Great Lakes Brewery's Burning River Fest OR the puppy love fundraiser at Happy Dog featuring performances by Coffinberry, Uno Lady, and Mother Country Madmen - proceeds benefit a number of local animal rescue shelters. Click here for more information.

Saturday, August 15 -(Matt) - As much as I endorse The Lost Boys screening above, there's no way that I'll be missing the Cleveland debut of Chickenfoot - Sammy Hagar, Joe Satriani, Michael Anthony, and Chad Smith, at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  The show is free, and you can get tickets via WNCX, who I assume are giving them away via on-air giveaways.  Considering that tickets for this show are a wee bit expensive in every other market, you really can't pass up this riff-tastic opportunity.  Mark this one down as the day that Cleveland caught a break and 1) didn't get skipped in the tour routing, and 2) actually got a hella good deal on the ticket price!

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