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Your favorite live album.

The folks at The Top 13 posted a list this week of their picks for the top 13 "essential live albums."  Being a list lover, The Top 13 website has become a recent favorite of mine, even though the thought of assembling my own personal top 13 list of essential live albums sends my head spinning.  Where to begin?

While I'm not going to go 13 albums deep with you here, I am going to share a few of my favorites with you, actually - let's just make it one, otherwise we'll be here all day.  I have always loved live albums, and those albums eventually led me to live bootlegs, the discovery of which sent me into full-on overdose, realizing that I could now potentially acquire a live show from each of my favorite tours for a band.

It began with tape trading, quickly followed by CD-R trading, all via snail mail.  And then it was time for the mother lode - using that high speed internet connection to download full-res wav files of shows via BitTorrent.

But before all of that, there were live albums.