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Stream The Entire Counting Crows ‘Underwater Sunshine’ Album

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That's right, not a song....not several songs, but the whole damn thing.

If you've been reading along here recently, you'll know that I've been pretty stoked about the new Counting Crows covers release Underwater Sunshine, which comes out April 10th.

Perhaps more stoked than anyone should normally get about a covers album from any band, but those who are listening to these tracks seem to agree with me that this one is one of those rarities that hits the mark. It's the real deal.

Adam Duritz is a guy who understands what it means to be a music fan. He's clearly a huge music fan, as you'll pick up when you read the liner notes to this new album.

[For an advance read, he also did a track by track summary for Paste which you can read here.]

As the industry shifts, he's trying to figure it out like everybody else, which is why it was cool to get an email from him telling me (and other music blogs) that I'd be receiving a streaming player embed to share with the readers of this site.

We just want people to hear our record and all these songs and, quite honestly, you're where people who dig new music go to hear new music. That being the case, we want our record with you too.

Perhaps it's the digital version of how artists used to beat the streets, going radio station to radio station to sell each one on their music, one by one. Or maybe, it's even more powerful than that.

However you look at it, they'd like for a lot of people to hear this album. And it's my pleasure to finally be able to share it with you.

In the spirit, share this with a friend and make plans to get yourself a copy of the album if you dig it. This is one of those that if you enjoy the music, you'll definitely want to have the liner notes to get the rest of the story.....that's a big assumption on my part, assuming that you're still a huge liner notes geek like I am. But you are, right?

[And on a side note, Duritz says there will be vinyl for this new album....stay tuned for further details on that]


Show of the Week: John Oates at The Kent Stage

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I'll have to admit that I broke my own rules.  Last week, I told you about a super-bitchin' show of the week featuring The Brought Low and The Suede Brothers, playing at Nemeth's in Painesville.  And then when Saturday night rolled around, I missed it.

"Friends don't let friends miss The Suede Brothers."

Unless of course the powerful tractor beam of the couch at home sucks you in and decrees that you shall sitteth on the coucheth for the duration of the evening.

Such was the case in my world, and instead of inflicting further hearing damage on my fragile eardrums, instead I had a hot date with Whip It, the recent Ellen Page roller girl flick; also notably the directorial debut for one Drew Barrymore.  And as the girlfriend pointed out later, there are lots of girls on skates.  Sorry, Suede Bros and Brought Low dudes - I'll make it up to you next time.

Whip It

This week's show of the week has virtually nothing to do with girls on skates, although certainly there are many that hit the rinks in the '80s fueled with a heavy Hall & Oates soundtrack.  Even your beloved ATV friend (that's me) was known to enjoy skating to H&O numbers like "Private Eyes," "Out of Touch," and many others.

I'm a big fan.  And about five years ago (or perhaps more), I missed the opportunity of a lifetime - the chance to BBQ backstage at Tower City Amphitheater with Hall & Oates prior to their show with Todd Rundgren.  My pal Chris Akin had interviewed John Oates in the weeks leading up to the gig, and had a personal invite from John to come back and hang.  As a fellow H&O nut, Chris was in heaven, and called me to offer up his plus-one so that I could experience this dream event as well.  The only problem was, I was heading out of town for work.


Being the good friend that he is, Chris made sure to call me from backstage on the day of the show, to let me know what a cool experience it was.  Chalk that one way up on my list of missed show regrets.  But it's all good, really.

This week, John Oates will be back in town, playing an acoustic show on Thursday night at The Kent Stage, with Pete Huttlinger adding additional instrumentation.

Here's some more information about the gig from a recent interview:

“When I decided to start doing solo gigs and albums, I figured, I’m going to do something solo; it should be different than what I’ve been doing with my established band — the stuff that people already know me for,” says Oates. “I’m really proud of the work I’ve done with Daryl all these years, and we have an amazing band.

“But I did have a history before I met Daryl, and back then, I was definitely interested in the traditional Americana stuff. That’s what I brought to the blend initially, but as we became more popular, some of the fans didn’t really know what to make of that aspect, so that sort of faded from the mix,” explains Oates by phone from his home in Aspen.

“But as I began playing around with the idea of doing solo shows and albums, I began exploring those styles again, and I rediscovered that those really were the roots of my musical life."

For those that are curious - Oates regrew his famous mustache for last year's 'Stache Bash in St. Louis, but it was a short-lived return for his famous facial hair - Oates shaved it at the conclusion of the event. (And if you look at the picture, can we really call that a mustache?)

The Kent Stage gig will be a mix of solo, Hall & Oates favorites and very likely, a warm story or two remembering longtime H&O bassist Tom "T-Bone" Wolk who passed away recently.   H&O fans can look forward to additional Oates solo dates later this week in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Evanston, IL.

Check out more details on upcoming solo dates via John's Myspace page.

And on a related note, The Bird and The Bee are about to release a totally worthy Hall & Oates tribute , Interpreting the Masters, Vol. 1: A Tribute to Daryl Hall & John Oates.  As it happens, this Oates fellow that we've been talking about, made an appearance at the record release show in Los Angeles, an event that also was webcast.  If you missed the webcast, they're promising a replay will be available shortly.


Stream This: Dave Brubeck at the 2009 Newport Jazz Festival

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There really isn't enough time to listen to all of the audio/video goodness floating around out there on the world wide web.  Here's some more proof of that.  While working on a future Ticket Stub column for Popdose, I came across streaming audio courtesy of NPR, featuring Dave Brubeck's entire performance at the 2009 Newport Jazz Festival.

Dave Brubeck B&W

For those of you that like to do more than just rock and roll, I think you'll find it to be an enjoyable listen.  Dad and I saw Brubeck last year, and it was sadly, a rather brief performance, which was a bit disappointing on the surface, but  for me, something that I ultimately enjoyed, getting the chance to see a legend one more time.

Here's a nice interview that John Soeder did with Brubeck prior to that show.