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Springsteen at Winterland

Every now and then, someone will leave a comment here that for one reason or another, fails to post in the comments of the actual post.  A gent named "Mark" left a comment on my post of Bruce Springsteen's classic Agora show, which as you can imagine remains as one of the most popular posts on this site.

Mark writes:

Wow, add me to the last of many who used to have this one on an old cassette tape (or two) and can no longer play it.  Outstanding.  I listened to a few of these old gems tonight and had the biggest grin on my face after hearing these for the first time in years.

Now if I can replace my Bruce Winterland concert from about the same time - he did a fantastic version of 'Santa Claus', then my collection will be complete again.

Thanks so much.

I tried to email Mark, but there was apparently some sort of glitch with his email address (which looked legit), so I thought I'd throw this post up for Mark and anybody else that might be on the hunt for that classic Winterland show.  You can grab it here, thanks to Dr. Forrester and the Just Add Cones website.



Good Listening: Foo Fighters in Cologne – February ’11

One of the great things about the Foo Fighters is that they tend to do quite a few radio broadcasts throughout the cycle of promoting a new album.  90 minutes to two hours worth of Foos favorites mixed with whatever new album they happen to be promoting at the time is always a good recipe for guaranteed awesome listening and likely, occasional headbanging and air guitar as well.

Having seen the Foo Fighters towards the end of their last run promoting the Echoes (etc.) album, it was pretty clear that Dave Grohl was in need of a break to give his tired vocal chords a well deserved rest. That's no bash, but when you give 200 percent on stage every night as Grohl does, it's bound to take its toll eventually.  With the release of a greatest hits package and what seems like barely any time off of the road, the Foos are back at it and about to drop a new album (Wasting Light) in little more than a month from now on April 12th.

This concert from Monday night in Cologne (in front of an invited audience of 600 concert winners) finds the band rolling through nearly 100 minutes of material stretched across 20 songs including a handful of new ones. If that seems a tad short, it's because the additional encores weren't broadcast, but with what is here, that's hardly anything to complain about.  I can't wait for my next chance to see Grohl and the boys kick it out!

Foo Fighters
1Live Radio Konzert
Gloria Theatre
Cologne, Germany

complete zipped download

01. Bridge Burning
02. All My Life
03. Times Like These
04. White Limo
05. Learn To Fly
06. My Hero
07. Up In Arms
08. Long Road To Ruin
09. Rope
10. Generator
11. The Pretender
12. Enough Space
13. Cold Day In The Sun
14. Stacked Actors
15. These Days
16. Breakout
17. Skin And Bones
18. Monkey Wrench
19. Hey, Johnny Park
20. Everlong

Encores (not broadcast)

21. Aurora
22. Young Man Blues
23. Matter Of Time
24. Miss The Misery
25. Best Of You
26. This Is A Call


Good Listening: Christmas with Chicago

I need better connections in Youngstown (that's in Ohio, for those of you that are either unfamiliar with the Springsteen song of the same name or living in one of the other states not named Ohio).

In the past few weeks, I've missed concerts from both Eddie Money and Bryan Adams in the Youngstown area. Adams is still touring acoustically and after hearing his Bare Bones acoustic live release, I don't feel so bad about missing that one.

The Money Man on the other hand, played a series of Acoustic Christmas shows, which made my eyes bug out when I heard the news and realized that I had missed a tour date within driving distance. You have to understand how much I LOVE the Unplug It In acoustic EP that he put out in the early '90s. It's one of my great concert regrets that I missed his acoustic tour during the same era, which I believe played at Nautica Stage.

The good news for both you and me is that Money is selling copies of two of the Acoustic Christmas shows and that thought makes me salivate, thinking about what the setlist might be. The tour is becoming an annual event and reading this interview with Eddie about last year's show, it certainly sounds like a fun evening of music.

Perhaps I'll get a chance to catch it next year.


Good Listening: A Show for Everyman

As summer winds down, the opportunity to enjoy a great outdoor concert becomes more elusive with each passing day. As a public service, I bring to you this concert flashback of the great Jackson Browne who happens to be appearing at the Time Warner Cable Amphitheater in Cleveland on Sunday, September 19 accompanied by longtime sideman David Lindley in the role of opening act.

Recorded at the Grand Opera House in Belfast on June 28, 1994, this show is one of several quality recordings available from the spectacular I’m Alive world tour.  The album and tour brought Browne back into the spotlight and greatly enhanced his status as one of the great songwriters of his generation.

Featuring staples such as “Doctor My Eyes,” The Pretender,” Running On Empty” and more, the show contains seven songs from I’m Alive including radio favorite ”My Problem Is You” and the haunting “Too Many Angels.”

If you’ve seen Jackson Browne before, you know Sunday’s show is guaranteed to be worthwhile.  If you’re new to the fold, let this show be your guide to a good time and a great musical experience.


Disc One


Doctor My Eyes

I’m Alive

World in Motion


Everywhere I Go

My Problem is You

Shape of a Heart

For a Dancer

Late for the Sky

Your Bright Baby Blues

Linda Paloma

Take It Easy

Our Lady of the Well

Disc Two


Before the Deluge

Take This Rain

Miles Away

Too Many Angels

For Everyman

Sky Blue & Black

The Pretender

Running On Empty

The Load Out


Somebody’s Baby

I Am a Patriot


Good Listening: Bruce Hornsby & The Roanoke Symphony in Salem, 10/9/97

Before I developed my appreciation for the music of the Grateful Dead, I found it hard to understand the tape collectors with hundreds to thousands of hours of Grateful Dead shows. You'd hear them talking about that one version of "Dark Star," recorded on that one night in Albany. (I'm still fascinated by Grayfolded, the 1994 release from John Oswald that brings over 100 different versions of "Dark Star" together into nearly two hours of music.)

And then I started collecting Bruce Hornsby shows, discovering that I rarely would encounter a Hornsby show that didn't have at least one magical moment and on some nights (including luckily, my first Hornsby show in 1993 here in Cleveland), the entire show was a perfect experience where the setlist and energy for Bruce and the band all came together.

Put one Hornsby show out there for discussion and fellow Hornsby fans will fall quickly into the conversation, sharing their own favorite moments and shows - exactly as it should be among music fans.  Such was the case at the end of last week when I posted a couple of Hornsby shows over at Popdose.  My good Twitter pal @ozzybeef pointed me towards a Telluride gig from Bruce which ultimately led me to a snippet of a symphonic show from '97 which I was COMPLETELY unaware of.

Gotta have it.  GOTTA HAVE IT.

A quick search of the internets led me to The Midnight Cafe, where I found a slew of Bruce boots including the one that I'll share with you here today.  The Cafe has become one of my favorite late night joints on the internet in recent months and they've been kind enough to throw us some link love on occasion, which of course we appreciate greatly.  This Bruce show, recorded in Salem, VA with the Roanoke Symphony, features lots of great tunes (including the best version of "White Wheeled Limousine" that I've heard this week) and plenty of great insights from Bruce himself about the songs (I like this analysis of Bruce's performance of "Harbor Lights").  His dialogue with conductor David Stewart Wiley (newly installed at the time) brings it all home and makes this show a must hear for Hornsby fans.

Accordion sold separately

We'll save you the Megaupload experience and serve the files directly to you using the convenient linkage below.  (P.S. - the download appears to be missing "Mandolin Rain."  I'll work on getting that track online here ASAP.  In the meantime, you'll enjoy what's here...I promise!)

BTW - there's lots on tap for Bruce, including a new live album titled Bride of Noisemakers that will be out early next year (and I am mega-stoked to find out what the track listing will be on that).  Hornsby recently inked a new management deal with Red Light Management (Dave Matthews Band, etc.) and continues to work on his debut musical SCKBSTD, which is set to debut in January of next year.  There's an interesting fundraising project currently in the works, with quite a few different incentives available if you donate to the cause.  (Shameless plug:  I spoke with Hornsby about the musical last year during an interview for the Riverfront Times.)

Also in Bruce news, you can purchase a newly available live rendition of the Grateful Dead chestnut "Lady With A Fan" as part of a charity collection marking the 15th anniversary of Jerry Garcia's passing.

Jam on!

Bruce Hornsby with the Roanoke Symphony
Salem Civic Center
Salem, VA

complete zipped download (forthcoming)

Roanoke Symphony:

Glinka: Overture to Russlan & Ludmilla
Rossini: Allegro From William Tell Overture

Bruce, Band, & Symphony:

Across The River
Long Tall Cool One
White Wheeled Limousine
The Valley Road
The Way It Is
The Red Plains
China Doll

Set II
Harbor Lights
End Of The Innocence
The Road Not Taken > (Working in a Coalmine)
Look Out Any Window

Encore: Night on the Town

Hornsby image via FergFoto


Good Listening: Crowded House at the Mermaid Theatre, May 2010

Intriguer is the name of the new album from Crowded House, coming out on July 13th via Fantasy/Rounder.  You can pre-order the album now from Amazon for only $13.99, and it comes with a free bonus live DVD, which is a pretty awesome deal for the price!  The band is already out playing shows in support of the disc, and looking at the setlists, it looks like a fun show.  I'll be looking forward to seeing the band personally when they hit Chicago in September over Labor Day Weekend.

Last week, the band played a gig for the BBC, which was broadcast live from the Mermaid Theatre and the show featured a hefty preview of material from the new album.

Check it out for yourself, and take a look at the band's upcoming tour dates here!

Crowded House - Live at the Mermaid Theatre

Download full-res files of this show via Dimeadozen

complete zipped file

01 Introduction
02 Saturday Sun
03 Banter
04 Weather with You
05 Banter
06 Twice if You're Lucky
07 Banter
08 Elephants
09 Banter
10 Fall At Your Feet
11 Banter
12 Amsterdam
13 Banter
14 Either Side of the World
15 Banter
16 Falling Dove
17 Banter
18 Don't Stop Now
19 Four Seasons in One Day
20 Banter
21 Distant Sun
22 Don't Dream It's Over

Photo from the official Crowded House Myspace


Good Listening: Barenaked Ladies in Toronto, April ’93

A kind soul on Dimeadozen who goes by the moniker of "fuzzpsych" presently is in the process of digitizing his massive cassette collection of live and rare recordings, recorded in the Toronto area during the 80's and 90's.  It seems that his wife gave him a gentle nudge and suggested that the space currently being occupied by said cassettes could be reclaimed for a better purpose, and putting that item on his honey-do list translates to a win for us humble music fans hanging out on the internet.

Because wouldn't we all like to hear a complete FM broadcast of the final show from the Barenaked Ladies' Gordon tour?

Sure we would!

(If you're not a BNL fan, your answer doesn't apply here.)

Gordon came out in 1992, and my first exposure to the album came via my boss at the record store I was working at in high school.  He had a Canadian friend that would send him tapes/CDs of Canadian bands/artists worth nothing, and a CD of Gordon arrived one day at the record store.  When I came in for my shift that afternoon, my boss was very excited to play me a new CD from a band that was unlike any other band he had heard before.  Listening to Gordon, I had to agree, it was different and I instantly became a BNL fan.  And if you saw the early pressing of Gordon with the original cover (pictured below), how could you not be curious?


More Owsley.

I'd like to share a few additional bits of information that I came across regarding Will Owsley since my initial post yesterday.  I forgot that he was "Grammy-nominated" Will Owsley, nominated for a Grammy for his engineering work on the Owsley album.

A fund has been set up for donations in Will's memory - here are the details from Amy Grant:

Donations in honor and memory of Will Owsley can be made to: The Will Owsley Family Fund c/o Christ Community Church 1215 Hillsboro Road Franklin, TN 37069 He left behind two young sons and every dollar donated will be greatly appreciated by his grieving family. Important note: Make checks payable to Christ Community Church.

I made note of my huge love for The Hard Way within yesterday's post, and as it happens, someone posted a nice FM recording yesterday from Nashville on Dimeadozen, recorded during his promotional activities for that album.  Looking at the 12 song setlist, I was excited to see the cover of Steely Dan's "My Old School," something that I had just read about in the past day, while reading various tributes to Will. (Actually, here's one of the better ones that I came across, complete with a link to a vintage Owsley interview from '99 - thanks to AZ for sharing the link with me.)

Here it is - I hope you enjoy it - thanks to the original poster.

Such a shame...

Third & Lindsley - Nashville, TN - May 9, 2004
WRLT-FM "Nashville Sunday Night"

complete recording zipped

Download full-res files at Dimeadozen

Sadly this power pop great (Will Owsley) passed away yesterday. Please check out his two great solo albums which you can find on Amazon for a great price. They are both worth it.

01 (intro)
02 She's the One
03 Oh No the Radio
04 Dude
05 Coming Up Roses
06 Zavelow House
07 Matriarch
08 My Old School
09 Rise
10 Down
11 Rainy Day People
12 Be With You
13 Good Old Days
14 (outro)

Photo from Amy Grant's Facebook page.


‘Cause a Cheap Fix is What I Need

Hey gang, this post is for all of you who, like me, had your concert life torn asunder by your personal life and missed the Cowboy Junkies over the weekend.

Cowboy Junkies Group color

As unforgivable as that statement was for me to type, I immediately appeal to the greater good by providing the ATV community with a cure for the shakes; 45 minutes of vintage CJ tuneage live from Berlin, Germany on May 17, 1996.

An abbreviated and edited concert presentation in support of the then-current release Lay It Down, it contains a tremendous ten-song mix of Junkies originals alongside five covers including Hank Williams’ classic “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” and Neil Young’s tale of death on the water, “Powderfinger.”

Cowboy Junkies Lay It Down front

Kicking off with an appropriately paranoid and dynamic version of Bruce Springsteen’s “State Trooper,” it’s directly on to another in the SD’s “Great Singles That Never Were” file, the ever-cool groove of “A Common Disaster."

Keeping with the theme of self-reflection, murder and lawlessness, you’ll also be treated to early Junkies gems like “Sun Comes Up, It’s Tuesday Morning,” “Murder in the Trailer Park Tonight,” and the desperation that seeps through “'Cause Cheap Is How I Feel.”

Though it’s not all here time-wise, it’s all here.  Michael Timmins’ full range of guitar emotions from swinging country to angry rock, Alan Anton’s firm yet rolling bass foundation, Peter Timmins’ deft and rock-solid drumming, and Margo Timmins’ honest and beautiful narratives.

So while this is a second-rate fix, it’s still better than nothing at all.  Summon the gumption to rise up, download and groove on.

Until the next time I want you to hear what I want you to hear…


complete zipped download

State Trooper

A Common Disaster

I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

First Recollection

Sun Comes Up It's Tuesday Morning



'Cause Cheap Is How I Feel

Murder Tonight in the Trailer Park

Sweet Jane


Good Listening: It’s a Bleedin’ Board for Bon

Greetings music lovers! It’s time for another trip to the Stereo Dictator’s massive musical archives in search of a show of sonic and social significance to the rock and roll community.

Today’s installment is in memory of a true rock and roll legend, Ronald Belford Scott, better known as the Problem Child himself, Bon Scott.


Bon died on February 19, 1980 at the age of 33 just as AC/DC was becoming one of the biggest international rock acts of its time. Highway to Hell had broken the Top 20 on the U.S. album charts and the band’s back catalog was seeing a worldwide resurgence.  1980 was destined to be a breakthrough year, though it would ultimately happen with Brian Johnson as lead singer.