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So what do you collect…..and other complicated questions

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Tuesday afternoon, I happened to check the ATV email account and found an email that sent my personal geek-out meter soaring sky high, and if I lived in a Looney Tunes cartoon world, I'm pretty sure that the meter would have snapped right off. I had an interview request from a media outlet that you could call slightly high-profile.

Before you get concerned, I assure you that you won't be subjected to my music loving mug on television any time soon (perhaps that's the next email), but chances are good that you'll likely read a few words that will be attributed to me sometime in the next few weeks.  It was my second interview in the past week (I spoke with Overnight America last Monday for the fine folks at Popdose), which found me spending a nice half hour on Thursday afternoon talking about various music mediums and my own personal preferences.

I always get a little bit amped up going into something like this, wondering what kind of questions will come up.  For this interview, after we had been on the phone for quite a while, talking about nearly everything I've ever wasted spent money on as it relates to my music collection, he had one more question that caught me a bit off guard:

What do you collect?


Where to begin?  We'd talked about vinyl, CDs, cassettes, hard drives filled with music, and the things that I loved about each.  But at this point as a lifelong music fiend, what do I really collect?  I'm constantly acquiring new media, whether it is vinyl, books, DVDs, CDs, etc.  But this far down the path, my attachment to any of it is minimal.  I've become more of a file guy in the past few years, probably as a result of moving all of this heavy musical stuff that one accumulates from one house/basement/attic to the next.

How often do you go to a record store to buy new music?

This was starting to feel like an intervention.  I realized at the top of this new year, that in the past year, I've acquired/purchased the musical collections of two different friends.  Because I need more CDs, right? The most recent acquisition was partly to help a friend, and also motivated by my desire to take the collection and do something with it, instead of watching it slip away via an under-valued sale as a single lot on Craigslist.  My friend realized this, telling me last week that she was really happy that I had ended up with her collection, because I'd take the time to sell the stuff that I didn't want, while enjoying the really choice items that were worth holding on to.

Encino Man

There were things that I knew, and things that I had forgotten.  She's a soundtrack nut, so I now own nearly every soundtrack that came out in the '80s and '90s, which is only a slight exaggeration.  Score of the lot for me personally -  finally grabbing a copy of the Encino Man soundtrack with The Smithereens' cover of "Wooly Bully," an oddball track that at this point remains unavailable on any 'Reens collection.  Another discovery within the stacks of CDs - she apparently really liked Billy Idol a lot, or perhaps just got a copy of his CD catalog for free.  With former radio folks, it's hard to be sure, but I'll choose to believe that she still carries a torch for 'ol Billy.

Things I still need:  a copy of the So I Married An Axe Murderer soundtrack - anybody have a penny that I can borrow?

I'll keep ya'll posted when the interview goes online.  In the meantime, you might enjoy checking out my recent interview (+ "outtakes") with David Lowery of Cracker, and also my thoughts on that new-fangled Heritage Dr. Pepper stuff.

Be well.