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Blog: Lloyd Cole, Ticket Stub and Styx

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Last night found yours truly at The Winchester, the scene of so many great previous musical experiences (with many more that are still to come).  On the assigned agenda: An evening with Lloyd Cole, who was making a return appearance to the Winchester after a previous show there in 2006.

Lloyd Cole has been on my list of "artists to get into" for quite a while, and with Cleveland on the list of a short set of five tour dates, missing the show was not an option. As you might have read previously here on ATV, Lloyd is using these dates to debut a new band that he's dubbed the Lloyd Cole Small Ensemble. Imagine an evening of your favorites from the Lloyd Cole catalog, plus brand new material from his upcoming album that's currently in the works, brought to life in a stripped-down format by three musicians, using only a combination of guitars, mandolin and banjo. There you have the recipe for a perfect evening for any Lloyd Cole fan -- and for me as the Cole rookie, it was the ideal setting for an introduction to what his music is all about. At the end of the night, I found myself wondering why it took so long for Lloyd and I to be properly introduced.

He has the self-deprecating sense of humor ("I'm somewhere between 10 and 15 pounds heavier than I'd like to be, which affords me the appropriate amount of self-loathing necessary to perform these songs for you") and plenty of those "love gone wrong" type of songs that I crave. On another night softly lit by candles at the Winchester, things were more than just alright.  My first Lloyd Cole experience was completely awesome.

Oh ye that are obsessed with cool merch, take note:  on this short tour, Cole is selling a small run (1000 copies) of a 12 song session recorded this past Friday with the ensemble at Slaughterhouse Studios.  It's a nice take home item for $12 that will send you on your way with an audio souvenir that captures a good bit of the setlist and vibe of the evening, and the disc itself is very well recorded.  If you can't make it out to one of the remaining shows of the tour (i.e. you're too far away, etc.) I think it's very likely that Cole will put some of these discs up for sale on his webstore after these dates wrap.  For the rest of you, I can't recommend this show enough - there's still one more show left tomorrow night (Friday) in Chicago, and you should go!

Ticket Stub:

Peter Gabriel

This week marks the official debut of Ticket Stub, a new weekly series that I'm writing up for Popdose.  Each week, I'll be exploring a different show from Wolfgang's Vault, the massive online archive of streaming live concerts largely sourced from legendary concert promoter Bill Graham's archive of shows, with additional shows coming from The King Biscuit Flower Hour and other sources.  The archives house a wide selection of shows from the past several decades dating from the '60s through the '90s, including brand new material being recorded by Daytrotter and Noise Pop.  Of the shows that are in the archive, over 1500 are available for purchase or free download, with additional shows being made available each week.

Those of you that enjoy what I do here will probably also find a lot to love about Ticket Stub.  My goal each week is to inspire and expose you (no, NOT like that!), the fearless reader, to the musical riches of Wolfgang's Vault.  We'll cover artists, both well known, and also some that you might be a little bit less familiar with, like Styx.  Just kidding.

This week's first entry just happens to start in Cleveland, with an Elton John show recorded in 1970 at Music Hall, about a week after Elton recorded what would eventually become his 11-17-70 live album.

Big thanks to my pal Jeff Giles for pitching me on the idea of this series - I think we're going to have a lot of fun!