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The Monday Morning Mix – Ferris Music 15 – 9/7/09


Graphic by Rachael Novak

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About Today's Mix:

Yes, the mix is late!  We got all caught up in the holiday weekend fun and frolic, and before we knew it, Monday had come, and nearly gone.  Apologies for the delay....we're thinking you'll find this week's mix to be worth the wait!

Give D.X. Ferris good amounts of credit for inspiring yours truly to get back into making mixes.  I can count on a random mix from Ferris in my mailbox at least once per year, and each time that I got one, I was reminded how much I wanted to get back to making my own mixes.  I finally took the plunge, and as you all know, thanks to Ferris and other mix disc loving wizards, I eventually made several, and launched The Monday Morning Mix.

Lately, I've been averaging about a mix per week, and just when I have one that I feel like sharing here, another one comes along that I end up liking better.  Thanks to the overload of great submissions over the past few months, I haven't taken the time to share any of my mixes, but I'm feeling like that might change soon.  This particular mix was handed off in person by Ferris, as we were on our way to the Rock on the Range festival at the beginning of the summer.  Several months passed, and many mixes later, I finally had mix notes from Ferris so that I could post this mix.  Randomly, I'll note that this mix contains "Deathly" by Aimee Mann...and take a wild guess what I just put on my own mix, not remembering that it was on this one?

Without further ado...



a d.x. ferris joint
original cassette mix Summer 2000
abridged CD transfer Summer 2009

Download complete mix
(link is good for one week only)

Side One
01. Jonathan Richman, “True Love is Not Nice” - from I'm So Confused
02. Esthero, “Heaven Sent” - from Breath for Another
03. Nine Inch Nails, “We’re In this Together” - from The Fragile
04. DJ Shadow, “Stem/Long Stem” - from Endtroducing
05. Moby, “Porcelain” - from Play
06. The Geraldine Fibbers, “Dragon Lady” - from All Over Me
07. NIN, “Just Like You Imagined” - from The Fragile

Side Two
08. The Smiths, “Paint a Vulgar Picture” - from Strangeways, Here We Come
09. Air, “Playground Love” - from The Virgin Suicides
10. NIN, “La Mer” - from The Fragile
11. Aimee Mann, “Wise Up” - from the Magnolia soundtrack
12. Eminem, “Stan” - from The Marshall Mathers LP
13. NIN, “The Frail” - from The Fragile
14. DJ Shadow, “Midnight in a Perfect World” - from Endtroducing
15. Massive Attack, “Safe From Harm” - from Blue Lines
(Perfecto mix, short edit)
16. Aimee Mann, “Deathly” - from the Magnolia soundtrack

Download artwork

Ferris Music 15.

The year was 2000. It was summer. I was doing a lot of driving around dusks and sundowns. That vibe inspired this mix, Ferris Music 15. And when it was done, it felt like a perfect soundtrack to that mood. And still does. Use it as you will.

Anyhow, the year was 2000. Trip-hop and electronic music still looked like they had a future. Trent Reznor had released his masterpiece, the criminally underrated The Fragile 2XLP. Aimee Mann was hot again with the soundtrack to the recently released Magnolia. Something About Mary had been out for a couple years, but I’d recently seen Jonathan Richman live. And Moby was about to go supernova.

This isn’t a sophisticated mix, but it’s one of my favorites from the Ferris Music series. (It launched in 1993, and has been stalled at #19 since at least 2002.) They’re all this kind of mood piece – stuff you can chill, sleep or snog to.

Disclaimer: It breaks one of the key Rules of Making Good Mixes. The mix dwells on some of the same artists, and it strip-mines some of the same albums. But rules are suggestions for people who don’t have any ideas of their own.

The first version of the mix was made in Summer 2000, on a Maxell XL II metal cassette, which has aged well. Tapes, all in all, are more durable than CDs. And I miss them.

To make this mix fit on a single CD, I omitted the Cure’s “Watching Me Fall” and New Order’s “Subculture,” in that order, between the songs that are now tracks #3 and #4. They were long and meandering. Something about New Order reminded of “Stan” at the time. I dunno. Nine years later, they seemed like filler.

Without them, you have what the mix is now: an electro-flavored chill mix. Again, there’s nothing fancy about the formula to the selections and flow, either: Generally, one element from one song carries into the next.

Side one kicks off with the unplugged “True Love Is Not Nice.” It’s acoustic guitar carries into Esthero’s “Heaven Sent.” The general type of beat is on the next track. I was starting to develop an interest in piano music. And so on.


Download complete mix (link is good for one week only)

Side One
01. Jonathan Richman, “True Love is Not Nice”
Sides 1 and 2 of Ferris Music 15 start with a little palette-cleanser. This tune has a nice way of letting the momentum creep in.

02. Esthero, “Heaven Sent”
I still love the trip-hop B-squad girls – Esthero, Ruby. Someone told me that she’d start shows on this tour singing into a cordless headset, and enter from the back of the room.

03. Nine Inch Nails, “We’re In this Together”
Baddest. Beat. Ever. This is a song I just have to play loud.

04. DJ Shadow, “Stem/Long Stem”
Shadow’s musically recycled, entirely-constructed-from-samples Endtroducing LP is a must-have for every serious music fan. Maybe one of the most atmospheric albums ever produced.

05. Moby, “Porcelain”
Over the 90s, I’d tried getting into Moby, but nothing clicked, even when I had a good buzz. The Rolling Stone review made the Play album sound interesting, though. The writer described “Porcelain” as something like “a mix between Fatboy Slim and Joy Division” – which totally nailed it.

06. The Geraldine Fibbers, “Dragon Lady”
Wonderful hollering and anguish. From my little-known riot grrl period. If you like this, just go buy the entire All Over Me soundtrack.

07. NIN, “Just Like You Imagined”
What a wonderful composition, like a march of the black-clothed soldiers. Or something like that. On the original tape, it cut off at the end, then resumed on side 2. So this track starts on side 1 and ends on side 2.

Side Two
08. The Smiths, “Paint a Vulgar Picture”
Morrissey’s ode (fictious? real?) to a dead rock star is one of my favorite songs, ever. I hadn’t listened to it for a few years, but it came back into my life when Kurt Cobain died – it’s not totally applicable, but close enough, you know? Sonically, it’s not entirely unlike the first song from 1.

09. Air, “Playground Love”
From the Virgin Suicides soundtrack, a quintessential electro-mellow classic.

10. NIN, “La Mer”
Trent Renznor and a piano, wow. Quiet little instrumental that grows. Despite the water theme (the title is French for “The Sea/Ocean),” the climax of it, to me, makes me think of what it must be like to be an eagle soaring just under the cloud cover.

Most great musicians have an running current of material that’s unlike their signature sound. And what a nice surprise it was when Mr. Reznor recorded not one, but two albums worth of it with 2008’s Ghosts I-IV.

11. Aimee Mann, “Wise Up”
…And the piano continues. I’ll give Mann dap all day, but I think the Magnolia-Bachelor No. 2 period was a total career high for her. Mann -- like Tori Amos, Kristin Hersh, and Ani DiFranco – shows that grown-up emotional situations can be interesting too. And life doesn’t necessarily end once you’re no longer a 20-something fumbling around and fucking up everything in your path.

12. Eminem, “Stan”
A. Maybe the most poignant hip-hop track of all time. B. The line “We should BE together, too” still kills me, in a funny way. It’s nice to drop in here and there, in the rare occasion where people will get the reference. C. The song is almost quaint in an age of instant-access and social media. How would it be different if written today? “DEAR MISTER I’M TOO GOOD TO DM OR TWEET MY FANS…”

13. NIN, “The Frail”
Great, dark piano coda to keep the mood going from “Stan.”

14. DJ Shadow, “Midnight in a Perfect World”
One of the great mood-setter instrumentals of all time. The tune delivers everything its title says. It’s right up there with the Nutcracker’s “Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy.” But way cooler.

15. Massive Attack, “Safe From Harm”
(Perfecto mix, short edit)
This full track – as heard in The Insider – runs about 8 minutes. I clipped it, partially for length, partially ‘cuz I was getting bored. A little techno remix goes a long way.

16. Aimee Mann, “Deathly”
What can you say? The song’s climax – “You’re on your honor / And I’m a goner” is one of my top-ten favorite musical moments. And the fade-out is an awesome way to take it home.

That’s Ferris Music 15. Thanks for listening and reading.

- dxf, 7 September 2009


Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit Up

If you haven't seen this yet, you're going to love it - it's a whole new way of getting Rick Rolled. And you love that, right? Think about how much you love Nirvana as well, and you'll realize that this is clearly a win/win situation for you.

You're welcome!

But Rick wasn't done, oh no - he still had to spend some time hanging out with Trent Reznor....

And while we're talking about mashups, Chris Akin pointed me towards this video masterpiece from Bryan Adams and Metallica - I would give anything to see them perform this live on the next MTV Video Music Awards - THAT would be something worth watching!

If you've got a favorite mashup, (and don't we all?) leave it in the comments below!


Bonnaroo Day Three: Santa Bruce Comes To Bonnaroo

Today's post had the original title of The Chair That Saved The Trip. I had my initial moment of chair lacking regret on Thursday night at the B-52's show, and the feeling intensified when I got to Bonnaroo on Friday afternoon and saw tons of people relaxing in folding chairs while I was baking in the sun.

"Wuss" is what you're thinking or even saying out loud right now. Stop that. Don't be cruel. That's my job.

A morning trip to the local Wal-Mart resulted in the best 10 dollar purchase I've made to date, and the chair was mine.

We had an easier trip in to the Bonnaroo grounds yesterday that was happily void of any drug task force car searches (for us anyway,) and we got to wave to our friend selling the bananas. With chair strapped to my back like Rambo (okay, not even close) I made my way into Bonnaroo with my trusty rock and roll road warriors Brian and Adam by my side.

And then as before, I ditched those guys and thought that once again the lineup at That Tent was a good place to be for the afternoon. I made the effort for today to step out of my usual comfort zone and skip seeing bands that I've already seen (and bands that I LOVE) in favor of checking out artists that I had never seen.

This means that Govt. Mule and Wilco were not on today's agenda.

In their place, a wide variety of music from Allen Toussaint, Raphael Saadiq, Jenny Lewis, and Elvis Costello performing a special solo set.

Seeing a legend like Toussaint to start off the day was musically educational food for my music loving brain. Like a big ol' plate of gumbo, I ate it up, and that's one of the best things about Bonnaroo, is that you have the opportunity to feed your head all weekend long with both music and cultural experiences that are limitless in oppportunity.

I had been looking forward to seeing Raphael Saddiq, an artist with a body of work that would make quite a few of his peers jealous. Many of you probably heard Saddiq for the first time (without even knowing it) as a member of 80s/90s R&B soulsters Tony! Toni! Tone!, a project that registered a number of hits, including "Little Walter" and "Feels Good" which came across my radio many times while growing up. After a brief detour with the Lucy Pearl project, Saddiq moved into producing, and has worked with a number of artists from Whitney Houston to the Bee Gees.

Saddiq is currently enjoying just being an artist, playing the music that he loves, and gave back to the crowd at Bonnaroo, commenting that "my last record was not a radio record. Truth be told, I made all of my records for me. I was fortunate enough to have you enjoy those records. Thanks for that." The statement felt as real and honest as Saddiq's performance, which got the Bonnaroo crowd jamming from the moment he hit the stage. Yet another artist that I had to add to my list of folks that I need to pick up music from.

Next up was Jenny Lewis, an artist that I've gotten a ton of education about thanks to Jose and Kelly at Sensory Overload who have schooled me nicely regarding Lewis's work both solo and with indie rock darlings Rilo Kiley. Performing a solo set at Bonnaroo, Lewis turned out a set that was one of my easy favorites for the weekend. She's got such a charming voice that will suck you right in, and I think she's got a lot of musical similarity to what I want to love about Neko Case, but unlike Case, she's got better songs.

Now for the hard choice of the day, that was in reality, the easiest - choosing Elvis Costello over Wilco. Costello, like David Byrne, was on my list of legends that I hadn't seen yet, but I've always been a fan. Having seen Wilco three times last year, I figured that I would survive missing them at Bonnaroo to check out Elvis Costello. I knew that there was the possibility that Costello could drop an oddball setlist, but I also knew that the chances were good that he would play it safe for the Bonnaroo crowd. And really, he did a little bit of both, mixing newer tracks (including a brand new unreleased track) with favorites ("Watching The Detectives," "(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes," Radio, Radio") and after joining Lewis during her set for "Carpetbaggers," Lewis returned the favor joining Costello mid-set for a number of tracks. Joined by a band for the last few songs of the set, Costello, Lewis, and Toussaint wrapped up with an all-star run-through of "What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love, and Understanding."

Costello's Bonnaroo set wasn't a complete replacement for the 90's Nautica Stage date in Cleveland that I still kick myself for missing, but it was a lot of fun.

With Costello's set wrapping up, we made our way over to the main stage for the headlining set from some guy named Bruce Springsteen that I think I might have mentioned once or twice here on the blog. He was playing with this young group of hipsters that call themselves The E. Street Band, and they actually could play their instruments pretty well.

Who am I kidding, you know how big of a Bruce fan I am. You know that of the very impressive Bonnaroo lineup, Bruce was definitely front and center on my dance card of stuff that I couldn't wait to check out. With the insanity of the current tour, sign requests, and general setlist tomfoolery, I was interested to see how Bruce would play at Bonnaroo. Would the crowd be a Bruce crowd? I very quickly got my answer, as I started to hear plenty of "Bruuuuuces" from the surrounding crowd, and the first crowd request/sign of the night was right behind me.


A group of 11 music fans had made their way from Boston, driving nearly 20 hours straight through to get to Bonnaroo. Armed with the sign above, they were ready and waiting for Springsteen's set, and I had to know - "did you guys come for Bruce?" "Nah, man - we came for EVERYTHING." With eyes that were definitely more than a bit "baked," I had to dig a little bit deeper with these guys, and came to find out that one guy had seen Springsteen one time, another in the bunch had seen Bruce five times, and I stopped the quizzing right there - Springsteen rookies, these guys were not. Another lesson to show that you can't judge a book by its stoned out cover. Good guys, fun to hang with during the show.

Here's another example of why you shouldn't judge: Two shirtless jock a-hole types come up beside me, of the type usually accompanied by mass amounts of sweat dripping on you as they go past, or rub against you in their travels. Thankfully, it's cooled off enough that the sweat was left behind several stages and bands ago. The one has clearly had a little bit more to drink than he should have, and is negotiating hard that they should move up even closer. The more level-headed of the two notes that really, "I think we've done about as well as we're going to do - we're pretty close."

"Dude, we can just push our way through to the front!"

"But dude, that would be a total dick move!"

I have to smile at the guy when he says that, and he gives me a smiling yet frustrated look. As a bonus, these guys haven't stepped in front of me to block my view for the entire show. These guys are alright with me.

As for me, I've managed to grab a pretty good spot in the center of the action, just slightly behind the pit area. I'm happy. I've achieved my goal of actually being able to "see" Bruce Springsteen at Bonnaroo.

We're about a half hour away from the scheduled show time, and as it happens, Bruce will take the stage at about 9:26pm tonight, nearly reaching his usual "stroll on stage a half hour late" start time at a normal show. It's The Boss, and we'll wait for the Boss.


photo courtesy of Metromix Louisville

"Badlands" is the opener - pretty standard stuff, but I like it....into "No Surrender" - YES! Is there anybody a-live at the Bonnaroo! Now THIS is why I came to Bonnaroo - Bruce never fails to nail me early with a certain song - "No Surrender" is tonight's track that is one for me personally that whenever I hear it, it always takes me back to 1984 where I am a kid discovering Springsteen's music for the first time.

"My Lucky Day" is up next, off of Working On A Dream, and actually has evolved positively in the live setting. Working On A Dream is my least favorite of the Springsteen catalog to date, and while there are moments on the album, "My Lucky Day" hasn't been one of them. I really enjoyed this one.

Now, comes the first ballsy move of the night from Springsteen: An audible for "Outlaw Pete," which I would see later on the printed setlist, but Springsteen must have been feeling confident, because he moved it up from its scheduled slot. I now know what I'll be doing for the next 8+ minutes, and it sounds fine. I'm seeing some interesting sign requests in the crowd - "Light of Day," "NYC Serenade," "Quarter to Three," but I am feeling bad for the person that made the sign for "Working On A Dream." Pretty sure you didn't need to make a sign for that one, but thanks for the support!

In fact, that "request" is fulfilled thanks to the setlist a couple of songs later, after an easy winner, "Out In The Street."

Finally got a chance to hear the emotional trio of "Seeds," "Johnny 99," and "Youngstown." All three are just as powerful as you've been hearing from reviews on the tour, particularly "Seeds," which knocked me on my ass. The only time I've heard this one prior to tonight is via many spins of my beloved Live 1975-1985 box set. Never live. It's pretty cool that all Springsteen fans are getting a chance to hear "Seeds" on this tour, I just wish that it was a random setlist pick, and not a necessary statement of these current hard economic conditions.

Bruce Springsteen, "Raise Your Hand" Live at Bonnaroo 2009 from Bonnaroo on Vimeo.

We've now reached the "sign request" portion of the show, and the band is running through an extended instrumental lead-in for "Raise Your Hand" as Springsteen collects signs from the audience - the most entertaining sign of the night that I see is "It's Hard To Be A Saint at The Bonnaroo!"

Bruce Springsteen, "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" Live at Bonnaroo 2009 from Bonnaroo on Vimeo.

A lifesize "Santa Claus" sign prompts a bit of mock protest from Springsteen, "It is two hundred and fif-ty-nine days until everybody being good out there? You're not takin' the brown acid!" I thought that this was my first "Santa," but my friend Tony very quickly reminded me that we got "Santa" at the December 2002 date in Columbus. Oh yeah. I must have been taking the brown acid that night.

Two more sign requests come one after another in the form of "Growin Up," "I saw it in there somewhere," Springsteen quips, and "Thunder Road."

A few songs later, I was surprised to see Jay Weinberg behind the kit - because I thought that he was on tour with his band for the next two weeks. While I thought that he was in Cleveland on Saturday night playing a show at a venue that is a short distance from my house, he's actually there on Sunday night, which leaves him free to rock it up with Bruce and the boys on a Saturday night at Bonnaroo in front of 80 thousand people.

And he makes it look so damn easy.

I was glad to get a chance to see him play, and I wasn't disappointed by what I saw. The kid is a monster behind the kit, and brings an audible difference to the band's sound with his playing. I feel like it took him a couple of songs to settle in with "Radio Nowhere" and "Lonesome Day," but from that point, he was on the money. As it was, Weinberg was driving the bus for the most intensely rockin' version of "Lonesome Day" I've ever heard. It's very inspiring to watch how much the band visually seems to enjoy playing with Jay, and he looks like he is on top of the world.

Overall, this wasn't the best Springsteen show I've ever seen - "Santa" was a definite nugget, and there were a lot of the "Springsteen fan favorites" that I enjoy hearing - "Thunder Road," "Growin' Up," etc; all in one show, but there weren't really a lot of jawdropping moments like "Kitty's Back," "Incident," "Lost In The Flood," etc. And maybe I'm a bit greedy, having seen two out of those three during what was allegedly a disappointing show in Cincinnati last year.

It was a smart show, and probably the kind that Springsteen needed to play at Bonnaroo, but it left me wanting/needing to catch another show on this tour. Which probably would have been on my agenda anyway. It was a fun show - I heard a lot of my Springsteen favorites, and also got the longest show I've seen personally, clocking in at nearly three hours. YES!

I was surprised by the lack of special guests - I felt sure that Alejandro Escovedo (who played earlier that day) would be an automatic, or perhaps Elvis Costello, but we did get one special guest - Robert Smigel and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog who made a couple of brief vocal appearances during Springsteen's set, adding "vocals" to "Waitin' On A Sunny Day," and "American Land."

Nice to see Nils Lofgren moving around just like the old Nils did after a double hip replacement - he was all smiles, all night long. And Clarence Clemons looked and sounded better than I've seen him in a long time.

And there it was, Springsteen had played his first performance at Bonnaroo, and I began to make my way back through the sea of people to meet up with Brian and Adam for Nine Inch Nails to close out the night - a task that took me nearly 30 minutes to accomplish, working my way from the main stage back to the Which Stage where NIN would be performing.

I'm completely cashed out at this point, and grabbed my chair back from Adam and Brian who had it for safe keeping, and watched the NIN set from a distance. We caught NIN at a good point, just having wrapped up the NIN/JA tour a few days earlier, fully primed and ready to show the Bonnaroo crowd how it was done.

There's no question that they should have been on the main stage, instead of the Which Stage, which was considerably smaller, but they made good use of their allotted time with a mega-crowd pleaser of a setlist featuring stuff like rarities "I'm Afraid of Americans," (recorded by David Bowie originally,) and "Burn" back to back, and also Broken album track "Gave Up," just to name a few. And late in the set, a special guest appearance by the members of Dillinger Escape Plan for "Wish." The two bands performed the track together previously earlier this year in Perth:

NIN: Wish live with The Dillinger Escape Plan - Perth, 3.02.09 [HD] from Nine Inch Nails on Vimeo.

Cashed out, three weary music lovers left Bonnaroo and headed back to the hotel to rest up for one more day on the farm....


The Monday Morning Mix – The Deep End Double Disc Summer ’09 – 6/1/09


What It Is: A weekly mix tape posted on Mondays, created by the fans of Addicted to Vinyl, posted for all to enjoy! The mix is available for one week, until the new one goes up.

The Goal: Introduce yourself to great new music from bands of the past and present, from albums that are new and old. Buy music. Repeat.

Be A Part Of It: I want you to make me/us a mix CD. I want to hear the tunes that you are into, new or old. And I want to feature your mix on this site!

You can mail your CD to the following address:

Addicted to Vinyl
P.O. Box 771685
Lakewood, OH 44107

What To Include: Include track listing, album that the song comes from, song notes (if you want to) and any particular notes that you want to share about the mix. Save a digital copy of your notes that you can send me via email, so I don't get carpal tunnel retyping them! Include a printed copy of the notes, and an email address that I can use to contact you for the digital version of the notes. For the real mix tape feel, feel free to hand write your song titles, draw artistic drawings on the "label," etc - I can scan them in using my handy dandy color scanner. Go nuts!

And if you're feeling particularly daring, give your mix a clever title!

What You'll Get: I'll feature your mixes and stories here on the site, and send you something cool from the Addicted to Vinyl prize closet, so please include your address (legibly please!) with your mix notes.

About Today's Mix:

Forgive me - this mix is going to require a little bit of setup on my end, before I hand things off to our featured mix master!

But first of all, how about our cool new graphic for the MMM? Big props to our girl Rachael Novak who did the design work!

You'll start seeing some graphics from Rachael popping up here and there on the site, as we work to flesh things out. Hire her for your next graphics project. Give her money. We think she's great.

Onward to the mix!

Today's mix comes from my good pal Pat the Producer, and I'll let him run down a bit of a bio for you all in a second.

As a fellow radio geek and junkie, I have to let you know that Pat hosted (via 90s alternative rock station 107.9 The End) two of the city's most highly regarded and highly rated specialty programs SIMULTANEOUSLY with "The Deep End" (Mondays-Fridays) and the "Inner Sanctum" (Sunday nights.)

Going to school, I would frequently hear people ask "did you hear what Pat played last night on The Deep End?"

"The Deep End" was the definition of "destination listening," and in my opinion, was the last blast of free-form style radio on commercial radio in Cleveland.

I've been working on Pat to contribute some content to ATV, and he did me one better and surprised me with the news "I'm working on a mix for that mix series you've got going on ATV." He did a live mix direct to tape a couple of weeks ago, and mid-week after the mix was completed, he let me know that there would be a second disc coming up. I told him that would be cool, and that it would make for a great sequel down the line. "Gonna have to be a double disc, bro" was Pat's reply.

And who was the winner in that discussion? Hmmm, onward, friends!!

Here's Pat!

Hello to all my fellow music geeks here at Addicted to Vinyl!

My name is Pat the Producer and my buddy Matt has asked me several times if I'd like to contribute something for all of you so after some careful thought (aka a few beers and a shot) and seeing his new CD mix feature I decided to put this Double Disk together.

I'll give you a little background in case you're not from Cleveland (Go Tribe!!). I started in radio at the legendary 107.9 The End here in town in 1992. And until late 1998ish I had a blast in a ton of different roles for The End. Starting as the engineer's intern I quickly picked up all I could and started doing various board-op stuff (It sucked but for a while there Brian and Joe would not let anyone else run their remotes). My passion for the music that we were playing really helped me move up quickly and I think I was a natural at expressing that passion to others which made me a perfect fit for what we as a station were trying to accomplish.

(Editor's note: Let me assure you that the passion that Pat refers to above, is still very much intact to this day!)

I soon took over Production Director duties and went on to produce and co-host the award winning "Inner Sanctum" a show dedicated to Cleveland's music scene (Still on the air today at Radio 92.3 FM). I ended up as acting Music Director and host of "The Deep End" a music-centric show I did daily, first from 10pm-2am and eventually moving to 7pm-Midnight with Free Times and Scene magazine best DJ awards thrown in there for good measure.

For those not in the radio/record biz this next stat is just me preening my ego but for a while there Accu-Ratings had my market share in the lower 20's (that is kind of a ridiculous number guys and gals, just silliness!) The only thing that meant to me though is I could pretty much play whatever the hell I wanted to, interview whomever I chose to and I did!

I got offers to leave town for bigger markets but that is not what I was ever after. I love this town! I loved being able to hip people to cool music! I loved being able to help bring some incredible shows and artists to Cleveland! For more about 107.9 The End you can check out the documentary It's the End of the World as We Knew It by Mike Wendt and out on DVD soon.

So I wanted to put something together that reflected a slice of what I would have done in the 'Deep End' while just vibing as I would have put it. Back then, I would have had most of the lights off with candles all over the studio just feelin' it! I have taken the liberty of putting this together as an mp3 file segued live just as I would have done it back in the day for you to download or stream. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

Thanks Matt!


the complete mix (link is good for one week)

Disc 1: Dusk

1 - Where the Streets Have No Name - U2 (from The Joshua Tree)

2 - Burn - The Cure (from The Crow soundtrack)

3 - 32 Flavors - Ani Difranco (from the album Not A Pretty Girl)

4 - The Idiot Kings - Soul Coughing (from the album Irresistible Bliss)

5 - Missing My Baby - G. Love (from the album Lemonade)

6 - Pressure - Sunscreem (from the album 03)

7 - Come Undone - Duran Duran (from The Wedding Album)

8 - Richest Junkie Still Alive - Machines of Loving Grace (from the Gilt album)

9 - Army Of Me - Bjork (from the album Post)

10 - Get Down Make Love - Nine Inch Nails (from the EP Sin)

11 - Don't Take That Attitude To Your Grave - Ben Harper (from the album Welcome To The Cruel World)

12 - Miniature Disasters - KT Tunstall (from the album Eye To The Telescope)

13 - Funplex - B-52's (from the album Funplex)

14 - Exactly What You Wanted - Helmet (from the album Aftertaste) - Editor's note: Pat and I share lots of love for this album, and also the previous B'52's album!)

15 - Enough - Gravity Kills (from the album Gravity Kills)

16 - Infected - Bad Religion (from the album Stranger Than Fiction)

17 - Trouble - Cat Stevens (from the album Mona Bone Jakon)

Disc 2: Dawn

1 - Ocean Size - Jane's Addiction (from the album Nothing's Shocking)

2 - Man of Action - Matthew Good Band (from the album The Audio of Being)

3 - Everybody Here Wants You - Jeff Buckley (from the album Sketches for My Sweetheart The Drunk)

4 - The Pusher - Blind Melon (from the album Nico)

5 - Lips Like Sugar - Echo and The Bunnymen (from the album Echo and the Bunnymen)

6 - Love - The Sundays (from the album Blind)

7 - My World - Sick Puppies (from the album Dressed Up As Life)

8 - Overcome - Tricky (from the album Maxinquaye)

9 - Fire on Babylon - Sinead O'Conner (from the album Universal Mother)

10 - The Good Times are Killing Me - Modest Mouse (from the album Good News For People Who Love Bad News)

11 - Divine Intervention - Matthew Sweet (from the album, um, Girlfriend. If you really needed to read that, I'm kinda disappointed...and this is Matt speaking. Ha.)

12 - C'mon Billy - PJ Harvey (from the album To Bring You My Love)

13 - Deep Six - Matthew Good Band (from the album Beautiful Midnight)

14 - Sorrow - Flyleaf (from the album Flyleaf)

15 - Ich Bin Ein Auslander - Pop Will Eat Itself (from the album Dos Dedos Mis Amigos)

16 - Love Letter Rough Draft - Disengage (from the album Application For An Afterlife)

17 - All I Want is You - U2 (from the album Rattle & Hum)


Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails release Iphone app

Even though I don't have an Iphone (yet?) I was happy to see the announcement of the new Nine Inch Nails Iphone application NIN: Access, which is available now as a free download. The NIN team have posted a video walk-through of the app featuring Trent Reznor with NIN art director Rob Sheridan and special guest Kevin Rose of Digg. As a tech nerd, I can watch videos like this all day long!

Updated with Digg Dialogg interview - see below!

P.S. - Just stumbled across a 40 minute interview that Digg mastermind Kevin Rose did with Trent Reznor, using questions that were submitted by Digg users. The interview is the latest episode of Digg Dialogg, a new web series that is described as a series that "lets you submit your questions to notable leaders and luminaries. Rather than editors or journalists, the Digg community decides the most popular questions to be posed in the interview."

That's fine with us, and there are certainly some good questions for Reznor! Great job, internets!


Listening Party: Check out new releases from Queensrÿche and Jane’s Addiction

It's been a brutally busy week here in Vinylland, which is Vinyl-speak for "the real world has been kicking my ass this week."

As usual, it's been the music helping me to maintain my alleged sanity, including a trip back to 1997 with the Dog's Eye View album Daisy, paired with lots of new music, including the free NINJA Tour Sampler featuring new tracks from Nine Inch Nails, Jane's Addiction, and Tom Morello's Streetsweeper.

The NIN and Jane's tracks sound is particularly nice to finally get an official release of the With Teeth-era rarity "Not So Pretty Now," which my NIN loving pal Pat the Producer immediately identified as "something that sounds like it's from the With Teeth album," as soon as he heard it!

The Streetsweeper stuff is great - sounds like a mix of Rage mashed with Ice-T and Body Count. The project pairs Morello with vocalist/emcee Boots Riley of The Coup, and they've allegedly got an album on the way. From what I heard on the EP, I can't wait!

And while we're on the subject, how about that Tom a near-reunion of Soundgarden on stage recently in Seattle? What do you think of when I say "Tadgarden?"

Yeah, I think you can connect the dots on this one.....take Tad Doyle and add in the ex-members of Soundgarden minus Cornell, and you've got yourself a heavy dosage of musical nirvana courtesy of Tad and crew, who offered instant proof that they can still bring the rock hard.

Hell yeah.

Queensrÿche - American Soldier listening party:

The Queensrÿche album American Soldier (pre-order from Amazon) hits stores and digital outlets on Tuesday, and here's a little heads up for Cleveland folks:

If you were planning on hitting the Cleveland listening party scheduled for next week, you can cancel those plans. The listening party has been scrubbed due to the ongoing issues at the Jigsaw Saloon, the scheduled location for the party.

The good news is that you can now sample a huge part of American Soldier via Rhino's listening party for the album:

American Soldier
Listening Party Track List:

7. Middle Of Hell
8. If I Were King
9. Man Down!
10. Remember Me
11. Home Again
12. The Voice


Windows Media


Check out the latest tour dates for Queensrÿche here.

Jane's Addiction (Speaking of listening parties.....):

I'm going to try to not hold it against my good pal Rob, who spent last week at SXSW attending one amazing show after another, including the Metallica club show at Stubb's, AND the secret show from Jane's Addiction.

Rob shares the rundown from the Jane's show:

Jane's Addiction @ the Playboy/C3 party - Took place in an old abandoned Safeway grocery store. Venue reached capacity quickly and there were some initial sound problems because of a faulty cable that almost derailed the show but by 1:45AM a reunited Jane's Addiction were rocking. They fired up Three Days to open the set and killed it. Navarro twittered about it after the song ended. It was awesome to see/hear the original incarnation as Eric Avery adds a lot to their sound / stage presence. He's the glue that will cement their upcoming NIN|JA tour as the most revered of the year.

Source: SXSW 2009 - The Reventón Top 10; Bottom 5

With no Cleveland show on the horizon, Pittsburgh is looking like a likely candidate for a roadtrip to see the Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction summer tour. You can bet that on that road trip, I'll be soaking deep in the sounds of the new Jane's Addiction box set A Cabinet of Curiosities, which arrives in stores from Rhino on April 21st.

The track listing on this mutha looks epic!

Jane's Addiction - A Cabinet of Curiosities

A Cabinet of Curiosities will be available in stores, via digital outlets, and also is available as a special deluxe limited edition collectible wooden box via the Rhino website modeled after an old-fashioned cabinet of curiosities, limited to 7,500 copies.

PS - VINYL ALERT! Don't forget to snag vinyl reissues of Nothing's Shocking and Ritual De Lo Habitual, which will be released via your favorite indie music retailer for Record Store Day!

Grab that vinyl goodness locally here in Cleveland at Music Saves on Saturday, April 18th!

For now, dig into a sampling of A Cabinet of Curiosities and get stoked!

Listening Party Track List:

(pre-order A Cabinet of Curiosities from Amazon)


Share the very cool Jane's widget with tunes from A Cabinet of Curiosities with your friends, enemies, and anyone that you know with a particular affection for creepy-crawly black bugs.


Windows Media


Shout out to the black bug, ya'll!


Concerts, Concerts, CONCERTS!

Before we get going, I'd like to give a quick blog shoutout that is actually more of a public service announcement: John Gorman's Buzzard Blog has a great piece online now detailing the infamous early history between WMMS and Rush that played a big part in launching the now-legendary Canadian trio. People always want to know "the Rush story," and Gorman's piece does a nice job of putting it out there.

Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton

While Rush might not be out on the road this summer, there are plenty of other groups that will be jockeying for your hard earned concert dollars. I've already got commitments for Bonnaroo, Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood in Columbus, and probably the annual MixFest in Dayton, OH, which is always a good time. And before you even ask, Virgin Festival is a safe bet as well.

Oh shoot, and U2. Dang, this is going to be an expensive summer. Again.

I was a bit grumpy yesterday in regards to a couple of shows that are skipping Cleveland this summer.

The first one is the "Can't Stop Rockin'" tour with Styx, REO Speedwagon, and .38 Special. If you've read this blog for a decent amount of time, you'll know that I'm a big fan of all three bands. It's been a few years since I've seen REO and .38, and when I heard about this tour, I was stoked. Now, apparently I will be road-tripping with no Cleveland date on the schedule. Styx and REO hit the studio recently to record a song together for the tour, titled appropriately enough "Can't Stop Rockin'" that will be available as a digital download. Check out tour dates for the tour that Styx mainman Tommy Shaw calls "a rock and roll stimulus package."

Next subject: Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction. A little birdie told me early in the day that Cleveland was getting skipped on a tour date for NIN/Jane's. And then a set of tour dates slipped out from with a June 21st show at Blossom on the schedule. But now, there's this announcement that the tour dates are "incorrect." I guess we'll have to wait and see for the final outcome on this one.

Speaking of Jane's:

From NME:


In addition, Rhino has announced that it will release 180-gram vinyl versions of Jane's Addiction's landmark albums 1988's 'Nothing's Shocking' and 1990's 'Ritual De Lo Habitual' to celebrate Record Store Day on April 18.

Andrew Dice Clay and Spinal Tap:

Some interesting shows that ARE coming to Cleveland and other parts of the U.S. - Shock comedian Andrew Dice Clay is out on the road for a set of tour dates that will bring him to Cleveland on May 2nd for a show at the State Theatre. I think that I remember Dice playing a gig at Richfield Coliseum at the height of his popularity...can someone back me up on that one?

The principal members of Spinal Tap - Christopher Guest, Michael McKean, and Harry Shearer are hitting the road for an "unplugged" tour - Unwigged & Unplugged. Cleveland gets a show at the State Theatre on May 19th, and the other tour dates can be found here at the newly launched website.

Here's some more info from the press release, including this quote from the guys themselves:

“With this being the 25th Anniversary of the film This is Spinal Tap, we thought this would be a fun and at the same
time, a little challenging, as we have never performed as ourselves. Think of the evening as three old friends playing songs in your living room. As opposed to OUR living rooms; we won’t be home.”

Unwigged & Unplugged will feature songs from the original soundtrack This Is Spinal Tap (1984), the studio album Break Like The Wind (1992), and A Mighty Wind (2003) along with some special surprises and rarities thrown in.

Cleveland tix for Unwigged & Unplugged go on sale Friday morning at 10am and the Dice show tickets will be available Friday morning as well, one hour earlier at 10am. Get 'em at,, and the Playhouse Square box office.

The Mac is Back (Kind Of):

If I can get a 2nd mortgage on my house, I'd love to check out Fleetwood Mac when the "Unleashed" tour hits Cleveland on April 17th at Quicken Loans Arena. Thing is, it's a bit expensive. I saw the Mac for the first and only time on "The Dance" tour....back when Christine McVie was still with the group. I've always thought that that would be a good place to leave the memories....but then I saw this review, and the setlist. Definitely looks good.

Motley Crue and their White Trash Circus:

Motley Crue are hitting the road for a 2nd round of CrueFest dates this summer, dubbed "The White Trash Circus." My ears perked up big time when I heard that the band will be performing the entire Dr. Feelgood album. Dammit, they found the hook I've been looking for. For Clevelanders, the show hits Blossom on July 21st.

That Def Leppard is Poison, Yo:

And now here's the show that originally inspired this post. You've probably heard about Def Leppard and Poison hitting the road this summer with Cheap Trick in the opening slot, right?

Yesterday, I got the extremely quotable press release announcing a Cleveland area date at Blossom on June 25th, which includes this headline:



With combined sales of 100 Million albums worldwide, 65 million from Leppard alone, fans can expect hits like “Photograph,” “Rock Of Ages,” “C’mon C’mon,” “Pour Some Sugar On Me,” “Foolin’,” “Bringin’ On The Heartbreak, “Nine Lives,” and countless others creating an evening of rock ‘n’ roll unlike any other this summer.

Was "Nine Lives" a hit? Are there any Leppard fans that want to hear it?

Let's continue,

The tour, which kicks off on June 23rd in Camden, N.J, promises an unprecedented night for those in attendance. The show will highlight three decades of music from three of rock ‘n’ roll’s greatest bands for a four-hour interactive concert experience that will begin the moment that the doors open. It will feature Bluetooth technology and delivery, text communications prior to and during performances and a host of interactive offerings. This in addition to an arsenal of nearly 60 Top 40 hits including Poison’s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn,” “Unskinny Bop,” “Ride the Wind,” “Somethin’ To Believe In,” and “Nothin’ But A Good Time,” as well as Cheap Trick’s “I Want You To Want Me” and “Surrender.”

60? Holy crap, that's a lot. Plus, they got to use the word "arsenal."

“I'm very pleased that we are coming back to Cleveland,” said Def Leppard front man Joe Elliott. “We're gonna be touring with some new friends and some old friends and can guarantee it will be the Rock Tour of the summer.”

Thanks Joe, we're looking forward to seeing you too. Remember a couple summers back, when Journey kicked your ass on that same Blossom stage?

Nevermind that....we remember that kick ass show a few years before that at the Gund, where you guys opened up with the entire first side of High n' Dry. That was KICK ASS. Do that again, and Poison will whimper for mercy, every night of the tour.

"There is nothing better than an epic summer concert and this tour is a dream come true for rock 'n' roll fans. It will be a night of a thousand hits with three hard-charging rock bands on the road together," said Poison front man and star of VH1’s top-rated “Rock of Love Bus” reality show Bret Michaels.

Whoa. Hang on now....I just remembered something. Don't you guys hate Def Leppard....and vice versa?

Money talks, I guess.

And you're right, I'd love to see Cheap Trick again!

P.S. For all of you Canadian Music Lovers in Cleveland:

Tragically Hip return to the House of Blues on Sunday, May 31st. Tix are 25 bones and go on sale Friday morning at 10am. T-Hip shows have a habit of selling out quickly here in Cleveland, so don't delay on that purchase if you wanna go.

One final bit for you all:

Saving Abel just scored an opening slot alongside Seether, opening a bunch of shows for Nickelback. The tour began late last week in Nashville and will hit a bunch of cities. Check here to see if your city made the cut. I'd certainly go out to check out Saving Abel (a bright spot in radio last year,imo) and Seether. I caught Saving Abel at last year's Rock On The Range festival in Columbus, and they were great. So you're wondering if I would stick around to see Nickelback? I don't think so....

That's all for now....go see some rock and roll, won't you?


NIN interview hot off the presses

Nine Inch Nails - Australia '09 - image courtesy of

Nine Inch Nails are currently on tour in Australia, and NIN mainman Trent Reznor gave a rare in-person interview yesterday (2/22) to Triple J Radio. Reznor discusses the upcoming planned hiatus for NIN, the tour with Jane's Addiction, and a wealth of other subjects. The interview runs 16 minutes and includes some cool memories of Reznor's first Jane's Addiction concert here in Cleveland.

Listen now (audio courtesy of

PS - I can't confirm, but I do believe that my good friend Burgo helped hold the microphone for this interview. I kid, I kid.


Trent Reznor got mad, and now he’s getting even

Thanks to Burgo for the Twitter heads up on this:

UPDATED 1/12/08 (see below):

Remember the plans that Trent Reznor had for a 3-D concert film documenting the recent Nine Inch Nails Lights in the Sky tour? As you'll recall, the project fell through, allegedly due to Reznor's former label Interscope declining to fund the project at the last minute.

Barely a month later, it seems like Reznor has come up with Plan B, and the plan is one that fans will be happy with, for sure!

The internet is full of surprises these days.
I was contacted by a mysterious, shadowy group of subversives who SOMEHOW managed to film a substantial amount (over 400 GB!) of raw, unedited HD footage from three separate complete shows of our Lights in the Sky tour. Security must have been lacking at these shows because the quality of the footage is excellent.

If any of you could find a LINK to that footage I'll bet some enterprising fans could assemble something pretty cool.

Oh yeah, you didn't hear this from me.

complete posting with download link

To say that I am excited, would be an understatement! The 2008 tour was without question, one of my concert highlights of the year, and once again raised the bar visually far above all of the previous NIN shows I had seen in the past.

With rabidly talented fans of movies and music releasing new fan edits everyday (just check out some of the Star Wars fan edit stuff to see what I mean,) I look forward to viewing the forthcoming fruit of the efforts of many.

UPDATED 1/12/08:

Here's a page with links of various audio and video goodies that are being posted from the above source material. Links are updated as new ones appear!


NIN - 1,000,000 Live at Rehearsals, July 2008