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Run Off To The Circus With Dan Baird….

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It's Sunday evening and you're a little bit bummed that the weekend is drawing towards its conclusion, right?

Here's a brand new album from Dan Baird & Homemade Sin to help soften the blow a bit.

The new album is called Circus Life and you can either snag the physical disc here or grab the newly released Amazon MP3 download for instant gratification. Like everything that Baird releases, the arrival of this one has been highly anticipated in my world. From a quick scan, it sounds like Dan Baird, so that might be all that you need to know.



2011 Crosby/Nash gigs now available as official downloads

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Sometime after I got my hands on a copy of the Crosby/Nash HDNet broadcast from earlier this year, I came across information which revealed that the dynamic Stills-less duo had also been selling copies of their shows from the current tour on USB after each performance. Being a total nerd for live shows, I was excited at the prospects of obtaining an official bootleg from the shows, which typically ran close to three hours each - pretty amazing when you consider that these guys aren't exactly spring chickens anymore.

At the time, they unfortunately weren't selling the shows at their official website, but I did get a chance to hear one of the shows, from Austin and the quality was great.

Now, they've finally made the shows available on their site for anyone to purchase.

That part is cool - but the price of the download - $40.00 for FLAC and MP3 files and no actual physical product - seems a bit steep, considering that you can buy similar downloads from any other artist for prices ranging typically from $10 to $20 per show. What's up with that?

Anyway - for those of you who might have been like me, wanting to get your hands on one of these shows, you've got your chance now - the shows will be available for download through the end of September.

On a side note, it's great that HDNet captured the Crosby/Nash gig and broadcast the whole thing....maybe if we're lucky, they'll put it out as a DVD/Blu-ray sometime in the future. But hey, as long as we're talking about things that may/might be released, what's up with those CSNY live shows that are allegedly coming out?

From reading this, it seems very possible that the "Neil factor" might keep us from hearing them for a while....


Last Collector Standing: Behind the scenes with Jon Scorfina

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If you haven't visited the ATV Facebook page, you might not be aware of the links that I've been posting on occasion for Last Collector Standing, the wonderful vinyl-centric weekly feature in which Jon Scorfina of the Riverfront Times explores a different collector, digging into their vinyl collecting obsessions, the origins of their collecting habit, and most importantly, their collection!  If you're not reading this, you really need to hit this link and catch up.

One of my favorites in the series so far is Scorfina's two part conversation with Rhea Frankel and Roy DeRousse - a couple who met and bonded over their mutual love for Yes.

Scorfina is thirteen weeks into what he hopes will be at least a year long series, and I give him credit for managing to dig up a new and different character each week.  Appropriately, Thomas Crone (himself featured in a previous installment of the series) decided to turn the tables and feature Scorfina in his own video interview to find out more about the method behind the madness of Last Collector Standing.

An interesting snip from the interview - Scorfina says that he hopes the series "will encourage people to go out and pick up a record and experience what that's like."   As Scorfina shares, dipping your toe into the vinyl experience exposes the current generation of MP3 downloaders to a new way of experiencing music via an album that you can actually hold in your hands - something that was common for most music fans for many years, and yet for many of today's music fans, it's an unfamiliar experience.

Creative Conversations: Jon Scorfina, from Thomas Crone on Vimeo.


Downloads: Support Haiti Relief with Wilco Downloads

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Add Wilco to the list of artists/celebrities doing their part to assist with fund raising for Haiti relief. In exchange for a suggested donation of $15, fans can download two newly available soundboard Wilco shows for free via the official site.

We have just posted two shows for free download on Wilcoworld, all we ask that you do in return, is make a minimum donation of $15 to one of the organizations listed below.

Doctors Without Borders -

Both organizations ask that you donate to their Emergency Relief Funds which allows them to spend the money on situations such as Haiti, but, not expressly limited to Haiti.

The shows are:

07-13-09 - Keyspan Park - Brooklyn, NY
11-04-09 - HMV Forum - London, UK

In exchange for the free music, we ask that you make a minimum donation of $15 to one of the organizations listed above if you are able.



A Very Cleveland Christmas

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In the '80s, a Cleveland Christmas meant several things: Going downtown to Higbee's to see Santa, watching Mr. Jingeling -- the "keeper of the keys" -- on TV and hitting the Twigbee Shop. The latter was a store-within-a-store which paired a helpful elf with young children, so they could shop for their parents' presents by themselves. (Of course, some resourceful children scrimped on family members to buy for themselves. Like I did one year, to purchase a "California Sounds of the '60s" cassette.) The idyllic scenes in A Christmas Story were not an exaggeration: The glamorous downtown department store in the Terminal Tower exploded with decorations, lights and holiday cheer.
higbee's santa


New Releases This Week: Pet Shop Boys, Alicia Keys, Nirvana

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This will probably be the last new releases post for the year with the holidays approaching - but to wrap things up, there are some interesting titles this week, including a live Tears for Fears set from the tour for The Seeds of Love, and also a holiday EP from the Pet Shop Boys.  The Tears for Fears set looks bootleggish - perhaps just an audio release of the previous Going to California live video?

Donny Osmond

Brian is especially stoked about the above collection of hits from Donny Osmond.  Having told me multiple times over the past few months that he is my "soldier of love," I was not surprised at all to find out that he was waiting in line early this morning to purchase the Osmond hits collection.  Unfortunately, I forgot to mention to him that this one is an MP3 download.