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Rebuilding The Wall: Looking inside the new Roger Waters tour

It's an event that ATV pal Peter Chakerian said was a really good just took a while for Roger Waters to see the light.  Now with that light fully illuminated, Waters is putting The Wall back up with a 30th anniversary tour celebrating the classic album, a tour that opened earlier this week in Toronto (and eventually will land in Cleveland on September 28th).

The tour is bait enough to draw me out to see Waters for the first time in nearly 10 years.  I wasn't a huge Doyle Bramhall fan, so my previous Waters experience was marred quite a bit by the presence of Bramhall on stage.  This time around, I'm intrigued by the vocal inclusion of my longtime faves Venice, with three-quarters of the band enlisted to provide the background vocals for The Wall tour.  Looking at that key nomination as well as the rest of the members selected by Waters to make up his 2010 touring ensemble, I knew this was going to be a show that I probably wouldn't want to miss and with the information below, my thoughts have now been confirmed.

My pal Matt Levitz, webmaster of the official Venice website received the ultimate job perk (can you really call something that you don't get paid to do a job?) when the Venice members offered him a pair of tickets to check out a full dress rehearsal run-through of the tour setlist last weekend in New Jersey.