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Free Live Noise from Bruce Hornsby

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With a new live record due in 2011 (plus the debut of his forthcoming musical), Bruce Hornsby is a busy guy.  So it makes sense that he would choose September during a period of the closest thing to what he calls "downtime" to debut a new live download series (powered by with a free download (Mp3s encoded at 256k) of a complete Bruce Hornsby & The Noisemakers live show recorded last July in Asheville, NC.  The new download series is called "Live Noise" and a Facebook page has been established to announce new downloads as they become available each week.

The Asheville setlist is full of quite a few highlights including plenty of tracks from the latest studio album plus old favorites like "Down The Road Tonight," "Defenders of the Flag," "Preacher in the Ring Pt. 1 & 2" and an awesome 11 minute version of "The Road Not Taken."

Have mercy.

Download the entire gig here.