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The Monday Morning Mix: Play It, Don’t You Wanna Hear What’s Next?

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For those of you who are still picking your jaws up off of the ground after the sudden appearance of a Monday Morning Mix last week, there’s good news -- here’s another one.

About two years ago (on December 7th, 2011, to give you an approximate date), I received a mix submission in the mail at my P.O. Box from a music-loving cat named Sean Weaver. Sean enclosed a cover letter to address some other blog-related items and at the end of that letter, he said “Additionally, I am including a contribution for your Monday Morning Mix, just because I can finally face it three years later’s the best one I ever did :) ).

Walking out of the post office, I stuck the CD in my car stereo and instantly heard vinyl crackling, followed by the sweet sound of “Rebels” by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. Leafing through the papers, I discovered a handwritten track listing, sketched out on notebook paper, a photocopy of which had been sent to me.

(Click on the graphic below for the full sized version.)

In the track listing, tunes from Petty (as mentioned), Jackson Browne, Fairport Convention, Woody Guthrie and Warren Zevon.

I jammed that sucker (the mix) out in the car as I drove around town over the next few days. I took the CD into the house to get it ready to post here.....and then I promptly misplaced the CD.

Sean and I traded communication (mostly on Twitter, I think) over the next few months and then we fell out of touch. To his credit, he never sent me an email or Tweet asking “why the $%&* haven’t you posted my mix yet?!!.” But I always felt bad about it. And about once every six months, I’d find the CD, put it aside in a safe place to post it at my next opportunity....and then lose it again.

So this time, on a snowy weekend evening in Cleveland, when I surfaced it in my music room while looking for something else (that remains missing), I decided to sit down and scratch out these notes and finally get this mix up for others to enjoy -- as it should be.

I think somewhere in all of this saga, I was planning to reach out to Sean to get some thoughts on each track to post along with this mix, but in the end, I think the mix stands pretty fine on its own -- there are no words necessary.

Just download it and listen....or burn a disc and take it in the car like I did. It’s a good trip.

(And by the way, if you want to send me a mix for a future Monday morning, you can do that via email, mail it to the address on the side of the blog, or hell, how about a Spotify playlist and some notes? I could be down for that.)

Thanks for your contribution, Sean -- sorry it took eight billion years to get this up here!

Download the mix now

Would you like to have your mix featured here on a future Monday? Well, there are several ways you can do that - send it to me as a download (via Yousendit, etc.) with song notes in an email sent to, or create a Spotify playlist and send me song notes in an email. Or keep it analog and mail me a CD with your mix notes and contact information to the P.O. Box on the right sidebar of this website.


Your Bright Baby Blues….And Mike Reno

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I went to see Jackson Browne at Cain Park this past week. Jackson's been such a big part of my musical makeup and yet I'd only seen him one time, a couple of years ago at the Tower City Amphitheater. On the one hand, I knocked an item off of my bucket list, getting to see Jackson play with David Lindley. But on the other, it seemed criminal that my one and only time seeing Jackson happened at such a plastic venue like TCA.

Putting the "plastic venue" to the side, it was a pretty good night and if I were never to get the chance to see Jackson again, I would at least be secure knowing that I'd finally managed to catch a JB show and one with Lindley on board no less. Not bad.

But when he announced a tour stop this year at Cain Park (God, how I love this venue), I knew I'd have to find a way to go and check it out. And thanks to my lovely better half Annie, I was able to do just that. When you're lucky enough to experience a night of music from Jackson Browne, out on the lawn under the stars, it really doesn't get much better than that.

A show which was supposed to be acoustic ended up being fairly electric, because as the tour dates drew closer, Jackson decided that he wanted to bring some friends along to play with him. I was a touch bummed that I wouldn't be getting the chance to finally see a JB acoustic show, but as soon as he started playing, I was all good with it.

By the time he hit "Call It A Loan" with song #3, I was really okay with it, but it all really came together when he hit this moment in the setlist.

Jackson still has the mojo. It was the final night of the current tour, so he was feeling fairly loose and veered away from the setlist for an eclectic set that featured songs from the first album heavily in the mix, among others. You can see the entire setlist from the night here.

Now, I'm going to take this post and drive it straight into the brick wall, to get to the original topic I had in mind when I first opened up my blogging dashboard.

Mike Reno and Loverboy.

One of my latest interviews for Ultimate Classic Rock found me talking with Reno about the latest Loverboy album. I talked with Mike one time about 15 years ago when they were promoting their VI album release. He's a good dude and someone who will talk about anything. Our conversation must have been alright, because his mom left a comment in the comments section to give her thumbs up on the chat. It doesn't get any better than that.

We didn't have MTV in my house when I was growing up until the late '80s. As a result, I missed out on seeing quite a few videos when they originally first aired. Videos like "Lovin' Every Minute Of It" by Loverboy.

Watching this video now, you really have to miss the creative storylines that were all over music videos during the '80s. I'm sure there might have been an edited version of this video which stripped out the first minute of silliness, but if someone can step up and tell me that it aired this way every single time it was on MTV?

I'd say "hell yeah" to that.

It's probably a good thing that we didn't have MTV in our house, because if we had, I doubt that I would have read half of the books that I read as a result growing up (I would come home from the library with 10-15 books each week) or any other wholesome example you can think of, which probably would have been replaced by sitting in front of MTV, all day long.

But maybe that would have been just fine....


Virtual Concert: Jackson Browne and Dawes

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Thanks to a recent television broadcast overseas, you can enjoy 80 minutes worth of Jackson Browne from a show in July, backed by Dawes and Jonathan Wilson. The condensed broadcast collects a hefty portion of Browne's set, which he capped off by performing a total of five Warren Zevon songs, two of which are included here. How much would I love to see Browne and Dawes make an album together?

[Update:  Unfortunately, I've been asked by Jackson Browne's people to remove all links to the Youtube videos.]


Good Listening: Cockburn Christmas Three

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It’s the third annual Columbia Records Radio Hour Christmas Concert with Bruce Cockburn live from New York on December 12. 1993.  This year’s special guest is the one and only Jackson Browne who is riding high on the swelling success of I’m Alive and about to experience a tremendous rebirth of interest in his substantial career.

Holding true to the standard established the past two years by Cockburn and his dsitinguished guests, this year’s Christmas show is filled with great performances of poignant pieces.  The pair collaborates throughout with the highlights being Cockburn’s 1975 look at life and death entitled “Lament for the Last Days” and Browne’s comments on the true meaning of Christmas in “The Rebel Jesus.”

Other treats are the show’s opener, which was one of Cockburn’s first US radio songs, “Wondering Where the Lions Are” and a cover of Timbuk 3’s “All I Want for Christmas (is World Peace).”

Kick back with your favorite holiday spirit for 56 minutes of a thinking man’s Christmas with Bruce Cockburn and Jackson Browne.



Wondering Where the Lions Are

I Saw Three Ships

Lament for the Last Days

Crystal Ball

All I Want for Christmas (is World Peace)

Los Anges Dans Nos Campagnes

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Incandescent Blue

The Rebel Jesus

Away in the Manger



Good Listening: A Show for Everyman

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As summer winds down, the opportunity to enjoy a great outdoor concert becomes more elusive with each passing day. As a public service, I bring to you this concert flashback of the great Jackson Browne who happens to be appearing at the Time Warner Cable Amphitheater in Cleveland on Sunday, September 19 accompanied by longtime sideman David Lindley in the role of opening act.

Recorded at the Grand Opera House in Belfast on June 28, 1994, this show is one of several quality recordings available from the spectacular I’m Alive world tour.  The album and tour brought Browne back into the spotlight and greatly enhanced his status as one of the great songwriters of his generation.

Featuring staples such as “Doctor My Eyes,” The Pretender,” Running On Empty” and more, the show contains seven songs from I’m Alive including radio favorite ”My Problem Is You” and the haunting “Too Many Angels.”

If you’ve seen Jackson Browne before, you know Sunday’s show is guaranteed to be worthwhile.  If you’re new to the fold, let this show be your guide to a good time and a great musical experience.


Disc One


Doctor My Eyes

I’m Alive

World in Motion


Everywhere I Go

My Problem is You

Shape of a Heart

For a Dancer

Late for the Sky

Your Bright Baby Blues

Linda Paloma

Take It Easy

Our Lady of the Well

Disc Two


Before the Deluge

Take This Rain

Miles Away

Too Many Angels

For Everyman

Sky Blue & Black

The Pretender

Running On Empty

The Load Out


Somebody’s Baby

I Am a Patriot


Bruce, Jackson, Bonnie, Shawn and David…

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...performing a classic Don Henley song, and while that's technically correct, I'm sure Bruce Hornsby had a few inner thoughts about the introduction by Jay Leno.  I've always regretted not making the road trip to catch this tour.


Save some dough on your summertime concert fun courtesy of Live Nation

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With the rising cost of concert tickets, it's always refreshing to get word of a good deal that will actually put some dollars back into your wallet as a music fan.  And believe it or not, this has nothing to do with stealing music off of the internet!

I'm talking about Live Nation's recent announcement that they're waiving the service fees on concert ticket purchases for the entire month of June.

What does this mean for you?

This means that you've now got money for two more beers at that Tom Petty concert you're planning on attending.  It means that you can buy me two tickets to see Jackson Browne, and still have money left over to buy me that other thing that you've been thinking about.  I appreciate it.  Or perhaps you're planning to go see the Backstreet Boys - guess what?  You now have money to purchase materials to make your own costume, so that you can attend the show dressed as your favorite Backstreet Boy!

Isn't summer going to be awesome?

Click here for a list of participating artists and venues!

P.S. - I was serious about those Jackson Browne tickets.  Can we talk?


Jackson Browne, Public Enemy + more are headed to Cleveland!

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Quite a few show announcements have been hitting our email in the past 48 hours, so I thought I'd share a few of them with you here.  While it hasn't been officially announced by Live Nation, I'm very excited to finally see a Cleveland date confirmed for Jackson Browne and David Lindley (with full band).  Browne has a slew of new dates up on his website, including shows in Detroit on September 18th, and a subsequent Cleveland gig on September 19th at the Time Warner Cable Amphitheater (ticket info and on-sale date TBA).

Jackson Browne and David LindleyThe tour is a celebration of a new acoustic live release from Browne and Lindley called Love is Strange, a double CD release recorded live in Spain in 2006.

See more show announcements after the jump:


New live album on the way from Jackson Browne & David Lindley

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You'll either wince or smile at the words "new live album" and "Jackson Browne" in the same sentence. For me personally, I'm happy that Jackson is starting to dig around in the vaults with some of his recent releases.

During an interview last week on Nicole Sandler's Radio or Not program, Browne revealed the news that he's currently finishing work on a double live album, recorded during a tour of Spain in 2006 with longtime collaborator David Lindley.  The album will see release in May as a prelude of sorts to a summer tour that will feature Lindley touring with Browne and his band.  (And Cleveland is finally going to be on that list of tour dates, right Jackson?  RIGHT?)

David and Jackson


Good Listening: Jackson Browne and David Lindley – Live at the Philadelphia Folk Festival

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This is another repost, and I get more email about this particular show than any other show that I've shared here to date. Sourced from an in-house broadcast with soundboard audio, this performance from Jackson Browne and David Lindley is a wonderful listen.

I'd like to once again share copies of the DVD of this performance, and as with previous offers, these DVDs will go to the first five emails that I get. Send me an email, and I'll send you out a copy at no charge - it's that simple, and once they're gone, they're gone!


Jackson Browne