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Cool Gig Alert! Special acoustic show w/ The Jellybricks

We realize that for some - your wonderful editor included - there simply just isn't enough rock to fill your average weekend.  As a result, we find ourselves on a continual quest to load each weekend to the brim with as much rock as humanly possible.

This weekend, we have good reason to believe that this will not be a problem, with the presence of both International Pop Overthrow, and the mega-bill of Starz/The Suede Brothers/The Hot Rails at the Beachland Ballroom.

But we're just getting started because,  *drum roll please *, you can also quench your need for rock by attending  Saturday night's gala event at the Roc Bar featuring Tiger Piss!

It seems like the above shows would be more than enough for most.

But still, for those that insist on living life INXS in excess - have no fear, because Addicted to Vinyl is here!


Bill Stone of Paranoid Lovesick: The ATV Interview

This weekend will bring a multitude of glorious events, all happening right here in Cleveland.  Now, I can already hear you out-of-town types starting to snicker a bit - knock it off!  Cleveland IS cool - say it with me, and you'll start to understand!  The world renowned International Pop Overthrow festival will make what I believe to be its Cleveland debut on Friday and Saturday night at the Beachland Ballroom.  A mecca for power pop fans and lovers of music in general, IPO has come as close as Youngstown, OH in recent past.   With the CLE debut, Ohio music fans that missed the Youngstown IPO, can finally stop kicking themselves - second chances do sometimes come around!

The IPO lineup is largely a showcase of some of Cleveland's finest - from veteran Bill Fox (The Mice) to relative newcomers Pale Hollow, peppered with a few bands from outside the zip code, including two bands - Triggers and The Jellybricks from PA  -  plus Colin Gawel and the Lonely Bones from Columbus, OH.

Perhaps the most exciting part of IPO for me personally, will be the reunion/farewell show from Cleveland's personal slice of power pop goodness from the 90's,  Paranoid Lovesick, who will release TWO CDs of "new" material for the first time at IPO.  Suburban Pop Allegro, the band's long overdue never-released second album, will be released for the first time, accompanied by Tuxedo Avenue Breakdown, the band's unreleased third album.

The tale of Paranoid Lovesick is lengthy and complicated, both critically acclaimed and yet at times, universally and criminally ignored.  The story had an unplanned premature ending with the sudden death of guitarist Rick McBrien in 2003.

Paranoid Lovesick

I can't recall when I first saw Paranoid Lovesick, but I remember the feeling that I got from hearing them on-stage.  My ears perked at the sound of something that was finally different from the rest of the Cleveland music scene, which had gotten a bit stale.  I signed up for the Paranoid Lovesick mailing list, unaware that I was opting into the greatest band mailing list ever - my ticket to receive their "newsletter", the Subterrestrial Glamorous Pop Hymnal - made up nearly 100 percent of satire, un-truths, and inside jokes/not-so-subtle jabs at members of the local Cleveland music scene.

And oh yeah, the road.  Touring.  Lots of things going wrong.  Thank God, we had the internet in its infancy to read their numerous tales of highway-related woe.  The PL "road stories" were legendary good reading back in the day, via the band's AOL message board - an area that deserves its own separate hall of fame.  We caught up with PL frontman Bill Stone to swap a few more stories, talk about Saturday's IPO show and about the mysterious series of events that led to the release of Suburban Pop Allegro and Tuxedo Avenue Breakdown.