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Ronnie James Dio, R.I.P.

What a shock it was to wake up on Sunday morning to the news that heavy metal legend Ronnie James Dio had passed away, after a six month battle with stomach cancer.  All recent indications made it seem like Ronnie was winning the battle (in fact, he was on the "black metal" carpet in April for the Revolver Golden Gods Awards, looking great), and although Heaven & Hell had recently postponed some summer tour dates, it made sense that perhaps Ronnie just needed more recovery time to finish treatments and get back to full strength.  Apparently things must have been much worse than any of us realized, or perhaps they worsened quickly within the past few weeks.  I was sad, both as a music fan and as someone that had experienced personally what an awesome human being Ronnie was.

I wrote a few words about my experiences with Ronnie for Popdose, and I thought I'd share a few more highlights here, as seen around the web.

My pal Chris Akin is the one responsible for my first meeting with Dio, and although we've had many memorable metal/music experiences together, Chris has quite a few tales of his own that I forget about - like that one time that Dio introduced him to Jimmy Page.

D.X. Ferris also wrote a nice Dio tribute here, while gathering additional thoughts from some of Cleveland's metal royalty, regarding Dio's passing.

Nationally, a bunch of metal folks stopped by Eddie Trunk's radio show on Sirius, and you can stream the interviews with former Dio band members Craig Goldy, Rudy Sarzo, Scott Warren and Doug Aldrich, plus Geoff Tate, Tom Morello, etc; here.

Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic  adds his own tribute via the Seattle Weekly where he is an occasional contributor.

This is Ronnie James Dio that we're talking about, so if you dial up, you'll find tributes from nearly every musician that has ever picked up an instrument in metal.....only a slight exaggeration.  Without a doubt, the man was loved by many, and that will continue to live on via his music with both current and future musical generations.

On that musical note, my buddy Mark Zander will have a nice two hour musical tribute to the music of Dio on this weekend's edition of The Rockin' '80s - which you can stream via the following link.  I've seen the song list already, and it's a really nice collection of not only the hits, but some pretty cool Dio-related rarities as well.


When Retards Attack: Heaven & Hell CA In-Store

I believe that my pal Brian would file this in category "The Dumb."

Thanks to Chris Akin for sharing this with the following comment:

As if Metal fans needed help looking like idiots, this jagoff comes along to keep the retard image going!

This reminds me humorously of some of the metal in-stores that Chris and I did through the years. I will say this though: I think that this guy is definitely head and shoulders above any of the most colorful fans we ever saw at an in-store.