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New Releases This Week: Pet Shop Boys, Alicia Keys, Nirvana

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This will probably be the last new releases post for the year with the holidays approaching - but to wrap things up, there are some interesting titles this week, including a live Tears for Fears set from the tour for The Seeds of Love, and also a holiday EP from the Pet Shop Boys.  The Tears for Fears set looks bootleggish - perhaps just an audio release of the previous Going to California live video?

Donny Osmond

Brian is especially stoked about the above collection of hits from Donny Osmond.  Having told me multiple times over the past few months that he is my "soldier of love," I was not surprised at all to find out that he was waiting in line early this morning to purchase the Osmond hits collection.  Unfortunately, I forgot to mention to him that this one is an MP3 download.