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Joey’s Song

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I'm not afraid to go out on a limb to let you know that the new Joey's Song: Volume One compilation is easily destined to be in my stack of favorite releases for 2011.  I know it's early, but this compilation and the companion Joey's Song for Kids: Volume One release are both loaded with a wealth of material, most of which is unreleased, from artists including Del Amitri, Cowboy Junkies, Neko Case, Michael McDermott, Lowen & Navarro, the Crash Test Dummies, Matthew Ryan and tons more. Both CDs are really an incredible listen and perfectly sequenced.

You can order the CDs now via the Joey's Song website, priced at $11.99 per disc or both for $19.99.  Proceeds from the sale of the CDs will go to benefit the Joseph Gomoll Foundation, established in the memory and honor of Joey Gomoll to "fight epilepsy through music."

I'll go more in-depth about these releases with Joey's father Michael Gomoll in an upcoming post on Popdose.  In the meantime, the CD release show for these albums is tonight in the Chicago area featuring Michael McDermott, Freedy Johnston and others.  Check out details for the release show right here.

Here's a video that will explain more about Joey's Song and also a new music video from Matthew Ryan for his version of "You Are My Sunshine," which can be found on Joey's Song for Kids: Volume One.


A Date With A Smithereen…

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As a master writer of songs about shattered, broken and irreparable relationships whose favorite key is E minor, Pat DiNizio could be seen as a melancholy kind of guy.  That may be, but the version of his “Living Room Concert” series which he presented Saturday night at the Beachland Ballroom brought happiness to all in attendance.

Spotlighting 18 songs over two-plus hours interspersed with stories about his childhood, his parents, the circus, and plenty of life-as-a-rock-star tales, the concert gave longtime fans insight into DiNizio and his career that they could not have acquired through 25 years of listening to his music.


Show of the Week: Pat DiNizio and Freedy Johnston

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I'm going to save you some money with this week's pick for show of the week - let me just put that out there front and center for you to ponder for a moment.  Part of the proceeds from this week's show also go to benefit a very good cause - more on all of this in a minute.

My good pal CB, who normally writes up these show posts has been tragically AWOL for the past couple of weeks.  I'd say that he is missing, but I actually saw him this past Sunday during my first-ever visit to the Beachland Brunch.  After uttering a few choice and very unprintable obscenities at him, I made my way inside the Beachland to enjoy some severe brunch action that was every bit as delicious as you might have heard that it is.

For this week's show of the week, I'll return to the scene of the crime  on Saturday night (11/7) for a 90s rewind featuring two of my favorite singer-songwriters - Smithereens frontman Pat DiNizio and Freedy Johnston!


Free Music: Band of Skulls

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Did you just make devil horns?

I sure did.

I've done it every single time that I've read the email that I got today, letting me know that UK trio Band of Skulls are this week's free track of the week in the Itunes Music Store, where you can download their new single "I Know What I Am" for FREE for one week.

Band of Skulls

The band will play an industry showcase later this week, and will be back in the United States after that for a proper tour supporting their debut album Baby Darling Doll Face Honey.

Which incidentally, is my pet name for my good buddy Brian over at Broken Headphones. He hates it. I love it.

Anyway, click here to nab your free download of Band of Skulls *making devil horns*

And while you're at it, check out my good pals Jose' and Kelly, who have thrown up five rather awesome tracks dubbed the "Top 5 Songs Of The Week (Snowflakes In April Are Not Uncommon In Cleveland Edition)."

I'm still smiling big from last week, when they reminded me of Freedy Johnston's "Bad Reputation," a tune that I hadn't thought of in a long while, and a tune that I really, really love.

Thanks to the video below, I now kind of have a picture of what the song might sound like if Warren Zevon had sung it.

Check out the above musical links, and I'll guarantee that you're going to be smiling too. Unless you came here looking for Leatherwolf.