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Celebrating 3 Strange Years

The subject line gave me the opportunity to post one of my favorite songs from really, one of my favorite albums of the '90s.  That's not what this post is about, but if you missed out on School of Fish (both the album and band), you should definitely (in my opinion) dig deeper! They're well worth the 33 cents (at the time of this writing) that a used copy will cost you at Amazon.

This is just a note to mark the third anniversary of Addicted to Vinyl, which means that we're now entering year number four, which is pretty awesome. I always feel like the name is a bit misleading, because we certainly do more than talk about vinyl. The intent at the time that I created this monster really was to have a space to nerd out about the music that I'm enjoying at a particular moment and this certainly has done that and continues to serve as an outlet for those ramblings (and I scored a girlfriend out of all of this, which I guess is proof that you can use these blog thingamabobs to pick up chicks.  Yeah, chicks, chicks, cool!)


Blue Arrow Records Turns One

Congrats to Pete and Debbie at Blue Arrow Records!

Here's to many more!

(P.S. - Saturday seems like it might be a great day to go have some fun, and buy some vinyl.  Right?)

Blue Arrow Records