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Bob Lefsetz vs. Gene Simmons

Please tell me that you didn't miss this happening last week.

Here's the deal - industry blogger Bob Lefsetz is attending Canada Music Week and witnesses a keynote speech from KISS man Gene Simmons.

Lefsetz takes issue with Simmons' speech and sends out the following email.

Simmons responds.

A local promoter offers a venue at CMW for the two to debate, which is quickly accepted.

How did it go? Well, consider the opening line of the wrap-up from Lefsetz:

What an asshole.

Watch the whole thing right here. Warning: Contains lots of NSFW language.Plenty of good shots from both sides during the above video - My favorite?

Lefsetz - Everyone here knows more about the internet than Gene

And also, dig the following humorous video of an interview with Simmons and Paul Stanley from the mid-90s, that didn't go so well.

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