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New from Ben Folds Five, ‘House’

It feels so good to type the words "new Ben Folds Five." For those of you living under that proverbial rock, Folds has an awesome rarities collection coming out that for some reason, we have to wait patiently until October to hear.

We're not so good with the whole waiting thing.

Three newly completed Ben Folds Five tracks are part of the collection and one of them, a tune called 'House' makes its premiere via the NBC website for 'The Sing-Off.'

You can stream the new song here.

Allegedly, Ben Folds Five will come together in December to record a new album. How great would that be?

Pre-order 'The Best Imitation of Myself: A Retrospective.'


Reasons to look forward to the new Ben Folds album

...and reasons to make sure that you pick up the Itunes deluxe edition of Lonely Avenue, Ben's new album with author Nick Hornby, which hits stores next week.

After hearing the new album, Ben's previous work on Way To Normal has been forgiven :-)


Concert Review: Ben Folds & Matt Pond – House of Blues – 4/15/10

The hardest job in music might be opening for Ben Folds. The piano man has well over two decades of performance experience under his belt – and a loyal fanbase that hangs on every one of his lyrical turns-of-phrase and thundering chords.

Last Thursday night in Cleveland, the warm-up spot fell on the shoulders of Matt Pond. Pond’s latest album (under his band moniker, Matt Pond PA), The Dark Leaves, is a lush affair full of strings, honeyed guitars and wistful melodies. Live, however, he opted for a stripped-down arrangement featuring just him and Leaves collaborator/guitarist Chris Hansen.

Crammed into the front of stage left -- Folds’ piano dominated the center part of the stage – the pair ran through a half-hour set of midtempo tunes. Pond’s closed-eyes and gently swaying body often made him resemble a young boy at a choir recital; reed-thin Hansen, with just a guitar and amp at his disposal, functioned as his silent, trusty sidekick. While the sincerity and beauty of these songs was never in doubt, the mellow vibe soon made the songs run together -- and the attention of the audience wander.

Folds is a dynamic, in-your-face performer who compensates for his sparse instrumentation with sheer charisma. Pond, in contrast, prefers to let his music speak for itself – a strength of his catalog, for sure, but a detriment when trying to engage a crowd waiting for a headliner. It’s hard to say if Pond won over any new fans; the indifference to his opening slot dominated.

Ben Folds

Folds’ performance – a mixture of sincerity, satire and dead-on character assessment -- was predictably good. This review sums up the night well. Having seen Folds multiple times (most of them when he’s performed solo) it’s still an awe-inspiring thing to see him command the stage with just his music and banter. His self-deprecating wit hasn’t mellowed despite his massive popularity (if anything, this helps contribute to the relatable, fun vibe of these shows), and his storytelling continues to be razor-sharp.

Songs from Folds’ last solo release, Way to Normal, came across much better than they did on record, perhaps because he’s had several years to work out the kinks. Highlights for me included “Annie Waits,” “Zak and Sara” and, of course, the massive sing-along to “Rockin’ the Suburbs” and the Ben Folds Five gem “One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces.” Every Ben Folds show I attend, I rediscover a song of his I love. This night was no exception.

- review by A. Zaleski


Free Coffee
Annie Waits
Sentimental Guy
All U Can Eat
Bitch Went Nutz (Fake Version)
Levi Johnston’s Blues *
Picture Window * ( * = new tracks co-written with author Nick Hornby)
You Don’t Know Me
Still Fighting It
Zak and Sara
Steven’s Last Night in Town
Hiro’s Song
The Luckiest
Rock This Bitch
Secret Life of Morgan Davis
Not the Same
One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces


Rockin’ the Suburbs
Song for the Dumped


Ben Folds in Columbus, OH for Record Store Day!

Ben Folds

So you're at Magnolia Thunderpussy Records in Columbus, OH, and you can't help but notice how much the guy behind the counter looks like Ben Folds.  Weird, right?

Well, if you're there tomorrow for Record Store Day, you'd be right to think that it is Ben Folds!

From his official website:

Ben will be at Magnolia Thunderpussy Records in Columbus, OH this Saturday, April 17, for Record Store Day. He'll be working the register, taking trash out, alphabetizing records and just hanging out. Hope to see you there!

Folds will be at the store from 1pm until 2:30pm on Saturday afternoon.  The store will also have live music from bands including Karate Coyote, Hurt People Hurt People, and Christ.  We're not sure if that's the Jesus Christ, so you'll have to show up for yourself to find out.  Check out more info on the Magnolia Thunderpussy Facebook page.



Concert Calendar: Yes, Marc Cohn & Ben Folds

Due to inclement weather in the Midwest and Northeast, Yes has been forced to move their House of Blues Cleveland date to Sunday, February 21st.  Apparently their collectively cosmic vibes couldn't thwart the massive amounts of snow currently being dumped in those areas, causing necessary adjustments to the tour schedule.  All tickets purchased for the Wednesday, February 17th date will be honored for the new date, and tickets are still available.

Anyone looking for a suitable Plan B for next Wednesday might consider heading to Kent to check out Marc Cohn.  While it is unlikely that Cohn will be trotting out any previously unreleased 12 minute prog jams on that evening, he is playing his first Cleveland area gig in quite a while at The Kent Stage.  Cohn has a new album of covers coming out on May 25th, and from the description, it sounds fairly interesting.

Marc Cohn’s new record on Saguaro Road will focus on the year 1970,
an important year for music fans in general and particularly for Marc,
because many significant albums and singles were released then that
had an impact on his decision to become an artist.

The album features Marc’s personal interpretations of classic songs
written by and/or made famous in 1970 by Paul McCartney, John
Lennon, Cat Stevens, John Fogerty and CCR, Smokey Robinson,
Joe Cocker, Simon & Garfunkel, Eric Clapton and several more.

The album will be produced by Grammy-winning producer John
Leventhal (Shawn Colvin, record of the Year), who also just produced
the brand new album by Rosanne Cash, The List.

Having nothing to do with Marc Cohn, I'll leave you with a bit of happier HOB news:   Ben Folds will bring his "Ben Folds and a Piano" solo tour to HOB on Thursday, April 15th.  Tickets go on sale Friday morning at 10am.  2010 is already getting expensive, dang concerts!


The Monday Morning Mix – Scenes From A Flood – 10/5/09


Graphic by Rachael Novak

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We've got some great mixes in hand and on the way - where is yours?

About Today's Mix:

I apologize for the lateness on today's Monday Mix - those darn real world responsibilities got in the way of ye olde blog, once again. Hopefully ya'll did the right thing and amused your eardrums with the tasty Tragically Hip show that Kevin posted earlier!

This week's mix again comes from my own personal collection. I put this one together at the end of last week, and really liked it to the point that I had to share it with all of my ATV friends. I'm guessing that you guys won't mind, right? A few selections were inspired by my new pal Emma and her fantastic radio show The Occasional Detour, which you can hear Thursday mornings on WRUW-FM  from 8am-10am EST on the radio at 91.1 and online at

I'll spare the gushing, because I've already hit Emma up to do a future Monday Morning Mix - wait for it and check out her radio show - it's good stuff!

Enjoy the mix!


Good Listening: Ben Folds – Live in Berlin – 6-4-05

Greetings all,

I've had a monstrous cocktail of the flu, bronchitis, and my usual friend asthma hanging out since this past Tuesday. During this unexpectedly fun week of hotel illness, I cracked the highest fever I've ever had - 104.5.

I'm technically out of the woods now, but still lacking lots on the energy side of things. I felt bad though, and wanted to drop by to share some rock and roll that's been sitting in the holding tank for a while now.

Ben Folds is out on the road for a fresh set of tour dates supporting Way To Normal, including an Ohio date in Columbus on February 21st.

I like this particular show, because the setlist is really close to what I saw when I saw Ben in Ann Arbor, MI a couple of years ago. Stuff from the EPs, the Dre cover.....all of the good stuff.

The sound is MINT.

All sorts of good Ann Arbor memories come flooding through when I listen to this show....memories including time spent going through the endless stacks of musical treasure at Encore Recordings! If you ever find yourself in Ann Arbor, make some time for Encore.

Check that, make a lot of time. You'll be glad that you did.


ben folds
june 4th, 2005
columbiahalle, berlin

Download high res files of this show at Dimeadozen

BEN FOLDS, voc, p, b;

complete zip of the whole show

Disc One:

01 in between days
02 there's always someone cooler than you
03 jesusland
04 bastard
05 still fighting it
06 all u can eat
07 you to thank
08 landed
09 prison food
10 bitches ain't sh*t
11 zak and sara
12 brick

Disc Two:

13 fred jones part two
14 one down
15 the luckiest
16 army
17 trusted
18 carrying cathy
19 rockin' the suburbs
20 late
21 philosophy
22 emaline
23 not the same
24 one angry dwarf and 200 solemn faces