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Last Minute Gig Alert: Roger Clyne @ The Beachland Tavern

Thanks to ATV pal Scott Banham for the heads up on this one!  If the combination of a frosty cerveza and the music of Roger Clyne sounds like a good time to you (and it should!), you'll want to nab yourself a ticket for the newly announced last minute Beachland show happening this upcoming Tuesday (3/1) IN THE TAVERN!

Normally, you'd find Clyne and his regular band of musical gypsies The Peacemakers in the larger Ballroom (for shows that often are packed to the gills), but Tuesday's show will be a more intimate affair with Clyne and fellow Peacemaker P.H. Naffah performing acoustically (ATV friend Jason Meyers will open up the show).  Tickets are $15 in advance and $17 day of show, but you're probably running a huge risk of a shutout if you wait that long.

The duo will barnstorm a smattering of cities starting with the Cleveland show on Tuesday, with stops in Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota (we're really starting to get cold now) prior to wrapping things up in Indianapolis on March 6th. I'm not sure what the exact reason is behind the dates (and hell, we ain't lookin' for an explanation), but the one thing that they all have in common is that it will give like minded individuals in each city the opportunity to come out and drink beer and enjoy some good old fashioned acoustic pickin' with a setlist that's sure to feature your favorites from both the Peacemakers catalog and ye olde Refreshments. Check out the complete run of tour dates here.

Clyne will be back on the road in April with the full band, celebrating the release of the latest Peacemakers opus Unida Cantina, which will be available on April 19th.  It's reasonable to guess that you'll probably hear at least a few of those new songs at the upcoming March dates. On top of that, each night is a guaranteed good time...the most fun you can have without actually being in Mexico!

Here's a recent live performance of "Maria," one of the tracks that will be featured on the upcoming album, recorded in January at the Music Fog studios in Steamboat Springs, CO.


Video: Paul McCartney – Wonderful Christmas Time LIVE!

For the first time in 30 years, "Wonderful Christmas Time" found its way back into Paul McCartney's setlist, because it's that time of the year, right? 

As we mentioned in the Cage Match a couple of weeks ago, McCartney hinted in interviews prior to this winter tour that he might drag it out for the holidays.  Thanks to the always-reliable Youtube, here's video from McCartney's show in Cologne where the song made its tour debut:


Bob Seger Lands Top Selling Catalog Album of the Decade

We've got some good news out of the Motor City with the word that our man Bob Seger has officially locked in the top selling catalog album of the decade on Billboard's Decade End Catalog Albums Chart with his 1994 Greatest Hits release.  Greatest Hits spent two years on the Billboard Top 200 before moving to the Catalog Albums chart where it has logged 660 weeks.  To date, Greatest Hits has sold nearly 9 million copies, which means that without question, Bob Seger is the man.

Bob Seger- Greatest Hits

We checked in with our resident Bob Seger nut Mel for a comment, and she simply said, "Bob Seger is a frikkin' GOD, and I demand that everybody MUST listen to "Still The Same" right now!"

For those of you that haven't picked it up yet, Early Seger Vol. 1, the new rarities release from Seger, is a must have for all Seger fans.  Five of the tracks are previously unreleased, and finished recently by Seger with some touchup work in the studio, and it's those five tracks that really make this set worth having.  Hopefully we'll see more archival releases like this from Seger in the future.  How about a live DVD?


Lloyd Cole: Past, Present and Future

While perusing the Winchester’s schedule on Sunday night, my jaw dropped at the show announced for January 27, 2010: Lloyd Cole Trio. I immediately flashed back to 2006. In November of that year, I flew to Cleveland for a few days, with the express purpose of catching Placebo at the Agora and Cole at the Winchester. The British singer-songwriter was touring behind his 2006 release Antidepressant, and the C-Town show was his first appearance here in sixteen years. Performing as a duo (well, a trio if you count the occasional drum loops from a laptop), Cole ran through a set heavy on new tunes and light on well-known songs. Seeing him in such an intimate venue, however, was amazing.

Lloyd Cole

Intrigued that Cole was coming back so soon, I looked at his website and realized that this new show was only one of four on the whole tour. Four shows, mind you, circling the Great Lakes region. In January. Without a stop in New York City. Who does that?

Well, Cole does, that’s who. Always inventive – and never content to rest on his laurels – he described his new trio like this:


Tom Petty – The Live Anthology

Greetings internet citizens!

Tom Petty and Mike Campbell - photo by Jay Blakesberg

I've put my review online at Popdose for The Live Anthology, the fantabulous new box set from Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.  Click here to read it. 

Quick review:  Bribe your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/family member in any fashion necessary to get this as your holiday gift.  It's a must have!


CD Review: Bon Jovi – The Circle

Bon Jovi - The Circle

Wait a minute! I was under the impression that The Circle was to be Bon Jovi’s return to form album. Sadly though, “returning to form” leaves a lot to the interpretation as to what “form” is. For those of us that discovered Bon Jovi early on and helped to raise them to superstardom, “form” means the hard rock sound that bordered on metal and, well, kicked ass with its memorable hooks, heavy guitars and fun songs. Apparently for Bon Jovi, “returning to form” for them seems to mean jumping back away from country music and weird re-interpretations of their hits and returning to the generic, drab, “we’re not as good as Springsteen but we’re 10 times more accessible” drivel of albums like Bounce and Have A Nice Day.

There’s nothing at all that makes you take notice of The Circle as a real rocker. There’s nothing edgy. There’s nothing challenging. For Bon Jovi, returning to form simply means returning to a generic AOR sound that will woo middle aged housewives and convince programmers at the NFL broadcasters that they are the band that will “really rock” the pregame show. To sum it up in a single word – “sad” comes to mind.


Blue Rodeo – The Things We Left Behind

Today is the official Canadian release date for The Things We Left Behind, the brand new studio album from Blue Rodeo.  Vinyl fans will appreciate that Blue Rodeo sequenced the new album with vinyl in mind - spreading two albums worth of carefully placed music across four sides of vinyl.  The Things We Left Behind is available in two flavors - as a double CD set, and also in the previously mentioned vinyl format, packaged in gatefold packaging with CD copies of the album included, and a lyrics insert.

For those in the U.S. - the new album will get a proper U.S. release in the above formats on January 26th (on the band's own Telesoul Records), accompanied by a planned U.S. tour in Spring 2010.  Blue Rodeo will mount a short series of U.S. dates starting on Friday with two sold out shows in New York City.

Blue Rodeo

I'm still waiting for my copy of the new album to show up, but in the meantime, good ol' ATV pal Chase pointed me towards an excellent full transcript interview with Blue Rodeo's Greg Keelor, talking comprehensively about the new album, and the overall career of Blue Rodeo.


Tougher Than The Rest…..

One of the great things about blogging - besides the international fame and noteriety that it brings - is the never-ending exposure to things that are new and cool.  It's a give and take thing - you give somebody something that you perceive to be cool, and they turn around and hit you with a "did you know about this?" kind of moment.

Shortly after posting today's Springsteen ramble, my pal Emma, host of the excellent Cleveland radio show The Occasional Detour, got in touch and asked me if I had heard the Camera Obscura cover she had played of Springsteen's "Tougher Than The Rest".  A cover of one of my favorite Bruce tunes by a group that sits high on my list of "groups I've been meaning to get into" - this, was something that I had to hear!


Concert Review: The Bridge School Benefit – 10/24 & 10/25/09

The Bridge School

Today, we're welcoming our good pal Rob Evanoff to the pages of ATV with a review of the recent Bridge School Benefit concerts in San Francisco!

DAY 1 - At this time nearly two weeks ago, I was hurtling my German-engineered sports coupe at triple digit speeds over a 343-mile stretch up I-5 in an effort to immerse myself in an inaugural visit to the world-famous event known as the Bridge School Benefit; an annual weekend of concerts hosted by Neil Young and his wife Pegi. This year marked the 23rd Annual Benefit which has seen the likes of Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Elton John, Brian Wilson, Pearl Jam, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Trent Reznor, Metallica, Thom Yorke and hundreds of others grace its stage; all to support the Bridge School where Neil & Pegi’s son Ben attends.

The drive up I-5 north to Mountain View, CA (45 minutes south of San Francisco) from Los Angeles is a barren one fraught with scores of fields of vineyards of grapes & strawberries matched by large swaths of trees bearing avocados & almonds which are delicious in my belly but desolate before my eyes. Fortunately for me, Matt from ATV had cued up a 45-song playlist of Neil Young and CSNY tracks to accompany these barren miles with a 5-hour jam of Neil at his finest. “Down By the River,” “Cowgirl in the Sand,” Southern Man” and their musical brethren were the perfect road-trip soundtrack.


Traveling on the Super Highway with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

I'll admit it - I've been holding something back from all of you, because for the past month, I've been on a secret road trip.  I've been on the road with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, traveling with the band on the maiden voyage of their Superhighway Tour.

Tom Petty - The Live Anthology

Supporting the release of the highly anticipated release of The Live Anthology in November, the Superhighway Tour is a unique first for both fans and the band.  There are no tour buses, no roadies, no security guards checking tickets at the door, and actually, all of the tour dates have for the Superhighway Tour have already past.