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The Monday Morning Mix – After The ‘Roo – The Collapsible Chair Edition – 6/15/09


Graphic by Rachael Novak

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About Today's Mix:

Editor's note: We're back from Bonnaroo. At least Brian and Adam are. I'm spending one more day, this time in Columbus, OH, for Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood.

Here's Brian's post-Bonnaroo mix with a bunch of things that may or may not have happened during our trip.

After The ‘Roo w/ Empty Wallets And Sunburned Faces Mix (Download - link will be good for one week)

Dinosaur Jr. – “Going Home” - from the album Where You Been

What a great time we had. The sun is still out as Phish is closing the festival. We luckily find Adam on the verge of exhaustion in a drum circle wearing a tie-dyed shirt and sporting dreadlocks. I hose Adam off at a gas station before hopping on the highway because he is so dirty. I cannot believe we lost him on the second night but it’s good to have him back. He looks so tired and mentioned he was with those guys in the rusted out VW he met at the hotel. I should have told him to stay away, oh well. Adam passes out. Matt and I laugh at him.

His dreadlocks have got to go

Nofx – “August 8th” - from the album Heaving Petting Zoo

Matt and I asked Adam what happened to him but he is inactive, perhaps passed out. Matt and I both notice that Adam has a new tattoo of a turtle on his neck. I really hope this kid wakes up soon because I want to hear all about his adventures and find out what the hell is up with the turtle. I am amazed at the beard Adam grew in just four days too.

Matt might have just mumbled something about a milkshake but this time I ignore him.

Westbound Train – “I Feel Fine” - from the album Transitions

It’s pretty silent in the car right now. Matt and I speak of all the great acts while Adam is still in another land. The summer sun is setting finally giving us a break on the heat. Matt and I rip on Adam as he sleeps but it’s not doing much of anything but sure is comical to us. Matt starts ripping on me for my interesting sun burns on my head thanks to the bandana I wore. I laugh and ask Matt how much of Bonnaroo he could see from the shade tents. We all are laughing right now. I almost wish it was not the end of our adventures.

The Helio Sequence – “Don’t Look Away” - from the album Love and Distance

Passing around Nashville it is becoming a little quiet in the car. I ask Adam if he would like to drive but get no response. Matt has his headphones on and might be listening to some Van Halen and is clearly ignoring me. He might be mad at me ignoring his milkshake demands. I keep driving as I just want to get home and sleep in my bed.

Soul Coughing – “Rolling” - from the album El Oso

Narcolepsy has sunk in on 66% of the passengers in the car again. These guys do not know how lucky they have it. I am bored out of my mind and decide to call all three Those Darlins on my cell phone and chat with them for a bit. Matt still cannot believe I got all of their phone numbers while in Nashville. I told them I knew what I was going to do when I got there…

Faith No More – “I Started A Joke”

It’s been hours since I have seen an exit and I am having a hard time staying awake. The drive is dark and ever so boring. Adam might be in a coma as he is in this deep sleep possibly for being up for 56 straight hours beating on a drum. I can see thick calluses on his fingertips. He sometimes whimpers in his sleep.

I’m starting to see things that do not exist on the road. At one time I swore that the Ghostbuster’s ECTO-1 just drove past me at high speeds. No one is awake nor do I think they would believe me. I stop at a scary rest stop and splash water on my face at an attempt to wake up a little.

Turbonegro - “ All My Friend’s Are Dead” - from the album Party Animals

I’m convinced that Adam is going to not be the same when he opens his eyes. I have been feeding him caps full of bottled water to keep him hydrated. That turtle tattoo is pretty hilarious. I hope he did not pay for it. For some reason Adam smells like grilled cheese. Matt’s headphones are still on and this time he might be listening to some Europe.

Aphex Twin – “Come To Daddy” - from the EP Come To Daddy

I have pretty much lost my mind at this time. A few moments ago I thought I exited at a rest stop but it turned out to be some Kentucky farm. Matt was so tired that he too thought we were at a rest stop, walked into the farm house and went into the fridge and freezer looking for a milkshake. He came screaming out of the house running at full force yelling “GET IN THE CAR!!!”

At this moment I am blazing across the fields trying to get to the highway as the farmer and his family are shooting shotguns at us. Adam is asleep through all of this.

Deftones – “Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)” - from the album Around The Fur

Matt and I still have not spoken to one another in over an hour. I cannot believe that farmer shot out my back window. It’s starting to rain and I just want to get home. Matt has his headphones in but nothing is playing as his iPod has a bullet hole through it.

The Postal Service – “Nothing Better” - from the album Give Up

With the little farm fiasco we are well behind in time but I could care less seeing how we all narrowly escaped that Manson farm with our lives. The sun is starting to rise and my stomach is grumbling. I am miserable, worried about Adam, but enjoying the sunrise. Matt just said “hi, would you believe they had no milkshakes?” I think he is no longer in shock anymore.

Ice Cube – “It Was A Good Day” - from the album World Predator

I just drove through Cincinnati and the sun is peeking over the horizon. Miraculously Adam eyes just opened and he looks at us and says what’s up and pulls out a grilled cheese from his pocket and asks if anyone is hungry. I smack him in the head. So does Matt. We all begin talking about the weekend and what a great time we had. During the conversation Adam has not once mentioned getting a tattoo. I wonder if we should tell him?

De La Soul / Teenage Fanclub – “Fallin’” - from the Judgement Night soundtrack

Adam has been telling us some crazy stories for the last two hours mostly about drum circles and something called “goo balls”. I am pretty sure I am transporting a fugitive at this time and am not sure if I should keep driving or ditch him at a roadside restaurant. Matt suggests we finally stop for breakfast. We decide the Waffle House would be best for us. Matt is now pissed though because they do not serve milkshakes. I have had it with Matt’s lactose addictions and leave his ass in Columbus. He is smiling as I drive away with those stupid headphones in his ears. He texts me and it says thanks for dropping me off in Columbus. I completely forgot he was seeing Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood on Monday. Oh well…

City & Colour – “Coming Home” - from the album Sometimes

We are so close to home I almost want to drive faster just to that bed waiting for me. This has been the craziest trip I have ever taken with these two. Bonnaroo was a huge success and I am thrilled we all went. I could be upset seeing that I drove all the way to and from without any help and my car was shot at, but I am more grateful that Adam is not a vegetable and we both came home in one piece.

While pulling up in the driveway I ask Adam if he named the turtle and Adam looks puzzled. I can’t help but laugh at him.

Matt texts me if we’re still on for Lollapalooza. He the tells me to check my Twitter where there is a post of him with a link to a photo of him sipping on a milkshake.


The Monday Morning Mix – To The ‘Roo w/ ATV In The Back Seat Mix – 6/8/09


Graphic by Rachael Novak

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About Today's Mix:

Wednesday morning, Brian and I will depart for Bonnaroo with our good pal (and my new roommate) Adam. One fun note regarding Adam - I've discovered that he is the last person on the earth not using wireless internet. And he has no wireless capabilities with his computer. Welcome to 1987.

Anyway, for today's Mix, Brian takes a look at how things will probably go on the road to Bonnaroo. I can't believe some of the slanderous suggestions that are contained below! Anyway, enjoy the mix!

To The ‘Roo w/ ATV In The Back Seat Mix (Download - link is good for one week)

The Pietasters – “Out All Night” - from the album Willis

It’s just Matt, Adam, and I in for a all night road trip to Nashville. Late as usual I hold my tongue, load up the car, and proceed to head to the good land. We are all feeling pretty good right now. I stopped for some coffee soon into the ride and Matt grabbed a milkshake. You can touch the excitement in the air within the cab of my car.

Tenacious D – “The Road” - from the album Tenacious D

For almost an hour we talk about what we are going to do when we get there. Matt insists we scope the festival grounds for shade tents. Adam asks me if I will ride the ferris wheel with him. I smack Adam in the back of the head. Adam and Matt ask what plans I have for Nashville and I just smile.

Sugar Ray – “Mean Machine” - from The Best of Sugar Ray

Hauling ass down the freeway I almost get pulled over by a state trooper but apparently he is sleeping. Sleep is no option at this time for any of us. The insults have started between the three of us. At one time Adam even insults the GPS unit. Damn Adam, that was harsh!

The Gaslight Anthem – “The Backseat” - from the album The '59 Sound

Adam and I remind Matt why he is in the backseat. After 3 years of road trips Matt still refuses to learn how to drive stick shift. Matt shows us the bird and puts on his headphones while still sipping on a milkshake. I think he might have bought two back at that first stop. I am pretty sure he is rocking out to Tesla too.

Alice In Chains – “Right Turn” - from the EP Sap

Right about this time in the trip we decide to talk about how lame Chris Cornell has become. Since Adam is too young to remember, Matt and I had to remind him that Chris Cornell was in Temple Of The Dog, did guest vocals on a Alice In Chains song, and is not Scott Weiland. Matt and I start our famous Kim and Chris phone call conversation. This time I recorded it for blogging purposes.

Primus – “Here Come The Bastards” - from the album Sailing The Seas of Cheese

It’s no joke anymore. Some of us are tired. In fact Matt is sleeping with his E.T. pillow and Adam is doing that nodding thing where he refuses to put his head back on the seat and just pass out. He looks like he is head banging. I ask Adam if he is sleeping and he tells me no. I smack him in the back of the head.

Adam eventually falls asleep. Thanks guys.

We just entered Kentucky and I had to stop for gas. Adam and Matt refuse to get up so I left the ladies alone and fueled up, hit the can, and grabbed some Red Bull. 10 minutes after I get back on the highway Adam declares he has to go to the bathroom. Matt is still sleeping and I think I can hear Journey coming from his headphones.

Manchester Orchestra – “I’ve Got Friends - from the album Mean Everything To Nothing

Adam fell back asleep and may have pissed himself. He is up for a world of pain if he did. Matt is still sleeping and might be listening to the B-52’s now. The roads in Kentucky are dark and there is no sign of life. Since my friends can’t seem to stay awake for this whole trip I just rock out to good tunes and sip on my Red Bull.

DJ Shadow – “Mutual Slump” - from the album Endtroducing

It is pretty early in the morning and I am hoping to find a sweet trucker rest stop so I can get a bite to eat at a greasy spoon. For the first time I am sleepy. Looking at Matt and Adam both passed out I asked them if one of them would want to drive. I must be tired because I already know that Matt would say no. Adam didn’t even budge. I smacked him in the back of the head. He did not even wake up.

Devildriver – “Devil’s Son” - from the album Devildriver

My eyes closed too long for a second there. I need some music to wake me the hell up…as well as the two other jerks in the car with me. Nothing like a little metal to destroy those dreams they are having.

Andrew W.K. – “Party Till You Puke” - from the album I Get Wet

The metal worked. Everyone is awake in the car now. Matt is now telling me we need to pull over soon because the seven milkshakes he drank are not agreeing with him. I ask him when the hell he bought seven milkshakes and he tells me to mind my own business.

We stop at a rest stop just inside Tennessee. Once we realize where we are the excitement brews up a bit. Adam offers to drive but I tell him not to worry because I am pretty sure he would just fall asleep at the wheel. Nashville was only a few hours away and I don’t want to die. Matt’s headphones are lodged in his ears. He might be listening to Jackyl now. I like that lumberjack song…

Nobunny – “Chuck Berry Holiday” - from the album Love Visions

During some road trips people sing along and dance in the car during the ride. There is none of that going on; just random insults to one another and a slew of good jams.

We arrive to Nashville bright eyed and ready to explore the city. Matt wants a milkshake. I have other things in mind. I tell the guys that we have eight hours to explore and then need get back on the road.

New Order – “60 Miles An Hour” - from the album Get Ready

After spending the day in Nashville it is time for us to drive to the hotel we are staying at. Luckily it is only a couple of hours south of Nashville. I stay behind the wheel. Adam and Matt fall back asleep. I am beginning to wonder if they are doing this on purpose.

Muse - “Knights Of Cydonia” - from the album Black Holes and Revelations

As we pass the festival grounds in Manchester I yelled waking up the two narcoleptics. At that exact moment it hits us, we made it to Bonnaroo, well sort of as we were only passing it. Still, we have four days of music, art, and fun to look forward to. The moment we check into the hotel I take claim on one of the beds and announce I am taking a nap. Matt says he is going to get a milkshake and Adam says he is going to go say hi to these hippie looking dudes hanging out in a rusted out VW van. Not caring I head for the bed.

Tomorrow Bonnaroo here we come!!!

Editor's note: Next week's MMM will be a little bit late - We'll have a post-'Roo mix from Brian that will be posted upon his return from Bonnaroo!


Opening A Cabinet of Curiosities with Jane’s Addiction

Editor's note: We're going to turn things over to my tattoo covered brother from another mother, Brian from Broken Headphones for today's post. In the following installment, Brian takes a look at the new Jane's Addiction box set A Cabinet Full of Curiosities.

Before I even start this review I have one thing to say to the members of Jane’s Addiction about this A Cabinet Of Curiosities box set that stands before me… What the hell took you guys so long??? With that said it’s time to talk about one of the more exciting box set releases I have seen this year thanks to Jane’s Addiction as well as Rhino Records and Warner Brothers Records.


I could be brazen by saying that nothing’s shocking about the boys of Jane’s Addiction releasing a box set of worthy unreleased demos, rarities, and live footage. The truth is though as a life long fan, I have been waiting for this for years and I knew it would have to happen eventually. Featuring the original line up with Perry Farrell (vocals), Dave Navarro (guitar), Eric Avery (bass instrument), and Stephen Perkins (drums) this box set surely makes up for that terrible Strays release. With two versions of the release out there for purchase, including a deluxe edition version with a wood box modeled after a curiosity cabinet, there is plenty of music here to be heard with three CDs and one DVD.

Back in the day when I was just a young naive kid trying to find my place there was this band that seemed to change the way I would look at music forever. They were different in the sense that they did not care about what the others thought. I really felt I identified with them in that aspect, plus their music was beyond amazing. They were the start of the alternative nation, a staple to the MTV generation before it became a fake plastic cable network. They were my idols for years to come.

Seeing this box set in my hands reminds me of almost 20 years ago when I tried to be like them, memorized all their songs, and started becoming the music fan that I am. I really was excited to see that this box set was coming out as it was almost a reminder of the careless times of my life. Full of songs I adored as well as music videos to bring back countless memories of the band, this was one of those box sets I needed to listen to in its entirety.

The first disc included a selection of tracks from the band’s earliest recordings from a 1986 Radio Tokyo Demo that basically was the start of their success. True fans will appreciate hearing the original young Jane’s Addiction, I know I did. Granted some of the songs appeared on (I believe) Kettle Whistle, but not all of them.

“L.A. Melody” was an impressive live track on the second disc showcasing Jane’s Addiction covering the Doors’ “L.A. Woman”, X’s “Nausea” and the Germs’ “Lexicon Devil” live in just less than four minutes. The song may not be a unreleased track as it previously appeared on the 1991 Live & Rare release, but it is certainly a gem I had long since forgotten about.

Hearing a dated Jane’s take on The Stooge’s “1970” was enjoyable as was the interesting “Bobhaus”, a random track featuring the lyrics of Bob Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone” sung over the music of Bauhaus’ “Burning From The Inside”. Trust me; you’ll need to hear this song for yourself.

The third disc was the best disc in my opinion thanks to a well recorded live Jane’s Addiction performance that was originally created in 1990 for MTV Italy (back when MTV was actually considered cool). Having never actually seen the original Jane’s Addiction line-up live, this CD was more evidence to me how insane this band was in their glory days and sounded top notch.

I found myself laughing when midway through the third disc when Farrell declared “That’s the first time I hit my own self in the balls” right before breaking into “Been Caught Stealing.” Maybe it was the illegal substances he ingested or just a pure accident, either way it was something to laugh at. I listened to this disc start to finish and loved the entire set list including “Three Days”, Whores”, and Mountain Song”. If you are questioning whether or not you should buy this box set, disc three is the answer on why you should.

One of the biggest disappointments of this box set is the lack of Perry Farrell’s delirious heroin driven cult smash flick Gift, which is nowhere to be found on the DVD. Previous to the release I had heard hints that the movie would be a part of the DVD making the release even more thrilling for me. Sadly it was omitted but I hope one day to see it pop up on DVD. I still kick myself for selling the VHS version I once had.

Still, the DVD itself had its entertaining moments with the home video-like Soul Kiss making its first appearance on DVD. Filmed in 1988, the footage shows the band flooded with illegal substances getting into mischief from moments like Perry Farrell and then-girlfriend Nicole firing bottle rockets in the bedroom with their pet rooster to Dave Navarro’s illusory smacking of an eel repeatedly on a counter. It was strange to see the original line-up so young again but it also brought back so many memories from the first time my young eyes saw it on VHS.

The music videos that finally made it to DVD were great to see again too. Even if MTV overplayed the hell out of “Been Caught Stealing” to the point I would shut the TV off as a youth I still watched it again this time around. Unedited and in their glory, fans can reminisce their youth by watching “Classic Girl”, “Stop!”, an well as “Ain’t No Right” and newcomers can see why this band was such an important act of the early Nineties.

Three live videos also appear from the 1990 MTV Italy performance, previously heard on disc 3, giving me even a better sense of how awesome that show must have been. I wish they would have just included the entire performance though; it just would have made more sense.

This release is more for the old school Jane’s Addiction fans who fed upon Nothing’s Shocking and Ritual de lo Habitual in the 90’s. Newer fans I think will enjoy it but it would be a wiser choice for them to just pick up the band's earlier studio releases before venturing into the unreleased demo realm. The remixed and remastered box set carries pristine audio quality throughout making the contents even that more meaningful to any Gen-X Jane’s Addiction loving fan.

I really hope that Cabinet Of Curiosities is just a release by the original members of Jane’s Addiction to tide fans over until they release new material. I recently read a rumor that NIN’s Trent Reznor might be working with them on a new album; after all he did invite them to play with him on the NIN/JA tour this year. With the NIN/JA tour looking quite successful so far I hope that Jane’s takes a hint and busts out some new material with hopes that it will be as striking as their older material is to me.

Jane's Addiction: A Cabinet of Curiosities (order via Amazon)

Track listing CD/DVD:

Disc 1

"Jane Says (Radio Tokyo Demo)" *

"Pigs in Zen (Radio Tokyo Demo)"

"Mountain Song (Radio Tokyo Demo)"

"Had a Dad (Radio Tokyo Demo)"

"I Would for You (Radio Tokyo Demo)"

"Idiots Rule (Demo)" *

"Classic Girl (Demo)" *

"Up the Beach (Demo)" *

"Suffer Some (Demo)" *

"Thank You Boys (Demo)" *

"Summertime Rolls (Demo)" *

"City (Demo)" *

"Ocean Size (Demo)" *

"Stop! (Demo)" *

"Standing in the Shower...Thinking (Demo)" *

"Ain't No Right (Demo)" *

"Three Days (Demo)" *

Disc 2

"Ted, Just Admit It... (Demo)" *

"Maceo (Demo)" *

"No One's Leaving (Demo)" *

"My Time (Rehearsal)" *

"Been Caught Stealing (12" Remix Version)"


"Don't Call Me Nigger, Whitey" (feat. Ice-T & Ernie-C)

"L.A. Medley: L.A. Woman/Nausea/Lexicon Devil (Live 1989)"

"Kettle Whistle (Live 1987)" *

"Whole Lotta Love (Live 1987)" *

"1970 (Live 1987)" *

"Bobhaus (Live 1989)" *

Disc 3

Live at the Palladium 12/19/90

"Drum Intro (Live)" *

"Up the Beach (Live)"

"Whores (Live)" *

"1% (Live)" *

"No One's Leaving (Live)"

"Ain't No Right (Live)"

"Then She Did... (Live)" *

"Had a Dad (Live)" *

"Been Caught Stealing (Live)" *

"Three Days (Live)"

"Mountain Song (Live)" *

"Stop! (Live)"

"Summertime Rolls (Live)" *

"Ocean Size (Live)" *


Soul Kiss

"Mountain Song" (Unedited Version)


Music videos

"Had a Dad"

"Ocean Size"


"Been Caught Stealing"

"Classic Girl"

"Ain't No Right"

Live at the City Square in Milan (for MTV Italy, October 1990)

"Whores" *

"Then She Did..." *

"Three Days" *

(* indicates previously unreleased tracks)


The Top 12 Punk Rock Live Albums

Editor's Note: This recent post from Brian at Broken Headphones was too good not to share here on Addicted to Vinyl. With his permission, I'm sharing it here for you to enjoy. If you're not visiting Brian's site on a regular basis, shame on you....add that sucker to your RSS!

P.S. Brian's original post featured a video of Bruce Springsteen singing Social D's "Bad Luck" with Mike Ness. Since the publication of that post, Bruce pulled out "London Calling" at the Spectrum in Philly. It seemed appropriate to share that video here, prior to Brian's post.

I have always been a fan of live shows and will always be. It’s one of those things in life that I enjoy doing and can not see myself quitting anytime soon. The atmosphere alone with screaming fans and endless smiles makes the experience worth returning to. I love being a part of the evening and telling friends what I saw the next day followed by a bold “I was there” bragging statement about something only the ticket holders that night got to see before anyone else.

I admit I do not attend as many shows as I used to but I still make an effort to hit a few local venues and festivals every year just to keep the momentum going. If a band I am a fan of rolls through town I do what I can to make arrangements to get to the venue that night to see them.

When not driving downtown to see shows I like to occasionally listen to a live show from the comfort of my home. It’s easy to say I would rather be in a packed club listening to live music as the experience is like none other, but sometimes just hanging out at home is good enough as well.

Having a decent collection of live albums I thought I would narrow things down a bit and ask myself:

What Are My Top 10 Live Punk Rock Albums?

Scratch that…

What Are My Top 12 Live Punk Rock Albums?

Twelve is much better of a number to work with where there is so many live CDs to choose from.

Sure I could have a top live shows list from all genres but that would take me forever. As a music lover there are a ton of recorded shows out there that I own or have listened to that have had a huge impact on me. I think it would be best to start with baby steps with the genre of music that means the most to me; punk rock. I also decided to keep it to actual releases by record labels and include no bootlegs (although I have some amazing live shows that never were released…)

After pondering this question for a couple of days I soon realized how hard this was for me to answer. I had a nice sized list of live shows in my head but found it was no easy task to narrow down. For the record, this was a very difficult list to compile for me as a fan. There are so many other bands that deserve to be on this list but these top twelve mean the most to me.

In no particular order here are my top twelve live punk rock CDs:

Social Distortion - Live At The Roxy
Mike Ness and crew always put on a good live show and this CD is living proof. Having been a long time fan of this band it was clear that this CD needed to be on my list. Mike Ness more than a punk rock legend, the guy, to me, is a god and will be playing his heart out on stages all over the world until he is 100 years old. I will never grow tired of this CD ever.

NOFX - I Heard They Suck Live
Without a doubt this was one of the most entertaining live CDs I have ever heard. I remember buying the cassette and playing it over and over memorizing even the talking in between songs. NOFX puts on a fine show as well featuring all sorts of independent hits. I find it humorous that I list this CD directly after Social D because this show was played at the Roxy as well to a crowd of rowdy fans. If you have not heard it you are missing out, unless you are not a fan of NOFX.

The Clash -From Here To Eternity Live

Ok I am sure you are wondering why this album has a big line through it. Truth is I loved this CD for years until I heard a recent live release…

The Clash -Live At Shea Stadium

Now before you all jump on me and remind me that this CD is just The Clash (minus the original drummer) playing more popular songs hear me out. This show was not even a headlining show (they were opening for The Who) and the year was 1982; right about the time The Clash was headed on a downward spiral that would lead to the demise of the group. The set was shorter than their other live CDs but to me it was a great listen start to finish. I have listened to this CD a lot since it was released and it has made me reignite my love for one of the greatest punk bands of my time.

The Dead Kennedy’s - Live At The Deaf Club
Just thinking of how this show was recorded in 1983 still amazes me. My first and only taste of a live performance by this band was when I heard the improv “Night Of The Living Rednecks” on Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death. I was sucked in by Jello Biafra’s method of story telling on this track and of course was a fan of The Dead Kennedy’s so it was more or less a bonus to me when a full length live CD was finally released. It also kills me that I was 2 years old when this concert took place. I’d love to hear from someone who was at this show just to hear their personal experience.

Ramones - Loco Live
Do I really need to explain myself here? Over thirty quick punk rock classics on one CD from the band that started punk rock in the States. I don’t think many folk can disagree that this CD belongs in anyone’s live punk CD list. It’s not top quality but it sure is fun as hell.

Bad Religion - Tested

This CD was not added into my collection for quite some time mainly because the CD was not readily available locally to me. Once I did get my hands on it though it became one of my favorite CDs to listen to by Bad Religion. I loved how the band recorded this CD, by plugging directly into their mics which in turn eliminated a lot of the crowd making for a more solid listen. With a solid setlist and exceptional performance by the punk rockers this is one of my favorite live CDs out there.

Flogging Molly - Alive Behind The Green Door

This Irish punk rock act is, without a doubt, one of the greatest bands to see live in my opinion. One thing I love about this disc is that it was released before any of their studio albums and recorded at Molly Malones, the bar where this band got their start. There are not a lot of bands out there that have followed this approach by releasing a CD full of songs that later would be studio recorded on to various releases over the years. The performance is clearly under the influence but ever so much fun.

Misfits - Evilive

The recording of this live show is horrible yet I love it. It is about the closest listen I have ever gotten to true live Misfits from back in the day. I did once witness the Misfits when Michael Graves took over the singing duties but it was no Glenn Danzig and in spite of the good time I had it was not a genuine Misfits experience. This is a show I only dreamed of saying “I was there.” Full of classic songs, I also loved hearing Henry Rollins guest sing on “We Are 138.”

Death By Stereo - Death Alive
Many people may have not heard this CD when it was first released as it was first given out for free with issues of the Volume 3 issue of Law of Inertia magazine in 2003. In 2007 the live performance was reissued by the band as Law Of Inertia went out of print and many fans missed out on this incredible recording. If you are a fan of Death By Stereo or just good wholesome hardcore punk you really should check out this CD. This benefit show is full of so much energy I am surprised no one was hurt in the recording of it.

Face To Face - Live: Face To Face
Trevor Keith and crew have always had a special place in my punk rock heart. I love this band, always will, and this CD is listening proof of how great they are. The songs are all raw and full of energy and just impress track after track. When I think of a live album that I could listen to over and over again this is the one.

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Live From The Middle East
Ska is not dead, never was, never will be. Ska may not be very popular these days but if you are a fan of the genre I suspect will be making a comeback soon, I am sure you know who the Bosstones are and very well might have heard this CD. The performance contained in this CD makes it worthy of multiple listens. Such a great CD from beginning to end.

Against Me! - Americans Abroad!!! Against Me!!! Live In London!!!

Singing and shouting and good times for all on this CD. If you only have New Wave in your collection I think it would be best to put that down and go out and find this CD. I find myself singing along as if I were actually at the show while listening to this CD. That to me is a good live album.

Again, this list was so hard to compile. I would make a list of a whole bunch of band’s live CDs and then start crossing them out once I thought of another. I am sure I will be hearing from a lot of folk telling me I missed someone and at that time I will smack myself in the head and hate myself for 9 seconds because I forgot about a phenomenal show. I am ok with that though because I know there are a lot of awesome shows out there. A lot of artists can be put in this list but after all, it is my top 12.

I’d love to hear what your top 12, 10, even 2 are! As music fans we are entitled to what we like and sharing the love for music is a great thing.

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