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Good Listening: Foreigner in Atlanta, November ’79

Pardon me while I rediscover my own blog, won't you?

Today we're going to take a journey back to November of 1979 for a (nearly) full set from Foreigner, recorded live on the Head Games tour.

Tunes: Many of your favorites including "I'll Get Even With You," "Love On The Telephone," "Rev On The Red Line," "Fool For You Anyway" and oh yeah, all of the hits, too. But when I saw the previously mentioned album tracks in the setlist, I knew I needed to hear this show right away....and so do you!

Sourced from an FM broadcast, the sound is a bit rough around the edges, almost as if you got a dub from the guy who originally taped it back in the day (something that you get used to really quickly), but the setlist and performance make this one a winner. I'd probably rate the sound at around an A- or a B+ or even better, a bootleg that sounds pretty awesome, considering it is from 1979.

Former Foreigner vocalist Lou Gramm has a new autobiography out which might make a good addition to your reading stack if you haven't acquired it yet. Check that out here.

The incredible songwriting career of Gramm and his co-conspirator Mick Jones will be celebrated this month as they are inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Certainly very well deserved!

Foreigner at the Omni

complete zipped download

Long Long Way from Home
Blue Morning, Blue Day
I'll Get Even With You
Rev on the Red Line
Head Games
Dirty White Boy
Fool for You Anyway
Cold as Ice
Modern Day

Double Vision
Feels Like The First Time
Love On The Telephone
Hot Blooded