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Good Watch: Counting Crows Live At The Sydney Opera House

Longtime readers of this blog will know that I'm a big Counting Crows fan. I had the pleasure of having an extensive conversation with Adam Duritz last summer, which you can read in two parts, here and here.

More recently, Jeff Giles and I spoke with Adam last week for a conversation intended for our podcast The Matt 'N' Jeff Radio Hour. Sadly, due to audio issues, the podcast part of that won't be happening, but we were able to rescue the interview audio itself to capture the complete chat in text form, so keep your eyes peeled for that interview, which will publish early this week at Popdose.

In the process of getting that interview ready, I was reminded of the existence of this fantastic Counting Crows gig from earlier this year at the Sydney Opera House. I hadn't had the chance to watch it yet and I put it on in the background as a soundtrack while I was doing other tasks and man, what a show. The set opens with "Sullivan Street" and that really might be all that you need to know.

Check it out for yourself -- it's a fantastic listen/watch.

As long as we're hanging out at the Sydney Opera House, you might as well stick around and check out Neil Finn and Paul Kelly too, right?