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Groove On….

As this year's edition of Record Store Day fades into the distance, you might enjoy some reading regarding the vinyl-making process at Cleveland's own Gotta Groove Records. I've read a lot of different profiles of the Gotta Groove operation but this one from the folks at Whopperjaw is my favorite, ranking at about 9 on the 10 scale as far as the level of music nerd info satisfaction achieved post-consumption.

As you'll read, the Gotta Groove folks are a big part of a ton of national vinyl releases that have been coming out in recent years -- the limited edition "bootleg" vinyl pressing (on double LP blue vinyl!) of the latest Dawes album Stories Don't End (a run of only 500 copies) is the most recent Gotta Groove production to land on my turntable.

There are so many good things happening in Cleveland, but the success of Gotta Groove is one particular good thing that I'm really proud of. Hopefully they'll be pressing vinyl for many years and decades to come!

Image via Columbus Underground.

Gotta Groove