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Friday Music: New Album From The Del-Lords!

"We didn’t start with any agenda, other than to make a great record."

If you're looking for something to kickstart your weekend, how about a new album from the Del-Lords? (Anytime we can get new music from any project involving Mr. Eric Ambel, we're down!)

Elvis Club is the band's first full-length album since 1990 and follows the 2010 release of Under Construction, an EP which previewed rough mixes of five songs from the new album.

Featuring 12 new songs, Elvis Club will be officially released on May 15th, but to the surprise of the band (or perhaps it's a calculated leak!), the album is available early on iTunes for your downloading and listening pleasure!

Here's a video from the band with more information about the album.

  • Jason Williams

    Ha! I use to live underneath the guy who managed the Del Lords back in the day. It was a walk-though on First between 11 and 12. My apartment was on the first floor; he lived on the second. Anyway, this guy and the entire band would stomp up the stairs at 4A and get totally wasted while playing Heaven (Johnny Comes Marching Home, 1986) at maximum volume. And they did this three times a week for almost a year. It drove me nuts. It was a great song and they didn’t everything in their power to make me hate it, but it’s still right up there with The Only Ones and Another Girl; Another Planet. Go Del Lords!!!

  • My Opinion

    This is a nice music. I like this one. The new songs are so good. I am very impressed to this album. This is an amazing.

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