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Random Youtube: The Winter Sounds – Shoulders Above

I've been a fan of The Winter Sounds since their last album came out a few years ago. In that time period, they came to Cleveland and I missed the show, which is something that I've regretted nearly daily each day since then. (And as it turns out, I apparently missed a show in Canton in December. Arrrrgh!) Periodically, I'd check to see if they had a new album out and finally, this past fall, that wish came true.

Runner is the name of the newest release from the New Orleans-based band (seriously, it blows my mind that this band came out of New Orleans) and as was the case with 2009's Church Of The Haunted South, the new album does not disappoint. These guys are unashamedly retro in all of the best ways -- take four or five of your favorite '80s bands and you'll probably find elements of what you loved about those bands in the music of The Winter Sounds.

Their videos are just as cool as the music -- and they've got a brand new video for "Shoulders Above" which you can watch below.

And here's a video for my personal jam from the new album, "The Sun Also Rises," which is the lead-off track on the album.

Download music from the band via their official Bandcamp page here.

They don't appear to be on the road currently, but you can check out their website for the latest info and any future tour dates that might pop up.