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New Music + Video Fun From Jay Nash

Had to take a moment to share out this new song (complete with a homebrewed video) from ATV favorite Jay Nash.

The song is called "Wander" and it comes off of his upcoming album Letters From The Lost. Nash will debut material from the new release during a SXSW appearance in March.

Jay and I had plans to link up for a Desert Island Discs post in conjunction with his last album Diamonds & Blood that never quite came to be.

(Although we did connect oh so briefly for this really, really short email chat.)

But with another new album on the way? The possibilities are endless....

Speaking of that fine Diamonds & Blood album, you can grab it as a free download from Noisetrade and as you're looking back, you'll be able to look a little bit further ahead with "Sailor," a track from Letters From The Lost which is included as part of the free download.

Letters From The Lost is set for an April release and if you'd like to do some advance planning and have the right food ready to welcome that new album into your home, has a suggested menu ready for you.

  • Tender Branson

    Thanks for the food pairing link.

  • Matt

    No prob, Tender!