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Musical Notes: Bonnie Raitt, Counting Crows, Vinyl

There's quite a bit to enjoy about today's slate of new releases.

First of all, Bonnie Raitt makes a very welcome return with a new album Slipstream, in which she splits the production duties between herself and veteran Joe Henry. The results are something that your ears will love.

For the download folks, Amazon has it for $7.99 and on the analog tip, you can also grab it on vinyl!

Bonnie hits the CLE on May 23rd with Marc Cohn handling the opening duties and with any luck, I'll be there.

Also out today: Underwater Sunshine, the new album from the Counting Crows. Hopefully you got a chance to stream it over the past couple of weeks. If not, today's a great time to get your hands on it.

Adam Duritz says there will be a vinyl release, so stay tuned for that.

But since we're talking vinyl and Counting Crows, I have to give big thanks to @emw1968 for the heads up that August and Everything After will be coming out on limited edition 180 gram vinyl on June 5th. Details are a bit sparse, but there's a pre-order link here. It looks like Rock Classics will be pressing this title.

A couple of weeks ago, I tweeted my wishes for vinyl editions of August and also Recovering The at least part of that wish is coming true!

Among the other releases out today: The new album from Scars on 45 is finally on the streets and if you think Todd is God, you'll probably want to get your hands on this new vintage Utopia live release.

Along those lines, my comrade Will Harris chats up Todd as the latest subject of his Set List series.

Lots to dig!


  • Emw1968

    AAEA Vinyl now showing up as a Live at Town Hall release… & Best Buy

  • Allmyfriends77

    Are you sure this is not the “August and Everything After: Town Hall Live” vinyl? Why would they show that picture? I know $40 is pretty steep for something that just came out and it’s really not that rare. So I guess I am totally confused now. I would like the Town Hall show on vinyl but for $40?!?! I’m having a hard time buying this. Can someone clarify this up?

  • Matt

    Yeah….sadly, it’s the Live at Town Hall release….which I found out a few days after I posted this.

    We’ll keep our fingers crossed for AAEA vinyl in the future!

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