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Joe Walsh And The James Gang Ride Again…

This picture says quite a bit....

While this picture adds a few more details...

....and this article fills in the rest of the gaps.

As a rock and roll geek for life, it's no shock that I love moments like this...and it's even cooler when they happen right here in Cleveland. Take that, Cleveland bashers, rest of the world, etc.

When I got a chance to see Joe Walsh last fall, it was a make good on several levels. First, it made up for the James Gang reunion shows that I had missed in the past 10 years. Also, it answered a question that I was unsure about. Could Joe Walsh still rock?

It turns out that solo Joe Walsh is still a very different animal than the Joe Walsh that you see on stage these days with the Eagles. And yes, Mr. Walsh most certainly can rock and then some.

His new solo album Analog Man has just been confirmed for a June 5th release date (what's this CD/DVD "deluxe edition" that I'm reading about now?) and even with the Eagles celebrating their 40th anniversary this year, Walsh will be playing at least a few scattered solo dates in support of the new album, which is his first solo release in 20 years.

Dates are starting to pop up and based on what I saw last fall, you'd do well to schedule yourself some time with Joe if he's coming to your area.

Stream the title track:

Pictures via Lava Room Recording in Cleveland

  • Stereo Dictator

    One of the most entertaining guys in rock.  Also a genius on guitar.  Funk 49 tells you all you need to know.

  • Morning Walker

    Congratulations for all team and you all are looking good in pics.

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