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Contest: Win both volumes of Journey’s ‘Greatest Hits’ on vinyl!

Journey released Greatest Hits on November 15th, 1988. Sometime around that time, I saw it in my local record store (the sorely missed Crow's Nest in Crest Hill, Illinois) and had to pick up a copy.

Despite what my good Twitter pal @jukebox65 might want to believe, I was not a Journey diehard at that point. I was among the Journey curious, if there is such a thing. I had heard the name, knew at least a few of the songs and thought they had really, really cool album covers.

I wasn't alone in my purchase - the compilation has sold over 15 million copies through the years, making it one of those albums that everybody had a copy of at some point - right next to their copies of Aerosmith's Greatest Hits, Frampton Comes Alive and Bruce Springsteen's Human Touch and Lucky Town (ha! just making sure that you're still paying attention).

With the resurgence of vinyl, former Journey frontman Steve Perry set his sights on remastering the band's greatest hits for vinyl - both the original Greatest Hits release and a second volume to add additional tracks that were left off of the first one. Between the two, you've got a pretty good snapshot of many of the very best moments from Journey's career.

Perry's work on the two compilations allowed him to reacquaint himself with both the band's music and how great their songs sound when heard on wax. He says “I truly forgot how sonically exciting and just plain better these Journey tracks sound back where they originally lived…on vinyl.”

“The stereo separation, the center imaging and the sonic depth of the tracks themselves is more true to what we all loved about these original final mixes. All the instruments and voices, to me personally, sound so damn good that all I want to do is reach for the volume and turn it up!”

ATV would like to give you a chance to win vinyl copies of both volumes, plus a special added bonus - a unique journal notebook from Vintage Vinyl Journals, custom-made eco-friendly notebooks made from upcycled vinyl LPs and high quality acid-free paper. Each journal is unique and the one included with this prize pack includes artwork elements from Journey's Greatest Hits Volume 1 &2.

So you'd like to win this for yourself to enjoy on the turntable within the privacy of your own home as you scrawl your inner thoughts into your newly acquired vinyl-centric journal?

We'll make it relatively simple: send us a note with either your favorite Journey-related memory or perhaps an '80s concert memory in general, of a great show that you saw. We'll pick one lucky reader to be the recipient of this prize pack.

Good luck!


    I remember seeing Journey in Hollander Stadium,Rochester,NY an outdoor show, and there was actually a swarm of bee’s that came through partway during the concert. Nothing could beat Journey in their prime, live in concert!! 

  • Wen2000

    Journey was the first concert I ever went to when I was 15 yrs old at Saratoga Performing Art Center (SPAC) in Saratoga NY.. My best friend got 2 tickets for her birthday.. We are still best friends 32 yrs later and Journey is still my favorite band.

  • Needing_release

    My favorite memory was seeing Journey on October 31, 1986 in Worcester MA!  Was a the Worcester Centrum…. My all time favorite concert!!!!  ROR baby!

  • Tammy102066

    I never got to see Journey in concert, because they have never been to Maine! I love their songs, and Steve’s voice is so amazing. They bring back so many memories of when I was growing up in the 70’s & 80’s.  Now my kids are listening to Journey songs. My 6 year old loves Steve. She loves Don’t stop belevin’. She knows all the words by heart. My sister bought me a DVD of Journey’s Greatest Hits for my birthday. We watch it at least once a week.  

  • Jancap_2001

    Back in the 70’s and 80’s the Oakland Coliseum in Sunny California, had the famous “Day on the Green” concerts. Our local radio station was holding a contest to see who could make the best Journey poster, the winner got back stage passes, the year was 1982. My best friend and I stayed up all night before the show to work on our poster, we thought it was great but alas we didn’t win. We still had a great time at the show although we were exhausted. There is nor will there ever be a band like Journey in the 80’s.

  • Jacquelin

    My fondest memory was being a member of the Journey Fan Club and they had  a trip to Hawaii and then a meet and greet after the show (minus Steve Perry) other obligations I believe. We met many fans those few days on Oahu. I remember riding down the highway listening to Journey and to this day every time I hear the lyrics start…Highway One into the Midnight sun…I get all teary eyed remembering my youth and the fun we all had. A night to remember. I share that memory with my children. Of course they think i am nuts but I am still Mom!

  • Shannon

    I alas never got to see Journey with Steve Perry in concert either.  I did however get to see them with Mr. Steve Augeri, he did very well, (admittedly not as HIGH as Mr. Steve THE VOICE Perry!!  the ONE THE ONLY!) but you could tell he was really trying to honor the legend and the music that did make the band famous and what it is still known for.  I love Steve Perry’s voice and work so well, I even located a RED tailcoat (like Steve’s trademark one’s he wore in concert!) and did a Journey/Steve Perry project at work and dressed like Steve!!!  It got RAVE reviews from my customers and people wanted to buy all my personal props and posters!!!

  • David Galindo

    I saw Journey with Steve Perry for the first and last time in October of 1986 in Detroit at Joe Louis Arena. It was the “Raised on Radio” tour and they stopped for 2 nights there. At the time, I was 17 years old and had been a Journey fan since the Infinity album. I remember being somewhat disappointed that Steve Smith and Ross Valory were no longer with the band but Randy Jackson was incredible on bass and Mike Baird did all the songs justice. 

    I later saw Steve Perry on his FTLOSM tour in December of ’94 in Mesa, Arizona. When “Trial By Fire” came out, I thought it might be the ONE chance to see my favorite Journey lineup live. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. Still, we have all this great music so I am grateful for that!

    I’ve been wanting to pick up the vinyl versions of the two Greatest Hits albums since   I heard Steve was overseeing their remastering. Thanks for running this contest!

  • Sean Matrai

    I remember seeing Journey in 1986 at the meadowlands in NJ and me being a NY Mets fan made this a really great concert.  The date was in October of 86, Steve Perry came out on stage with his Met hat on backward singing “Don’t Stop Believin”.  Later that month, the Mets won the world series…..

  • Pinksuccess

    Summertime, Ohio – hot, outdoors – they played with Foghat as well.  I was with my first real boyfriend and I was 16 and it was my first rock concert ever as well.  Laid out on the grass with a quite all day, had a great time…got a good sunburn!!  

  • Anonymous

    on June 11th 2009 me (aged 16) and my dad, flew from UK to Dublin for their 45 minute show. Determined to experience an intimate journey concert, we queued for 6 hours and made it to the front row. It can only be described as a 45 minute adrenaline roller coaster ride, as Journey rocked with us, interacting with us throughout their set. we had achieved more than we ever thought possible, however, little did we know what was to come. The following morning while in Dublin airport we found ourselves in the same shop as David Coverdale, we spoke to him about the previous night and how brill it had been, as they were also on the bill with Journey. After having a photograph with him, we resumed our ‘journey’ back to the UK beaming from ear to ear, and decided we would rock one more time the following day as journey were playing at the download festival. Again unbelievably we made it to the front row. Whist going crazy amongst 80,000 fans, during wheel in the sky, Arnel spotted us , pointed to us and opened his arms in amazement that we had followed them and were rocking yet again with them. A truly heart stopping moment that we will never forget. (Unknowing to us our friends and family were watching the show on live stream and saw us close up on the camera during ‘anyway you want it’.)

  • Teetsiems

    I saw Jouney and Styx together. Two of my most favorite bands

  • Unclealp463

    I’ve seen journey over the past years at least 30 times journey is the ultimate rock group of. All time I want this. Please pick me thanks. Alan

  • Anonymous

     Where do you live that you could see them 30 times? (LOL like he’s coming back here.) “all time i want this? “

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