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Stream The Entire Counting Crows ‘Underwater Sunshine’ Album

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That's right, not a song....not several songs, but the whole damn thing.

If you've been reading along here recently, you'll know that I've been pretty stoked about the new Counting Crows covers release Underwater Sunshine, which comes out April 10th.

Perhaps more stoked than anyone should normally get about a covers album from any band, but those who are listening to these tracks seem to agree with me that this one is one of those rarities that hits the mark. It's the real deal.

Adam Duritz is a guy who understands what it means to be a music fan. He's clearly a huge music fan, as you'll pick up when you read the liner notes to this new album.

[For an advance read, he also did a track by track summary for Paste which you can read here.]

As the industry shifts, he's trying to figure it out like everybody else, which is why it was cool to get an email from him telling me (and other music blogs) that I'd be receiving a streaming player embed to share with the readers of this site.

We just want people to hear our record and all these songs and, quite honestly, you're where people who dig new music go to hear new music. That being the case, we want our record with you too.

Perhaps it's the digital version of how artists used to beat the streets, going radio station to radio station to sell each one on their music, one by one. Or maybe, it's even more powerful than that.

However you look at it, they'd like for a lot of people to hear this album. And it's my pleasure to finally be able to share it with you.

In the spirit, share this with a friend and make plans to get yourself a copy of the album if you dig it. This is one of those that if you enjoy the music, you'll definitely want to have the liner notes to get the rest of the story.....that's a big assumption on my part, assuming that you're still a huge liner notes geek like I am. But you are, right?

[And on a side note, Duritz says there will be vinyl for this new album....stay tuned for further details on that]


Slash Loves Analog…And Vinyl Records Too

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You can add Slash to the list of rock and roll folks who maintain a love for the black wax.

When he's not jamming with legends like B.B. King, you'll find him enthusing about all things analog, as was the case during a recent interview with Loudwire talking about his upcoming album Apocalyptic Love, which like his previous solo album, was recorded to analog tape.

I’m a firm believer that tape just sounds better for recording a rock ‘n’ roll band — for drums and recording amps and so on — it’s a lot warmer. And ultimately if you can put it on vinyl, it’s still the best listening experience. So I’ve done enough digital recording to know what I like better for sure. They don’t produce tape like they used to, if you can find tape, to me it’s an optimum way of recording.

And it’s super expensive nowadays.

It’s rare, they don’t make tape like they used to, hardly at all. We have a stockpile of tape at the studio and that’s what we used.

When posed with the question of who could possibly measure up to the lofty achievements of his former band Guns N' Roses, Slash points to a man and his band that a lot of us would probably also cite.

Um…and it’s not a new band, he [Dave Grohl] just keeps making records, that would be the Foo Fighters. Probably the most recent band that came out that I think is really solid. A lot of the other ones, I just really haven’t been inspired by.

Read the entire interview with Slash here.


Soul Asylum Announce July Release Date For New Album

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From a recording standpoint, things have been fairly quiet in the Soul Asylum camp since they released their last studio album The Silver Lining in 2006. That's about to change thanks to a newly announced deal with 429 Records which will enable the band to release Delayed Reaction on July 17th, filing the next chapter in a career that now stretches past the 30 year mark.

Dave Pirner comments on the new album which was produced by John Fields and says that “it feels like approaching it as an album and a thing that has a sequence, and a thing that is a piece of work in itself is almost an archaic process… Honestly, it's more organic. Even though you're using some of this newer technology, the fact that you're doing it yourself is what made it take so long and the process unique, this time."

The band's current lineup includes founders Dave Pirner and Dan Murphy alongside ex-Replacements and current Guns N’ Roses bassist Tommy Stinson (who replaced original member Karl Mueller who passed away in 2006) and former Prince drummer Michael Bland.

The album's 10 tracks were recorded in a variety of locations, starting in Los Angeles and then relocating to New Orleans and the band's home base of Minneapolis prior to returning to Los Angeles.

Soul Asylum will of course be on the road this summer promoting the album (is there any band from the '90s that won't be touring?), so if you've been wishing the band might come to your neck of the woods for a show, it's very possible that your wish might soon be granted.


Joe Walsh And The James Gang Ride Again…

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This picture says quite a bit....

While this picture adds a few more details...

....and this article fills in the rest of the gaps.

As a rock and roll geek for life, it's no shock that I love moments like this...and it's even cooler when they happen right here in Cleveland. Take that, Cleveland bashers, rest of the world, etc.

When I got a chance to see Joe Walsh last fall, it was a make good on several levels. First, it made up for the James Gang reunion shows that I had missed in the past 10 years. Also, it answered a question that I was unsure about. Could Joe Walsh still rock?

It turns out that solo Joe Walsh is still a very different animal than the Joe Walsh that you see on stage these days with the Eagles. And yes, Mr. Walsh most certainly can rock and then some.

His new solo album Analog Man has just been confirmed for a June 5th release date (what's this CD/DVD "deluxe edition" that I'm reading about now?) and even with the Eagles celebrating their 40th anniversary this year, Walsh will be playing at least a few scattered solo dates in support of the new album, which is his first solo release in 20 years.

Dates are starting to pop up and based on what I saw last fall, you'd do well to schedule yourself some time with Joe if he's coming to your area.

Stream the title track:

Pictures via Lava Room Recording in Cleveland


New B.B. King Live Album Is Today’s Amazon Daily Deal

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Today's Amazon MP3 deal is a can't miss affair for lovers of the blues. B.B. King's new live album, Live at the Royal Albert Hall 2011 makes its release debut and for today only, it's $3.99 at Amazon MP3.

B.B. is joined by Susan Tedeschi, Derek Trucks, Slash and Ronnie Wood. The release is a good primer for anyone who might be planning to catch B.B. this fall when he pairs up with Tedeschi-Trucks Band for a string of dates. At 86 years old, we're lucky to have B.B. still taking the stage and I'm glad that he's still playing music.

BTW, speaking of Amazon, they're putting some extra eyeballs on their daily deal website today by offering $10 Amazon gift certificates for $5 (limit one per household).


New music from Aerosmith….sort of.

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I missed the news last week that the first bit of "new" music from Aerosmith will be hitting our ears in June. "New" because it is a Get a Grip-era outtake called "Legendary Child" that will be featured on the soundtrack for the movie G.I. Joe: Retaliation which is set for release on June 29th.

The band has been working on a new album with producer Jack Douglas, the skipper behind many an Aerosmith LP from the golden years of Aero music. "Legendary Child" will apparently also be on the track listing for that new album, freshly re-recorded, so it doesn't appear that it will be a straight port from the original outtake. The band is mixing the track right now.

So will this new Aerosmith album be good? It's hard to say, but as a music fan, I never count Aerosmith out - especially Joe Perry and the rest of the musical portion of the band. With Douglas guiding the ship, I think it's got good potential.

Here's an alleged full instrumental track for "Legendary Child." Take a listen and form your own opinions.


Contest: Win both volumes of Journey’s ‘Greatest Hits’ on vinyl!

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Journey released Greatest Hits on November 15th, 1988. Sometime around that time, I saw it in my local record store (the sorely missed Crow's Nest in Crest Hill, Illinois) and had to pick up a copy.

Despite what my good Twitter pal @jukebox65 might want to believe, I was not a Journey diehard at that point. I was among the Journey curious, if there is such a thing. I had heard the name, knew at least a few of the songs and thought they had really, really cool album covers.

I wasn't alone in my purchase - the compilation has sold over 15 million copies through the years, making it one of those albums that everybody had a copy of at some point - right next to their copies of Aerosmith's Greatest Hits, Frampton Comes Alive and Bruce Springsteen's Human Touch and Lucky Town (ha! just making sure that you're still paying attention).

With the resurgence of vinyl, former Journey frontman Steve Perry set his sights on remastering the band's greatest hits for vinyl - both the original Greatest Hits release and a second volume to add additional tracks that were left off of the first one. Between the two, you've got a pretty good snapshot of many of the very best moments from Journey's career.

Perry's work on the two compilations allowed him to reacquaint himself with both the band's music and how great their songs sound when heard on wax. He says “I truly forgot how sonically exciting and just plain better these Journey tracks sound back where they originally lived…on vinyl.”

“The stereo separation, the center imaging and the sonic depth of the tracks themselves is more true to what we all loved about these original final mixes. All the instruments and voices, to me personally, sound so damn good that all I want to do is reach for the volume and turn it up!”

ATV would like to give you a chance to win vinyl copies of both volumes, plus a special added bonus - a unique journal notebook from Vintage Vinyl Journals, custom-made eco-friendly notebooks made from upcycled vinyl LPs and high quality acid-free paper. Each journal is unique and the one included with this prize pack includes artwork elements from Journey's Greatest Hits Volume 1 &2.

So you'd like to win this for yourself to enjoy on the turntable within the privacy of your own home as you scrawl your inner thoughts into your newly acquired vinyl-centric journal?

We'll make it relatively simple: send us a note with either your favorite Journey-related memory or perhaps an '80s concert memory in general, of a great show that you saw. We'll pick one lucky reader to be the recipient of this prize pack.

Good luck!


Fifteen years ago today….this happened.

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That's the simple message posted with the Whatever and Ever Amen album cover on the Ben Folds Facebook page today.

Fifteen years later, Ben Folds Five is in the midst of recording a new album, after a period of inactivity in which it looked possible that we might have seen the last of the BFF.

I still hate "Brick," but I still love this song quite a bit.


King’s X Rally Around Ailing Drummer With New Download

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King's X drummer Jerry Gaskill is currently recovering from a serious heart attack that happened in late February. As he begins his recovery process, the band has posted a new concert download, recorded in Boston on the Faith Hope Love tour in 1991.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of this release will go to help Jerry with his medical bills.

Here are some details from the band regarding the show:

This release was edited and mastered from a stereo FOH recording. While the audio is far from perfect sonically, the performance documents yet another magical night on tour while supporting the "Faith Hope Love" album. While many of the song titles are familiar, the band expands many of the cuts featured here, including performances that are blistering ("Moanjam"),heavy and funk-laden ("We Are Finding Who We Are"), beautiful ("The Burning Down"), and truly transcendental ("Over My Head").

A few songs from the show were omitted due to tape damage. However, we have included three bonus tracks (an additional 15 minutes) from the same show that were not presented in the main track listing.

All recordings previously unreleased.
14 songs. 89 minutes.

Here's a Youtube preview of the release, which can be purchased here.


Random Youtube: Hooters – ‘All You Zombies’

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Once every couple of years or so, I have to hear "All You Zombies" by the Hooters. Today's Youtube search brought me this live version from 2008. They're still out there gigging occasionally and I'd love to see them.

A 2009 double live album found the band revisiting their catalog as well as co-writes for other artists  from a couple of different perspectives. The fan favorite cover of Don Henley's "Boys of Summer" is part of the setlist also.