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2011 Crosby/Nash gigs now available as official downloads

Sometime after I got my hands on a copy of the Crosby/Nash HDNet broadcast from earlier this year, I came across information which revealed that the dynamic Stills-less duo had also been selling copies of their shows from the current tour on USB after each performance. Being a total nerd for live shows, I was excited at the prospects of obtaining an official bootleg from the shows, which typically ran close to three hours each - pretty amazing when you consider that these guys aren't exactly spring chickens anymore.

At the time, they unfortunately weren't selling the shows at their official website, but I did get a chance to hear one of the shows, from Austin and the quality was great.

Now, they've finally made the shows available on their site for anyone to purchase.

That part is cool - but the price of the download - $40.00 for FLAC and MP3 files and no actual physical product - seems a bit steep, considering that you can buy similar downloads from any other artist for prices ranging typically from $10 to $20 per show. What's up with that?

Anyway - for those of you who might have been like me, wanting to get your hands on one of these shows, you've got your chance now - the shows will be available for download through the end of September.

On a side note, it's great that HDNet captured the Crosby/Nash gig and broadcast the whole thing....maybe if we're lucky, they'll put it out as a DVD/Blu-ray sometime in the future. But hey, as long as we're talking about things that may/might be released, what's up with those CSNY live shows that are allegedly coming out?

From reading this, it seems very possible that the "Neil factor" might keep us from hearing them for a while....

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  • Eva

    I’ve heard a little about the Neil factor, but I’m also afraid to ask. I love these guys, but 40$ is really too much for me.

  • Matt

    I agree…..and I have good news. They just put out a live DVD, recorded earlier this year….and at $18, it’s probably more in your price range!
    Check out the details here:

  • Matt

    And by the way, the new DVD release comes from the HDNet gig that I referenced in this article :-)

  • Wqeqwew2

    little about the Neil factor, but I’m also afraid to ask. I love these guys, but 40$ is really too much for

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