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Unboxing the new Pearl Jam ‘Twenty’ soundtrack

Yeah, I'd love to tell you that this is me, holding a copy of Pearl Jam's new 'Twenty' soundtrack/rarities collection but alas, I'm here with you, waiting not so patiently for my copy.

Adam Tutty of Easy Street Records in Seattle, which has long been the official Pearl Jam base for record shopping, pulls a copy of 'Twenty' out of what appears to be a box full of the CDs. While it's not the most thrilling reveal out of all of the unboxing videos that I've seen (love whoever thought of the concept by the way - hey, let's open stuff and film ourselves doing it), it is pretty cool to see the massive amounts of Pearl Jam in stock at Easy Street....and the whole joint just looks generally cool.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the film, which screens here in Cleveland (and lots of other places too) on 9/20, which unfortunately is the same night that the Foo Fighters are in town. So I guess I'll be catching it on PBS when it airs in October and of course, picking up the DVD when it's released a few days later! (And oh yeah, don't forget about the book!)

The band is celebrating their 20th anniversary with a weekend's worth of music right now at Alpine Valley. The Twitter scoop coming down minute by minute is pretty awesome....apparently, Chris Cornell will help them turn up the Temple of the Dog factor - he's set to perform at least a couple of songs with the band, having soundchecked 'Hunger Strike' and 'Say Hello 2 Heaven.' Follow the action here for the latest updates. (#PJ20 is the hashtag for show-related updates on Twitter.)