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Stream the new Wilco album today only! you want to take your Saturday to the next level?

The fine folks at Camp Wilco are streaming their new album today for 24 hours.

While 'Wilco (The Album)' didn't completely knock my socks off, it's grown on me since it was released.

Listening to the new album, I'm liking and actually, really enjoying what I'm hearing. And vinyl lovers will enjoy that the album stream is made up to look like a spinning vinyl record, apparently with the track splits on the label accurately divided to represent how they will be on the real thing when it comes out on black wax.

Hear 'The Whole Love' here.

Pre-order the deluxe edition (to be released on September 27th) right here.

While I appreciate the fine gesture from Wilco, streaming the new album so far in advance of the actual release, what I'd really love is a Cleveland tour date. We've been waiting how about it?