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All Hail The Beachland Ballroom

When I was growing up here in Cleveland, I couldn't imagine a day when I wouldn't be spending many of my concert nights attending shows at the Cleveland Agora, but shifting times, financial issues and politics eventually drove the Agora into its current state of relative inactivity.

Among the clubs that have filled the void, I've really enjoyed watching what the folks over at the Beachland Ballroom have been able to build up over their 11 year history of booking shows. Offering an eclectic mix from the very beginning, they've impressively grown through the years, booking quite a few shows that at an earlier time, you might have said "that would be a great show to see at the Beachland, but it's probably too big for the room."

But as their foot traffic grew, so did the word of mouth spreading from band to band regarding the hospitality given to those groups/artists who were playing gigs there and the Beachland's star began to rise.  It remains true that if you're good to others, they'll be good to you.

I hate reading about their current issues with the city and I'm sending lots of good vibes in their direction that things will work out in their favor, because as this week's Cleveland Scene cover story points out, they've done a lot of good for the area...besides just bringing a great mix of live music to the city.

If it's been a while since your last Beachland visit, now would be a great time to plan for your next one. And of course, the Scene article can also help you spend some time getting to know your favorite club a little bit better.