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Suburban Metal Dad no. 80, “At the Pool, Part 2”

thumbnail: a beachball hits a man in a swimming pool, with a loud BONK!Suburban Metal Dad, an original webcomic by D.X. Ferris, served fresh every Monday and Friday.

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Suburban Metal Dad

a webcomic by D.X. Ferris


(Now featuring SORT-OF SOUNDTRACK! Click HERE to open a random, name-brand jam in a new window!)

At a swimming pool, a beachball hits Suburban Metal Dad, with a loud BONK! Dad pulls out a switchblade knife, and engages it with a loud CLICK! It deflates with a big POP! Dad hands the kid a floppy piece of rubber and says, "Here's your ball, kid." Then an angry mom says, "What kind of person brings a switchblade knife to a swimming pool?!" Metal Dad says, "A person who's tired of being hit in the head by beach balls."