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Suburban Metal Dad no. 61, “First Birthday Party, Part 2.”

At a birthday party, Metal Dad says, "Remember, back in the day, we'd wait until we were 30, maybe 25, before we had kids?"

Suburban Metal Dad, an original webcomic by D.X. Ferris, served fresh every Monday and Friday.

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Suburban Metal Dad

a webcomic by D.X. Ferris

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Two adults and a hipster stand at a first birthday party. Metal Dad says, "There are a lot of little bastards running around." His friend says, "That’s the new thing: teenage parents having kids out of  wedlock." Metal Dad says, “Remember back in the day, we’d wait until we were 30, maybe 25 before we had kids?” The friend says, “If we knocked up somebody we worked with at Burger King, we’d drive to Cleveland for an abortion. Or find a real job and get marry her.” The hipster says, "You live like old dudes."