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Suburban Metal Dad no. 53, “Third Grade D*ck Joke No. 1”

Thumbnail teaser: An office worker stands by a water cooler, says, "This isn't one of your sophomoric pranks?"

Suburban Metal Dad, an original webcomic by D.X. Ferris, served fresh every Monday and Friday. Now featuring Sort-Of Soundtrack! Check out today's strip after the jump...

Suburban Metal Dad
a webcomic by D.X. Ferris
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In first frame, an office worker says to another, "Hey, hold this poster tube?" The other one says, "This isn't one of your sophomoric pranks?" Next, the first person says, "Come on. I need my coffee." The second person says, "OK." In the next scene, the first person holds the tube to his crotch as the second person grabs it, and says, "WHAAAHH!" Next, they're joined by two more employees, who laugh at the worker who grabbed the tube. He says, "Juvenilia! What are you, in third grade? Finally, the first worker with the tube says, "I'm crying! I haven't laughed so hard since third grade!"