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CD Review: The Cars – Move Like This

Our friend Matt Rowe from MusicTAP takes a break from bringing us awesome news about things like the recently announced 30th anniversary edition of Hi Infidelity by REO Speedwagon to ponder Move Like This, the first new studio album from The Cars in 24 years...

One has to ask the question.  Why had the original lineup (minus, of course, Benjamin Orr) refused to record over all of these years?  Even allowing a faux version of The Cars to come to fruition as The New Cars?  Questions, questions.  I ask because the new Cars album is a legitimate release, so good that it makes you wonder what magical tracks have been lost along the way due to negligence.

Or is Ric Ocasek that essential to the success of The Cars?

No matter because they're here now with the release of Move Like This (also available on vinyl, for fans of the black wax).  And it's filled with ten tracks of excellence.  Ten tracks that carry within them the sonic ghosts of the '80s and yet seem so right for the times.

There are lots of surprises here.  The opening track, "Blue Tip", while sounding a little different, eventually gains traction.  It leads into completely unmistakable Cars music with the excellent "Too Late", and later, the gorgeous ballad, "Soon".  "Keep On Knocking" carries the banner high as do, well, let's face it, as do ALL of these tracks.  Move Like This is a 'caught breath' of an album, a refreshing, welcomed album from a band that knew how to craft them.

The Cars latest album is a bridge for those that mourn the "golden years" and those that are young now.  With releases like these, Rock gets added muscle proving once and for all that those from years past, even decades past can still churn out productive and classic material.

Move Like This is definitely classic Cars and will be remembered well.

Welcome back, boys.

  • Todd

    I couldn’t agree more. HEARBEAT CITY was all the rage when I was finally coming into my own as a music fan. To hear this band sound this good after 24 years way is heartening. I just had the joy of hosting the The Cars Marathon on WBWC in Cleveland, and the best summation I could give the listeners (many hearing the new tracks for the first time) was “It sounds like The Cars” – what more could you ask?! Here’s hoping there’s more gas in the tank beyond the tiny tour!