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Does the noise in my head bother you? Great question.

Steven Tyler's new memoir is in stores today and already waiting to be read on my Kindle. I guess your level of excitement for this book depends on a few things: either you're newly in love as a non-Aerosmith fan enjoying his contributions to American Idol or perhaps you're a longtime fan that could use a little bit less of Steven Tyler and his drama in your world. After all, the man has made a few headlines in the past couple of years.

From my perspective, I enjoyed the Aerosmith book (and Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer's book as well) and I haven't paid a single moment of attention to Tyler on AI (although a friend recently told me that I should), so I'm looking forward to digging into the Tyler book to see what goodies might be within that were missing from the Aerosmith book.  And as much as I will enjoy reading this one, I'll really be looking forward to reading a book from Joe Perry if he ever gets around to putting one down on paper. There's a man that for sure has a few things to say about a few people and that will most certainly include some interesting thoughts on Mr. Tyler.

Up next on the reading pile from lead singers who have been accused of having that L.S.D. (lead singer disease), music fans can look forward to a book later this month from Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots, co-written with David Ritz (who co-wrote Paul Shaffer's recent book, among others) and how good will that one be? I guess we'll have to wait and see.