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Suburban Metal Dad no. 48, “Young Girl, Old Dood”

Teaser: Metal Dad says, "I am so, so old."

Suburban Metal Dad, an original webcomic by D.X. Ferris, served fresh every Monday and Friday. Check out today's strip after the jump...

Suburban Metal Dad
a webcomic by D.X. Ferris
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Subruban Metal Dad thinks, "I'll hold the door for this hot young lady who would be exactly my type if I were still on the market." The hot young girl says, 'Thank you, sir!" Next frame, Suburban Metal Dad thinks, "I am so, so old." His friend says, "It's only a matter of time until you're walking around in shorts, with black socks pulled up to your knees." Dad replies, "Speak up, sonny — I can't hear you so good."