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Some good news for Crowded House fans…

As Record Store Day approaches, there are two items on my "must have" list amidst the many other items on the list of releases that fall into the "would like to have" category (I'm looking at you, Tom Petty vinyl reissues).  One of those items is the Foo Fighters vinyl compilation that collects many of their best cover versions onto one release for the first time ever.  Happily, I can cross the other item off my list right now and so can you!

Originally announced as a Record Store Day exclusive, Crowded House and Kufala have made their North American Travelogue release available early with a limited quantity for sale online prior to the official Record Store Day release date on April 16th. This is good news, particularly for international Crowded House fans, since Kufala ships anywhere in the world.  Price for the release is $23.00 and that price includes shipping and handling for U.S. orders (although shipping for international orders will probably be more).

Click here to check out the track listing (49 tracks on three CDs!) and order your own copy of North American Travelogue. Stoked!