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Contest: Win “The Great Divide” by Tommy Shaw

Music fans have known Tommy Shaw previously both as a member of Styx and as a solo artist, but as a bluegrass player?  That's a new side of Tommy Shaw you might not be as familiar with. Shaw released The Great Divide, his debut bluegrass effort earlier this week (also to be released on vinyl in April), featuring a smattering of special guests including Alison Krauss, Dwight Yoakam, Jerry Douglas and others.  Having been raised on the genre, Tommy has always been enamored with the ability of bluegrass to connect the listener through storytelling.

You can get a taste of The Great Divide by streaming the sample track  "Shadows in the Moonlight" via this link.

And if you'd like to get your own copy of The Great Divide, there's good news on that topic - we've got a few CD copies of the album to give away to lucky ATV readers and perhaps we're talking about you (unless your name is D.X. Ferris or Jeff Giles). Send us an email here with "Tommy Shaw" in the subject line for your chance to win! We'll leave you here with a rehearsal video of "Shadows in the Moonlight" featuring Tommy and album producer Will Evankovich.

  • Styxfanforever

    tommy you are THE genuine article, when we met in coquitlam b.c canada on feb 4 2012 you were so nice, i know now as i have always imagined you would be, that all your music and lyrices really do come from your spirit,,, i waited 35 years, to thank you for all you and your music has done for me in my life.. i will never ever forget the best day in my life, when you gave me that awesome hug , “i WILL live forever in your garden oh yes , yes i can”   tommy you are one in billions..and fyi..the autograph you wrote on my arm is now a tattoo of your signature, so you are really a part of my spirit, which you helped me find 3 times in my life when i was in some very empty places through your gift of music and song, you are are forever under my skin and whenever  i need that hug from you again , it’s left arm , right shoulder, right arm , left shoulder, and i  am right back in your garden again..
    blessed be
    from your #1 lounge lizard, aka crystal ball on facebook
    tommy you are MY HANNA when we sing for the day ……every single day
    i wish i could somehow repay you for the day you actually saved my life, not just spiritually, but by prevented my death,,,,i have an eight inch scar across my throat , as proof of that day, here i am because you gave me the strength to get away from that will always be my hanna ,,,,,and i will love you with all my heart and spirit, until the we meet in heaven. i owe you my life mr tommy shaw.
    and i thank you
    heather s
    ps please come back to canada and please don’t take another 3 years to come,,it’s a long time to wait for the next time i will be standing next to your bus after the show with my daughter, and she thanks you too , for being the reason her mom is still with her…i must close now the tears won’t stop,,everytime i remember the day you brought  my spirit back to me i wish there was a way that i could sit and talk with you and tell you the whole story, i wish for you all the happiness and joy for your spirit, the same way your gave that to me….hs

  • Styxfanforever

    by the way there is NO POSSIBLE WAY that anyone else in this world could ever appriciate you more that i  do …
    heather s