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Good Listening: Foo Fighters in Cologne – February ’11

One of the great things about the Foo Fighters is that they tend to do quite a few radio broadcasts throughout the cycle of promoting a new album.  90 minutes to two hours worth of Foos favorites mixed with whatever new album they happen to be promoting at the time is always a good recipe for guaranteed awesome listening and likely, occasional headbanging and air guitar as well.

Having seen the Foo Fighters towards the end of their last run promoting the Echoes (etc.) album, it was pretty clear that Dave Grohl was in need of a break to give his tired vocal chords a well deserved rest. That's no bash, but when you give 200 percent on stage every night as Grohl does, it's bound to take its toll eventually.  With the release of a greatest hits package and what seems like barely any time off of the road, the Foos are back at it and about to drop a new album (Wasting Light) in little more than a month from now on April 12th.

This concert from Monday night in Cologne (in front of an invited audience of 600 concert winners) finds the band rolling through nearly 100 minutes of material stretched across 20 songs including a handful of new ones. If that seems a tad short, it's because the additional encores weren't broadcast, but with what is here, that's hardly anything to complain about.  I can't wait for my next chance to see Grohl and the boys kick it out!

Foo Fighters
1Live Radio Konzert
Gloria Theatre
Cologne, Germany

complete zipped download

01. Bridge Burning
02. All My Life
03. Times Like These
04. White Limo
05. Learn To Fly
06. My Hero
07. Up In Arms
08. Long Road To Ruin
09. Rope
10. Generator
11. The Pretender
12. Enough Space
13. Cold Day In The Sun
14. Stacked Actors
15. These Days
16. Breakout
17. Skin And Bones
18. Monkey Wrench
19. Hey, Johnny Park
20. Everlong

Encores (not broadcast)

21. Aurora
22. Young Man Blues
23. Matter Of Time
24. Miss The Misery
25. Best Of You
26. This Is A Call

  • judd6149

    This was great. Good share, Matt. I like the Foos – but I can’t say I listen to them all that much. I like music and won’t turn it off when it comes on, but I don’t reach for it. I like the single of the new album – which comes out on my 39th bday. I need to catch them live – maybe that will push me over the edge. Cheers

  • Matt


    They’ve got a helluva live show that usually stretches for about 2 1/2
    hours. I think you’d dig it.

  • judd6149

    I’m on it. I need to check their UK sched.